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Joe- Interesting to see the size difference between the box cars and ship.
Curt: At that point in time it was a very large tanker. It became bigger with the new mid section. The Ice breaker bow and underside added more deadweight. Once the Trans Alaska pipeline was completed, Exxon returned the ship to Sun to have the Ice breaker and mid section removed and a smaller mid section added. It then returned to the service it was initially built for.


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Ah, miserable afternoon. Just finished packaging up some trees when my wife starts yelling at her TV. Seems Hula is pixelating her Packer game and the over the air antenna is not picking up FoxTV. Found a good picture at for her but this is no way to start the season. Called the daughter 3 miles away, Her over the air antenna is fine and she says Hula is not working there either. Her neighbor next door cannot pick up the game either over the air or Hula. My brother in Hawaii has no issue with the NFL ticket on DirectTV. Never mess with Terry during her Packer games.

Nice weather finally, the weather TV guy said 1st sunshine in 8 days. I am shipping 42 trees,Ihave 28 finished trees to plant and have 141 trees waiting for polyfiber then leaves. Between trees, learning how to log in the grandkids for online school tomorrow and the TV mess with football, I am done for awhile. Just going to turn the music on and veg out in my office. Pictures tomorrow morning. Be safe. TomO
Tonight is one of the few occasions I’ll get to watch my Blue & Gold. No cable or satty here, so only get to watch on the NFL app when it’s a nationally televised game. Sunday afternoon west coast games are rare
Dave. You started trucking when I started life I was born October 1968
Lee- and I came along a year later. Born the same week as Brett Farve(whose Irish Twin was another endorser of the same denim brand as Ol #4).


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Spent most of the day with the 2-10-4. She didn't want to cooperate. The language got rather spectacular. I got all the clean up done, tender, lead and trailing trucks assembled, and got the driver springs and drivers installed, the bottom cover plate on, and then attached the side rods. Here's where it got interesting. It had a rather severe bind. A bind in a steamer's running gear will for sure teach you patience, and probably a few new words. Since I hadn't taken this thing apart I was flying a little blind. I tried several things with no results. I ended up having to take it all apart and start over. Checked the drivers for quarter, chased the crank pin threads, checked the driver springs. Then reinstall everything. You also have to make sure you get all the driver's hot sides correctly oriented or you'll have to do it again. I found the issue in the end, and once again it was the assembled chassis that helped. The side rods look the same front to back, but they only fit one way. The crank pins look to be all the same length, but they aren't. It is hard to tell, as there is so much slop in this mechanism (so it'll go around curves) and I ended up having to measure them with a dial caliper. Of a total of four per side, two were very slightly longer than the other two. Just .001-.002, but that's all it took. The chassis is all back together now and runs smooth as silk. This is a good place to stop for the day. After this photo I dabbed a drop of black paint in the head of each one of those brass screws as well as a couple of places where paint had gotten rubbed off during handling. Next up is the motor mount and installing the new motor. It should be back together next weekend.

-2-10-4 running gear.JPG


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Good morning.....Back to work,coffee, eggs and toast Flo, thank you.
A grain train passed by down the road headed to the ethanol plant. Though I didn't get up close I could see a couple of cars that had grain spillage on top. I thought for a minute if those cars were open top there seemed to be so much. I'll have to see if I can catch it coming back empty.


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Morning all! Coffee and bacon today, Flo

Loving the baking locos pics, and all of the fun layout images. However, Willie's critters are all nice enough fellows, except the ones that slither. Had a fit of the heebie-jeebies as my phobia kicked in. Once I panic scrolled back up the page, and got my heart rate down by looking at nice train pics, I was able to get back to painting the bathroom.

No work was done on the train room this weekend due to Super Toilet, Sis-in-law, and painting said bathroom. I'll set the toilet later today.

But I did sneek a piece of flex track and my entire collection of loco(no s) and rolling stock onto the layout to get a sense of scale.



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The other that may be in somewhat need of watching is 2Tracks (Jerry) - I am not sure just exactly where he lives?
Sherrel...thank you! I live in the Klamath Basin on the East side of the Cascades. About 70 miles from Medford, (born in Medford.) I live out in rural farm land, so forest fires are not an issue, but wind is the biggie for me. The altitude here is 4200 ft and with the prevailing winds ranging anywhere from the North, to the West, to the South, the smoke will settle here, sometimes days at a time.
Good morning all....Welcome to MONDAY!......just a friendly reminder......
Thanks all for the Likes....Boris, lee....thanks for the comments on the Lionel ad. A lot of great projects going on since my last visit, nice work all!
I'll leave ya this, moving up two years to '52, with an extra special coupon....

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Good Morning gang!

Flo, can I get a large coffee, and some Advil please!
After pilling most of the dash out of the S10 Saturday, and spending some time painting house trim yesterday, my bones is feeling stiff!
I did get some LEDs glued into a loco shell last night, might hook them up tonight.

Alan, how many new words didja learn? 😁 Looks like it was worth it!! If ya need more to do, I've got a few for ya!

L8ter gang!


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Morning all,

Took a bit to catch up this morning. Wife had her stress test Friday and we'll get the results on Thursday.

56* and clear in Doo-Dah. Supposed to get to 80* today.

Time for coffee and short-stack of Blueberry pancakes this morning. Thanks Francine.

I already know that next weekend will be busy. While cleaning the pool over the weekend, it's temp is in the low 60's , so it's done, but I don't have time to get it down until then. Mine has to be taken down in the winter months as it wasn't designed to be out all year.

I did get some time yesterday to work on my modeling. A couple of teaser pics here:

Kind of a slate color for the roof and brown on the trim of the building. The rest are going to post in my building thread.

The shingles still need to be painted as well as a 2nd coat of paint on the building with a better brush. I still have to figure out what type of glue to hold the window glass to the metal window frames.

On a side note: Our city just quit recycling as the expense was just too much. The recycler's stating that they can't sell it anymore and want two and a half times the fee the county landfill (cities and county own together) charges. We now use our recycle bin to put extra trash in.
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