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Lionel 3 Rail
I joined because this is great forum to learn from. My overall expertise is small but I participate when I can. I did view a few forums before joining, some were very negative to my interest.Thanks for the interesting read.


The Flange Squeal
you mean there is another model railroad forum out there? J/K.
i agree 100% with all that has been said. im a brand loyal kind of guy. once i find something i like, i stick with it and dont even entertain the competition. I have looked at a few other forums, but this one is by far the friendliest and most helpful to newbies (like myself). in 20 years when im retired and building my "empire" i hope this forum is still around.
I do agree. I mean I myself hardly ever come on this forum because I don't need too. But I will stop by every once in awhile just to check things out. This "IS" a darn good forum. Later Folks.


The Sarcastic Jedi
I usually hangout here more. I just get tired of all the fighting and the weekly "The Hobby is Dying" threads over across the street.

BNSF dude

BNSF foamer
Hobby is dying my a**... Its at its highest point of popularity at this time! Kids are more interested in trains than back 10 years ago! The detail of our trains has also gone back. Think "blue box" ;).


Shame! Shame! Bad mouthing another forum. JUST KIDDING! It well deserves the reputation as a place to argue, not learn. I believe that many of the self-proclaimed experts that argue every point are nothing more than arm chair modelers with a big library ( Ever see one of their layouts, photos, etc. Nope!). The unfortunate part is there are many highly skilled hobbyist there and they are willing to help and share the hobby with others, but get covered up with all the flying ....uh...debris.:eek:
Its also pretty bad when some worry more about spelling and grammar than trying to help or share in the hobby. I have actually felt sorry for some that obviously lacked very much education, but were trying to learn the hobby. They were first ridiculed and then soundly told to spell it right or not at all.

This forum is like a family: We share; we care. Yes, there are a few sparks every now and then, but all turns out well. I spit a few once with a member and now we are very good email friends and share our goings on weekly. I too, am a member of other forums, but they are more specific in a manufacturer's product. While informative and handled very well, those forums are pretty dry.
:) My name is Rex and I am glad to be here!:)

River Run

Diesel Detailer
I'm here quite often, and the "other forum" makes me feel like I'm not good enough. There is one other forum that I'm kinda partial to though...


Well-Known Member
Say MLW,
Thanks for your comments and yes I do believe most everyone here, for the most part, is here due to the love of modeling and the desire to help the others on this forum to the best of their ability and know how!

I've had a very pleasant experence here sans one event so I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself and find it rewarding too!

David S.

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