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FM C liner

Alright, this is from several years ago, I pretty much look the same. I am on the drums, my son is the one with guitar. We played in a band for about a year. I no longer play, my health issues have changed stuff in my life. But at least I had an opportunity to play music with my son for a little bit.


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2 yrs. ago; me, showing how far I had come in facing my fear of falling (heights no's the falling part that gets me)...standing on a pump-jack bracket waiting for the toe board to be slid to me. Excuse the yard mess...we're (still) under construction.

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6yrs and my wife, Alejandra (from Argentina).

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My other pride & joy...also 2yrs ago...the house I designed & built (still working on the interior).
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Milwaukee Road 113

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The crazy Swede, living in the UK, Glasgow, that has huge affection for US pre '76 and Conrail railroads and a severe, permanent, Milwaukee Road addiction....


That would be me, to the left....


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Oh what the heck, here's my contribution (Taken last year).
The only difference now is I now have a full beard.


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Okay, I can play! --- HI THERE !!!


Just the old Aerojet out chasing trains at Duplainville -- where the two Canadians cross. Old Milwaukee Road / Soo line....

The Aerojet


Her I am, the Guy who puts the Mudge in Curmudgeon! Tried to take a photo that made me look "Purdy" I guess it just wasn't going to happen!



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Good morning all. 32 and partly sunny.

Okay, I see there's a challenge (dare?) to post a photo of ourselves. So here's one taken last night at the Stryper concert here in Springfield. Obviously that's me in the middle, the one with the short hair!!

L to R - Bass player Perry Richardson (formerly of FireHouse and Trace Adkins), Michael Sweet, me, Robert Sweet, and Oz Fox (stage name for Richard Martinez).

GREAT Concert. I and several of my friends from work did the Meet & Greet with the band, got some free stuff, had them autograph some stuff, and got our photos with the band. Concert opened with local group Machine Gun Symphony, a cover band who did almost an hour-long set of all kinds of stuff, from Bon Jovi to Deep Purple. Then Stryper came out and did almost a 2-hour set. This was the last stop on their God Damn Evil tour. They're taking a couple of months off now before going out on the road again.

Have a good day everyone.


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Didn’t know this thread existed. It was fun to read through. That’s me in my avatar with my daughter. Here’s another one with my fishing boat.


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