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Well... first I have to say that mask photo always makes me do a double-take. Haircolor matches. Eye color is off though. And I had a sweater just like that one. But, that's not my house. Nor my undies.

However, as I sit here and listen to the window installers, I've been searching for Soldiering irons and thinner non-lead solder.

Amazon just got more of my book money.

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 10.34.02 AM.png

This little gizmo and a set of tips are now on order. And some lead-free .6mm solder. Since my basement is not ventilated, I don't want to grab the 60/40 solder by accident (I do run two air filters down there).
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Good morning gentlemen. 41* and sunny here in N Calif after 2" of rain Tuesday night. Only thing going on in the trainroom is building a "earthen" ramp up to the highline for the beet dumping, and wiring the 3 tracks going into the sugar mill. Got involved in repairing the corral board gate in our back yard and it has grown into a complete rebuilding of the entire fence as its 26 yrs old and rotting. More work to keep me from the trainroom. On the bright side, heres a pic of the Maple out front that puts on a fall show every year.


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PATRICK - You must be pulling your hair out with the "dance" you are having to do?
I don't understand any of it - but sure sounds like a headache.
Not much hair to pull out! LOL

Just a bunch of stuff that I wasn't expecting since it was "Supposed" to be "preconfigured". Their configuration and mine however, leaves much to be desired, although I have had great luck their equipment. I guess that's why they say they pay me the big bucks....although I could make more in the non-government world, but I'd also have a lot more stress so it evens out.


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Good Afternoon Everyone.....partly cloudy and mild here in Southeastern Wisconsin. It's been a great November so far especially when compared to last year when we had 7 inches of snow for Halloween and then 13 inches of snow during November.

I've been away from the layout more than I intended to be and also been away from the Forum dealing with personal business that's been extremely time consuming and then add that to health appointments playing catch up. Yesterday, I had a appointment at the hospital and the testing took from 12:30 PM to almost 4:00 PM and that takes care of the entire day after adding in travel time. One of my Doctors called this morning and I checked out OK with the testing even in-spite of having some major underlying conditions.

The other news....Chet (Montanan) knows that I am fond of Dachshunds and we been considering finding a new dog for quite some time. Well, Chet found a breeder in Iowa that has a female, long hair black/tan mini Doxie puppy that we purchased and will pick her up in January. I miss our Katie who passed away several years ago and she was a great companion and loved to travel to the cabin. The cabin being located in the woods is perfect for a dog, especially a hunter like the Dachshund and she will be company for me since I'm at the cabin usually alone about half the time I'm up there.

The puppy will need some training before I let her go off leash especially up at the cabin with all the smells of the animals there, but even here at home we have five squirrels who daily visit our bird feeders and sometimes up to five whitetail deer are seen at the feeders and the deer stop vehicle traffic on the road while people watch them feed.

I'll set tomorrow aside for Model Railroading. Lots of things to do on the railroad in and the layout room.

I been enjoying everyone's photos and their new purchases in RPO Thread. I hope to have some photographs posted on the Forum real soon.

I been reading a lot about John Allen lately and in a recent e-mail from Model Railroader the e-mail summed up John's modeling efforts and that John started with a layout smaller than a 4X8, but the photographs he took made the layout seem larger than it was in real life and then he advanced to the 24 foot by 32 foot basement sized layout that we all know.

Those who have been lucky enough to have seen or operated on John's layout, you must agree that experience was impressive to say the least.

To those John Allen fans who maybe interested, the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) is having a fund raising members only auction of some items found in John Allen's basement which been in storage since the fire in 1973. The auction is a silent auction for NMRA members and most of the items are damaged from the fire. I've seen John's #34 locomotive in person safely kept in a case at Kalmbach Publishing's office in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

So much for my news.....



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Afternoon All,

This morning I hosed off the pool deck in preparation for Saturday when I'll be using a garden sprayer with a chorine/water mix to finish cleaning it. Today I put in the cork roadbed for the first coal mine in the back left corner. It has 3 load tracks and 2 storage tracks. Tomorrow afternoon son and I are removing furniture from the dining room so the room can get a deep cleaning :(.

moermusic-Interesting photos.

Ken- Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your grandchild.

Joe- Beautiful track work. That will be a nice scene when done. Great K4s photos.

Dave- Beautiful colors. Ours just usually turn brown.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Finished the desk rebuild with the neighbor Rod's help this morning. Tomorrow the SIL can remove all the clamps in prep of my son in law and her husband moving it from the garage to inside this weekend. I'll let them move it - too big for me anymore?
Came home - took a shower - fresh clothes - grabbed Charlie - and off to the VET we went.
Guess What - The appoint was for yesterday! I felt like an idiot.
Oh Well - Beautiful day out; 73 degrees - 51% humidity - 1 mph wind (gusts to 2) ... going for a walk!

GREG - I have had three Dachshunds in my life. One mahogany, one coal black, and one mostly mahogany long hair ... they are great little dogs!

DAVE in PV - I'm jealous of your rain and tree! Ours are pretty much still green!


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Evening all,

I've been super busy this week and have neglected my daily check ins. I sure hope that you all are doing well. It's finally cooling off around here. On a different note, here's a neat informative video from my favorite youtube hobo:

Y'all have a good night!


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I start my vacation tomorrow afternoon! Yahoo! 😁 :p:cool: Got one more tag to fill and I am done! Hope to getter done Saturday. Then I will be focusing on the train room the rest of the vacation! I don't go back to work until Dec 1!

Got some painting to do in the train room can't wait!


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I hate those black masks , people who wear those things look like they stole the panties off an 8 year old. The grocery store looks its run by like a gang of pedophiles .I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one.

I only wear the cheap HF surgical masks.
I wear neck gaiters wen I do have to go out in public(I’m fortunate enough to have been working from home the past 8 months). The regular style masks ride up on my face, because of my curly & wiry beard.


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Good Friday morning coffee shoppers! Hope all is doing well! Storms have passed for now, clear night skies with brilliant stars.
A big plate of biscuits w/ sausage gravy...a couple of over easy eggs on top, texas toast with blackberry jelly and a cup of deer camp coffee please Flo, thank you!
Karl, thanks for the info, much appreciated, this is my first go-around with an Alco FA. And that fan, it struck me as kind of cheesy, do you actually see it operate with the shell on?
Joe, nice pic of the K4s, that front end is heavy duty!
James, nice pic of the COLA, they just don't make them like that anymore!
Here is some pictures of the first Ambroid kit I built......



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