Weekend Photo Fun May 18-20 2007

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quarry painted

Well the tile adhesive dried out (see ealier post) and I gave it a spray job. I also got the building painted and weathered






RJR Branch Line


Running the MC & Buffalo
Nice work and pics everyone so far ! Zephyr and Mtrpls give my daughter a nice sendoff form Colorado she's coming home to Buffalo at the end of the month form Vail . I guess she had enough of the Mountain life .


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Ken, thank-you very much for saying my craft is good...it means a lot to me. :) Truly....thanks.

John, your loop with all the grout and trackage is simply amazing. What a job that must have been, from planning to where it is now. How will you clean up the rails and ties? Did I miss a detail?

Grande Man, it is easy to forget what 200 plus tons looks like, isn't it? You took a photo there that would make all but the most casual onlooker pause and wonder at this marvelous machine.

Canadians have just gone through three weeks of the CBC soliciting nominations for the Seven Wonders of Canada. The CPR, with all that it has done for the Nation, did not come close to being in the "short" list of 50!!!

Best regards, everyone.



Nice photos every one! :D

I thought it would fun to show you some of my freight cars over the coming weeks so,I will start this week.






Diesel Detail Freak
Ahhh, such a sigh of relief, when you get this far (after braking off each leg once).

Next the interior needs to be painted, and the roof, then add windows and the upper walkway & I'm done.

Add to that, my "new" SD50 to become NREX #5056, and my GP9 Phase II, to be CRGX (Cargill) #305.


Ahhh, such a sigh of relief, when you get this far (after braking off each leg once).

Next the interior needs to be painted, and the roof, then add windows and the upper walkway & I'm done.

Add to that, my "new" SD50 to become NREX #5056, and my GP9 Phase II, to be CRGX (Cargill) #305.

Josh, that tower looks amazing. I hope you provide a write up of the build process when you're done.

WT fan

I've finished my little three degree module for the June FREMO meeting. Such a small but curved module was a need for the layout.

For the modelling story look at the pictures.
The plan of the meeting you find here.


Steve B

Josh tell you what, to take on such a complex building structure and get THIS far deserves a medal in it's own right.

Shaun nice splash of DT&I red there, love the wooden bridge

Wolfgang It may be small but without it things won't work. I can see where it will go on the plan, and what a plan that is
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Surfs due in a couple of hours

Looking at this picture I decided the edge of the baseboard was to harsh.


I had been trying to find some where to put a Cornish style cliff/beach so out came the expanding foam and spray paints




When its dry I have some nice Atlantic blue for the last 1" of the beach board and a bit of white for breakers. Surfs Up !!!!



Looking good fellows!
John, the tile adhesive worked out well. Looks good!

Josh, that is quite a tower. The alignment must have been difficult.

Where are all the other construction shots or am I the only one that hasn't finished the layout? Heck, I like them as much as the pretties. Ok, I'm not bashful.:cool:

Hope you can see this. The helicopter was in a lot of turbulence.
This is the new track design for the town of Providence. This is part of the #3 layout level. There is a combination "loop and wye reversing" to accommodate bi-directional traffic and aid in local switching (I know it is redundant, but it is smooth.). The Black Jack Coal Co. has been re-located in the upper corner.

The Black Jack Coal Co. at its new location.
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grove den

naturally natural trees
Verey impressive WPF !!!

Thank you all guys for the great pictures of your mrr work ( and mrr in progress!! ):)
I am still working to make a lot( 500) of trees in HO( order from an foreighn country:eek: :) )
Made a picture today of a small part of it...+ detailphoto...

btw: Johntealon: May be an idea to make water ( outside) in OO scale for your layout: http://www.modellmarine.de/phpwebsite/index.php?module=pagemaster&PAGE_user_op=view_page&PAGE_id=143&MMN_position=228:228
It is written in german language but the pictures will show you very clearly what and how to do it
The results are incredable!!!
Going back to the basement and contignue to make the other 380 trees...


Steve B

John looking good
Josh only 380, LOL, i struggle with a couple
Rexthe works coming along real nice

Class 37 loading ballast cars



grove den

naturally natural trees

Again,Very nice pictures Steve!
btw: Steve pssssst It's Jos.:D hope JOSHdon't mind:p


In Training Down Under.
Great work guys.

I have something to show:eek:



The detail isn't as good as the photo from the online shop but their ok looking.


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