Weekend photo fun 31st Aug - 2nd Sept

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Steve B

give it your best shots gents, Ray now you know how to use your camera settings ;) ;) ;) give it your best shot :D


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Slow in here today....... These are just some quick pics of the work this week on the bandstand. The painters have been busy and this morning the electricians arrived and wired the place.


Light test.....


The roof base with it's partially installed lightning rod has been added. (Yes I know the rod is too tall, it will be shortened soon and permanently installed.)


So what have YOU been up to?


Diesel Detail Freak
Nice Ray! I like.

So far, I've, um, un-wired two Details west bulbs, now to wait until next week to get the Minitronics 1.5V ones. Got my First batch of military stuff in today. Got me 2 M1A1 Abrams, two different styles of LAV 25's and an AAV-7. Now that I see the scale size of the M1A1, I'm wondering if the Corgi ones at Wal*mart are in scale... This thing is HUGE... Pics tomorrow...


Running the MC & Buffalo
Nice Josh, During WorldWar II My father drove Landing Craft in North Africa , Sicily and Italy Campaigns so I really have a fondness for them !!!!!! Ray really like the bandstand can here the Summer concerts now !!

Steve B

Old fav's will do jeffery
Ray that bandstand is looking fantastic, me and fergie can't wait to see you perform in it

Steve B

We had a day on the East lancs railway today for the diesel gala
first train was english electric 37175

second we went on was class 40145

and here the single line switch token being handed to the singal box controller

we also went on this class 47402


and a pair of diesel hydraulics at Irwell vale


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
I have been busy putting shingles on the roof today. Man! I have forgotten how much work it is to put a roof on. After several hours of work I am almost half done with the little roof. Have to finish the rest of it and then add the cap shingles on the seams. Whew, what a day! Luckily it was cool downstairs....


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Lazy Daydreamer
Steve I really love those Class 37's, they remind me of F units! There are lots of cool-looking locos on your side of the pond.

Ray - did you hand-lay those shingles individually? Sheesh, there's a task that requires the Gift of Patience, hat's off to you sir!

Jeff I like the work train scene.

If all goes well I'll have some pics of my own here tomorrow. I just finished rigging a YelloGlo in the Athearn bluebox dummy gp40-2 that is mated to my road slug. It's actually the 'reverse' light for the slug - I just extended the wires and moved the LED to where the geep's headlight lens is. I'm really excited with the results so far.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Ray - did you hand-lay those shingles individually? Sheesh, there's a task that requires the Gift of Patience, hat's off to you sir!

Close, but no. They were made by scanning in some leftover shingles on a sheet that came with a Craftsman Kit I assembled a while ago. I combined several of the images in Adobe Indesign added some light gray background and printed them out on a sheet of large labels. From there I cut rows of shingles out and fit to size on each of the roof panels. The shingles are overlapped just like the real thing (1/3rd of a row so the shingles are 3 layers deep) so there in a slight 3-D effect. I think they will look quite good after they are complete and have been weathered. Hoping to get it finished this weekend.


Go make something!
My 4 year old daughter and I are working on a Lego castle to go with my Inglenook switching layout my wife lets me keep on the kitchen bar. BN 7828 squeezes through the portal straddling the track. How's that for trains in the basement? The light effect is not photoshop, it just happened.


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