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Hey Guys im new to this site and new to this hobby but I was wondering if someone could explain how it is that you properly scale a building when scratch building, I have a feeling that my first building is going to look like something a drunk four year old made so I might as well try to get the scale correct. :)

Thankyou :)


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Get yourself a scale ruler, they give dimensions in the scale you are working in. If the building plan says its 70 feet long, then measure off 70 scale feet. Walthers has them, many have several scale all included.


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Thanks, Brett, that's really a nice site for scale rulers.
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Sure! I still own a metal scale ruler for good lines and such, but these are handy to have around. Especially for the highly disorganized like myself.


Yeah thanks for the link.

Even had some thicker paper around so I printed one off. I may edit the file so I can print like 3-4 per page to make it more worth the paper. I need to get a metal ruler.
Your welcome. Only been at this 2 years myself, but welcome to model railroading. It's not just a hobby, it's an addictive vice. :)

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Kyle here is an old school trick that is helpful for scratch building. If you find a building you want to model bring along one or two wooden yard sticks and your camera. Take pics of all sides of the building with the yard stick or sticks placed up against the building where they will be caught by the camera.

When you print out the pics you will now have a reference dimension of 3 feet given by the yard stick from which you can work out all the other dimension of the building.

A lot quicker and easier than running around the building with a 50 or 100 foot tape measure.

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