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Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Cloudy and 74° right now. Chance of rain has been removed from the forecast for now, although there are some spotty showers from southwest to northeast of me. They don't seem too heavy and aren't moving, so I don't think that any rain is hitting the ground.
Bought a new 20 cu ft freezer yesterday from Home Depot. Looked at a few others around town, but delivery time killed most deals. Cannot wait until October. It's bad enough that I will have to wait until next Tuesday. However by consolidating the coolers of stuff into the old freezer, I can reduce the amount of dry ice that I have to purchase daily from 60# to 30#. The circulating fan still works and it's staying in the 25° range for now. Regardless of how much that I use, dry ice only lasts for about 24 hours at best.

Good Morning Francine. Where's Flo this morning? Oh! Recovering from Sherrel's birthday party last night. What? She jumped out of the cake in her birthday suit! Oh! She just jumped out of the cake for his birthday. I guess that I need to adjust my hearing aids. Let me have a Mexican omelet this morning with a bowl of spicy salsa to go with it.

Thanks for the likes and comments yesterday; Jerome, Karl, Lee, Guy, Sherrel, Phil, Joe, Tom, Tom O, Ken.

After a day of freezer shopping, I did hit train shed for a little bit. On the diner project I just started painting more details like the planters and propane tank. I did some painting on the four bicycles and placed three more of my own figures in the scene. More are coming.
I also had a chance to examine more closely some of the booty that I picked up Monday.
How about a look at the four Oxford vehicles. First up is a '69 Dodge Charger "Daytona". This should fit in well at the diner.
09-17-20 004.JPG

A '57 Dodge D100 pickup truck. I have several feed stores that could use customer vehicles.
09-17-20 005.JPG

Now we have a '61 Cadillac Sedan de Ville. No particular place to go. It can go into several vehicle-challenged scenes.
09-17-20 006.JPG

And lastly a '65 Chevrolet stepside pickup, with a Bell Telephone emblem on the door. I already have a couple of telephone linemen to pair up with this one, have to decide where to insert the mini-scene. It could most likely pass for any year up to the late 70's, as pickup truck designs didn't really change much back then.
09-17-20 007.JPG

Sherrel - Belated Happy Birthday wishes.
Jerry - The Magne-traction was a very interesting concept. Not too sure how far away it would attract stray metal, I wasn't allowed to experiment with Dad's trains! They did it in three ways over the years. One was to magnetize the wheels and use a stainless steel axle. This I believe worked the best. The second was to use a rod shaped magnet in the center of a stainless steel axle, and the third way was to have magnetic plates behind the wheels. The reason for using stainless steel is that the common variety of it is not magnetic at all. The idea was to make the magnetic flux pass through the wheels on one side, into the steel rails, through the steel ties across to the other side, and back to the magnet through the wheels on the other side. Steel axles will defeat this concept by providing an alternate flux path between the magnet's poles--a magnetic short circuit. I got this information long ago from someone that I don't remember.
Thanks for the comment on the figurines. I like to include some "racy" young ladies in some of my scenes. After all, my layout represents a slice of life from my past.
Lee - While no one told me that about a flat layout, I had observed and heard from folks who had grades how hard they were to get accurate. I think that the transition got most of them more than any other factor. I did have a "no-lix" on a previous layout that wasn't too difficult, but had plenty of room for transitions and the grade itself. I used 80' to go up 16", and much was in the open and landscaped.
Nice farm that you have there.
Joe - Fortunately deer are not a nuisance in my area. Ironically, there were none here when we moved here 40 years ago. Then the Corps of Engineers built Lake Ray Roberts about 18 miles to the east on 30,000 acres of farm and bottom land, and it took them about 20 years to migrate across the Interstate to get here. Side note: My old rented homestead on a hill is now an island in the lake. Had to move in 1980 when they started construction.
Ken - I never had any luck with losing weight by exercising. I can only lose weight by restricting food/beverage intake. I do continue to walk a mile every day and exercise in the garden just to stay fit and keep the body somewhat tuned up.
Patrick - Hope that all went well yesterday.

Today is Constitution Day. Be sure to show your support for it and all of the amendments. Enjoy your (our) freedom.
Everyone have a great day.
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GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Morning all,

Almost 3 hours into my day and I'm finally here. I do have time for a cup this morning...Thank you Flo.

Got the daughter to and from Chemo yesterday. The electrician showed up at her house to move the electrical service from a shed to the house. It went well. He was coming back this morning to remove the 50 amp breaker for the A/C out of the house sub-panel.
Story on moving the electrical was at some point a previous owner had the electrical service attached to an almost garage sized shed, with an outside rated breaker box. 200 amp service with 3 breakers, a 50 amp 2-phase to a sub-panel in the shed, a 100 amp 2-phase to a sub-panel in the house and a 50 amp GFI to a hot tub. The hot tub was crap and the circuit was removed when the hot tub was removed. Shed was build poorly and is deteriorating to the point it needs to be removed. Also you couldn't repair the roof as the electric line from the pole was too close (12") from the roof at its lowest point. The new service is setup similar, with the service on the house itself and 200 amp service to an outdoor breaker box. The feed to the house sub-panel relocated to the new Service entrance on a 100 amp breaker. The A/C itself on a new 60 amp breaker (due to code changes) The big issue of blowing the house 100 amp breaker should now be resolved as with the summer heat, turning on the dryer or the stove, in an overloaded box, would cause the breaker to blow. They replaced the 100 amp breaker 5 times in the 10 years they've owned the house. Always the breaker was burnt at the wire connections. By removing the A/C out of the house breaker, we've eliminated a problem. Now this weekend, I've got to help them "Move" as they're needing help taking stuff out of the shed to their garage so we can start dismantling the old building and get it replaced.

We get the info from the cardiologist this afternoon, hopefully all is well. The daughter's chemo is going fine at this time. 1 more big one in 3 weeks. Dog doing fine at this time.
Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.


Sprue-n-Glue Victim
Good Morning, Everyone!
Never stopped in yesterday, so I missed the party... Happy Birthday anyway, Sherrel! I'm not a very social creature and I try to avoid gatherings, but for some guy's I would like to show up; and you are one of them. Happy Birthday!

I'm supposed to be out for the first day of the hunt, but, that PT wood fence has turned out to be more formidable than first thought, and I can't just leave it. Hope to get it done today. The Elk will be on the run come Monday.

I had some nice words for those who are posting the wonderful photos. As I'm typing, though, I can't remember it all. Just know that I do really appreciate those fine posts from everyone. Well done, all!

Karl - I'm in total admiration of you're purchase! That is a beautiful engine, indeed!
Lee - The photo series you post are wonderful. Spectacular modeling, and I can't say enough how much I like the piggy-back flats.
Boris - Once you learn that the neighbors are reporting UFO's, you know it's time to avoid them because they are nuts. And society dosen't know what to do with mentally disordered people, except leave them alone and hope they just go away.

It's warming up after a cold spell. 43F right now, on it's way up to 65. The forecasters guess it will be nice for the rest of September.
I don't eat cake, so I'll have a sliced steak, cheese and onion on toast, along with some fruit. That will hold me off until supper.

I'm going to continue with prototype photos I captured the other day. Here is a study of the SD751's that came into the Whitecourt yard the other, rainy day:

SD751's (1)_09-14-2020.jpg


The closest LHS has Atheran Genesis SD751's in stock still. I'm mulling over if I should put out for a couple. I keep pulling back, because I'm basically a cheapskate at heart. I do like the idea of modelling the Whitecourt yard, though, even as an 8' diorama. I wouldn't like to go with anything more modern than the SD751.

Willie - Well Done! I do like the Oxford vehicles, and luckily, the prices for them are still reasonable if you shop around.
Patrick - Glad to hear the daughters chemo went well. hopes and prayers are high for her!

Wow, I've been typing for so long I've forgotten what I've said already. Better give it up now!
Have a good one!!


Well-Known Member
Happy Belated to Sherrel. I try and not count my birthdays anymore as that means I am getting older, and more decrepit.

69F at 9am. Was about 63F when I got up at 8am. Big change from a week and a half ago when the high for the day was 45F. We've been back into the low to mid 80s during the day. Technically still summer another few days, but I love the Fall weather.


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Midday Check In

Hobo. Happy Anniversary hope you are well and hang in there my friend

Guy. Thanks for the wonderful complement you guys on this forum are the best. Thanks for sharing your pics as well

Karl. Nice steamer.

I hope to get some bench time when I get home enjoy the rest of your day

PRR Modeler

Well-Known Member
Afternoon All,

Started out with a errand and yard chores. After cooling off I started in the train room by testing the track with my Dad's WM 2-6-6-2 without any issue other than being able to put the wheels on the track o_O. After that I did some planning on the other back corner (right side) and put down 4-4" risers around that curve (8 ft. total). This curve worked out to a 31" radius (the one I'm working on that's painted is 30" radius (left side).

Sherrel- Happy Belated Birthday. Somehow I missed it yesterday.

Lee- Nice photos and video.

Karl- Nice looking steamer. Is it a BLI?

Willie- Beautiful vehicles.

Patrick- At least it sounds like the house electrical issues have been solved.

Guy- Nice CN photos.

Hughie- Happy Anniversary.

I hope everyone has a good night.


"retired" conductor
Afternoon All,

Started out with a errand and yard chores. After cooling off I started in the train room by testing the track with my Dad's WM 2-6-6-2 without any issue other than being able to put the wheels on the track o_O.

Karl- Nice looking steamer. Is it a BLI?
I'd love to see that WM 2-6-6-2 !
and yes, this will be my 1st BLI, hopefully I wont experience some of the problems that others have had. If I do, I'll swap decoders for a LokSound5.


Whiskey Merchant
Good afternoon. Been busy as usual. We have quite a bit of smoke coming in from the west. Here are a couple of photos from yesterday. The first was at about 10 AM when I was leaving fro Feer Lodge and the second I guess was at about 7:30 PM, with a smokey sunset. Both were telephoto shots.


I finally got the head on the '51 Hudson the other day and ran to Deer Lodge for lunch with my cousin and returned. The old girl ran smooth as silk. Not bad for a car almost as old as I am. Got out on the Interstate and it had no problem cruising at 75 to 80 MPH. No wonder they owned NASCAR back in the day. With the Twin H carbs and the 3 speed overdrive manual transmission it was a pleasure to drive until you slowed down. Miserable at slow speed without power steering. I am going to have to look into trying to add power steering to it.

Troy - You are making some good progress on the layout. Keep the photos coming.

2Tracks - Needless to say, I am a bit partial to the Northern Pacific. I also do like the F units. Here are some photos of F-9 7012A I took in Livingston at the Burlington Northern shops, now the Montana Rail Link shop the day it was leaving for Washington state after completing a rebuild. They did not paint the pine tree herald on the nose.
1983-12-35-p7-black-CW_Tac-0906 (2).jpg

NP 7012A  Seattle, WA  4-20-82  800x600 (2).jpg

Here it is at its new home with the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad with the proper front end. A bit scruffy in the last shot.
05)  NP 7012A  46th Ave  5-14-11 (2).jpg

The last photo is my rendition of 7012A. It's a Stewart model that had the wrong colors and no body detail at all. I just had to model that unit.

- It must have taken a bit of work to get that F unit running, but worth it. Nice photos of the property. At least you have fresh cackle berries.

Sherrel - A belated Happy Birthday. 548.gif Hope you partied hardy.

Joe - Like that electric commuter, but the PC units look a bit shabby.

- My wife won't let me go shopping with her any more. Years ago I figured that if I could make myself the biggest pain in the ass while shopping she wouldn't want me to go. She goes shopping on Saturday mornings and I do the laundry. I wonder if the radius is too tight for that locomotive. I took my brass NP Yellowstone (2-8-8-4) to the club last year and there was just no way it would run there. The curves on my home layout are pretty generous, mostly all over 40 inches with the exception of one place where it has to go through a turnout at 32 inch radius. It runs fine at home. The problem at the club comes down to the fact that the brass locomotive is just like the prototype with a fixed rear engine. There is one curve that they figure is about 25 inches and it just can't do it. Some of the guys with three axle trucks on their diesels have problems at the same spot. That WesternMaryland steamer looks fantastic.

IBKen - Sitting around will help you put on the pounds. I used to go through a 30 pack of beer in a week but cut back to an 18 pack for two weeks and I go down to the hot springs and get some swimming in. When I had the issue with the blood clot in the leg, the swimming really helped and I noticed a loss in weight also.

- I sure like those Oxford vehicles. Some you showed in your photos are a bit too new.I have to cut off at 1957. Another thing I like about the Oxford and the Mini Metals is that they have vehicles that are more common place, 4 door sedans and station wagons. I sure like the 54 Pontiac and the 46 DeSoto they came out with.


Patrick - Hope your daughter is doing well with the chemo. Takes a lot out of a person. The electrical woes sounds like someone didn't know what they were doing. Glad you got things squared away.

My wife has been down in Denver dealing with Oracle who wrote the new program that they are using at the job. She sounds like she is in information overload. She is the only one in her office that went there and she is hoping that she is not going to have to teach others in her office. It sort of sounds like what happened to me a number of years ago when I was working in operations for the trucking company. Spent a week up at the DOT office in Helena for Hazmat training. All it seemed to be was a weeks lesson on how to use the Hazmat book of regulations.




Lazy Daydreamer
Good evening Shop Dwellers, its 66*F and threatening to rain here pretty soon.

Thanks for al the "likes" and comments on my previous post - Phil, Karl, Tom (Cambria), Sherrell, Guy, TomO, Willie, and Chet.

Karl - congrats on the purchase, beautiful loco! I would probably go ahead and install the LokSound anyway because after all, with BLI, it's only a matter of time...

Willie/Chet - I have also eliminated recreational snacking my list of unhealthy habits. The primary reason I got into treadmilling back in 2016 was to address my out-of-control blood pressure, meds weren't helping much anymore; the weight loss that followed was a bonus side effect!:)

Finally got myself some "me" time today, and got decals on one of my two repainted shells.




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GUYS, THANKS so much for the Birthday Wishes - In order to accomodate more of you, I have decided to extend the time for an additional 24 hours in order for those who did not contribute to my BD Fund to "cough" it up!

It was another ho-hum day here with a very HOT outside at 99 and a very low humidity - I missed the low in the humidity but it is only up to 30% at this time.
More of the same tomorrow.

The daughter, hubby and G-son came over with cake, ice cream, and strawberries with whip creme - sure was good.
I am full and will head up to crash in a few. I don't know why I keep waking up at 3"30 - 4 AM, but it needs to stop!
Sherrell- you could always do what I do & celebrate your birth month. BTW, you have only 12+ days to prepare for the celebration 🎉 🍾 😄 😄
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