Weekend Photo Fun May 18-20 2007

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Rocket Red
I haven't started this in a while, so I'll take a stab.

This is the first time I have run trains since the Sunrise club closed down last fall... my friend Matt and I went to a friend's house to run trains with a couple other folks we know. This layout is amazing! It was without a doubt the best time I ever had running trains.

This was also the debut of my new modeling prototype: the modern Rock Island. I'll let Matt post more New York Central photos later. I ran my executive train. Unfortunately, my camera batteries died before I could get photos of my Metra train.

New York Central and Rock Island



Southern Railway lives on
Don't forget Southern Railway. Wouldn't it be cool to have the Southern Railway the Rock Island and the NYC all on the same layout together?



Southern Railway lives on
Zephyr where you located ... what state? any where near FL? LOL
he's Located here in Colorado!!! So it Matt(mtrpls). Over her in Denver we have the NYCS, Rock Island, And Southern Railway, all in the modern day!!!1



Rocket Red
Haha, no, I live in Denver, CO. Actually, I've never even been to Florida.

Here's my system map, showing trackage rights.

Steve B

What a Great start gent's, love the new look Rock Island loco, and the BNSF & Southern loco's, very nice indeed.

I just bought this 1/87th scale Dragline excavator, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Tasty or what :D this is going to give me the kick up the kyber pass to get me re-motivated ;) it's all metal construction with etched metal walkways and other detail,,,, damn good looking if you ask me



Steve B

No, just a model Nick, unfortunatly. Can't wait to rig it up and put it to work.
I wanted this but the price is way to much :confused:
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Ignorance is Patriotic
Zephyr is right, our friend's (Don Meeker) layout is incredible! Here are some shots of the modern-day New York Central:

This train is pulling some 17 Trinity 2-bay cement hoppers that I decaled for NYCS this week:

Needless to say, butterflies ran rampant in my stomach as the train crossed this bridge:

Can't you just hear the wheels squeeling!?


SD80MAC-SD90MAC-SD70MAC (diversity in motion!) crossing the Grand River bridge.

More cement hoppers!

Big city:



Well-Known Member
I am dizzy with all the fine close-ups of the bridges. Well done, everyone. It puts me right there!

Attached is a recent photo of an H6 crossing the Seneca Falls trestle.


Lazy Daydreamer
Lotsa great stuff on here this weekend!

Zephyr/Mtropls - Your what-if schemes look great on Don Meekins' layout, especially those viaducts! Has he ever had his layout featured in MR? It looks like the type of layout they like.

Smoke, fine weathering job on the BNSF AC4400. Gonna do that with any of your Tuxedo units?;)

Steve, about that dragline crane: I'm totally envious <just kidding LOL> Great find! Are you planning to muddy-up those crawler tracks before you place it in the quarry?

Crandell that trestle shot looks like it could've been the cover of MR, or at the very least, RMC; You got talent my friend!

Decoder installations aren't very photogenic, so I'll have to scrape one up from the archives. Some of you have seen this 'retro' shot before, I entered it in one of the photo contests ~ a year ago:
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grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
You guys are posting some awesome work! I never ceased to be amazed at the talent level here. :cool:

Unfortunately, no new modeling shots for us. I've got plans to retake most of our pics but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

I have managed to shoot a few proto shots. Sorry Chip...

Here's a shot from this afternoon on the old Frisco line northwest of town at the Miller Steam Plant.


In Training Down Under.
Grandeman is that guy really short or are those locos really that big??????? i guess my prototype is really a 3/4 size!!

New Quarry at RJR

Steve B. When your nice new bit of kit has finished working on your layout I have some work for it over here LOL :)

I have been tiling a customers bathroom all week, with travatine stone tiles and waterproof adhesive..mmmm.. waterproof !!!







seemed to work okay, Im spending the rest of the morning painting and weathering the building

At the opposite end of the layout I have added a signal box and signal to protect the point into the yard, its for my benefit really. The point cant be seen easily I just need to set the signal to remind me not to run over it when its set wrong


I have also built a peco station kit and created a couple of platforms



RJR branch Line

Steve B

Nice work John looking good
Ken Yes, when i have got some practice airbrushing i'll give it a good going over.

The bridge pictures are great

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