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OK but Y?????? Y a double wye within a wye?


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Good morning y'all.

This morning we will venture out to the supermarket, as we need a few things and I have 3 Rx to fill. Hopefully we will make it unscathed.

Conrail Derailment Wayne Jc March 1978.jpg

March 1978 oppsie at Wayne Jct MU Shop when Conrail still ran the ex reading Commuter service.
Conrail Stacks off Chemical Coast for Howland Hook, SI 2-08-2020.jpg

Conrail today, actually February 8, 2020, photo taken at Linden NJ, as a Conrail crew brings a stack train for Howland Hook Marine Terminal, in Staten Island, off the Chemical Coast Secondary, vis the Arthur Kill Lift Bridge. Chemical Coast is old CNJ, the route to Howland Hook is former B&O (SIRT). Conoco Bayway Refinery to the right, behind the train.

Burlington Bob

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Good morning America! 55 degrees and a chance of thunder storms all day. Enough with the rain already! Got more pictures and some new blinds and curtains to put up today. Hopefully, we will get the new outdoor light fixtures we ordered from Lowe's today. Won't be able to put them up today because of the rain, but they can sit in their 24 hour quarantine for packages until tomorrow. May have to mow the yard again in a day or two. Sure beats shoveling snow! I know it will get old in short order.

Here's a picture I took last fall north of Vermont, IL on the BNSF Beardstown Sub. Quite a variety of locos on the train as it waited on the siding as it made its way to Galesburg.
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Curse You, Red Baron!
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Good Morning from the West where the high today is estimated at 62 degrees with mostly uncloudy skies.
We had a mostly cloudy day yesterday with another 1/2 inch of rain overnight - this brings our season total to 1.5 inches above normal which is a blessing.
Hi FLO... make mine scrambled with bacon and a side of biscuits and gravy this morning.
The forum seems to be flying today -- maybe the recent slow weeks have been eliminated.

I let too many posts go by in order to comment on them all, so I will just have to say that I read them all, glad to see everyone is still "kicking", and that I welcome the new posters to the "Coffee Shop".

I had a miserable night Sunday and was up most of the night ... I'll just leave it as my own type of virus of some sort?
The Spousal Unit and I binged watched several episodes of 'Lost in Space'; after several times of going through life-threating problems, she said to me, "Don't they ever get a day off?" What astounds me is that the writers of these serial productions can continue to come up with all the scenarios. I would seriously have a huge headache!

Going to wander up the hill as soon as it warms up just a little and work on removing the old pool motor and also patching that towel rack back up. I think I have assembled enough tools to do the job.

Hope you all have a great day - I'll try and check-in later!


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OK but Y?????? Y a double wye within a wye?

I read about that one, it's been making the rounds. It's in Europe or Asia or something. The ends of the tracks are just long enough to fit a single locomotive. Ever heard of a "5 point turn" where you turn your car around by going back and forth? Well, this is the train version of that. If you trace the path a locomotive would take, when it's all said and done, you end up facing the opposite direction.

Why such a crazy arrangement? It had something to do with the amount of space available. They wanted to expand the yard, or put in a new station, or build a building nearby, I can't recall for certain exactly what. But whatever it was mean they they no longer had room for normal wye and so they created that one of a kind arrangement.


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Morning all,

Crazy day in Doo-Dah. They're getting ready to have us shelter in place withing the next 24-48 hours. I considered essential, so I'll be here.

To add to the craziness, one of the managers asked if I had an instruction email translated into Klingon, so I obliged her. You could hear the laughter across the building.

Like the new digs Bob. Thanks for all you do.


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We just got and oil delivery. I said, I guess your an essential worker. He said, you should see the panic that's going on in the business. Everyone's calling to top off their tanks. I delivered 60 gallons, 30 gallons. I delivered 18 gallons to some old lady that just had her tank filled a week ago. It's crazy.


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We got 6 to 8 inches of snow last night....grrrrr

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Don't complain! Here, it's too warm to throw snowballs, too sunny to stay inside, but too cold and windy to go outside.

Also here, the emotional rollercoaster ride continues. My mother was taken from ICU to a general ward, then was taken this morning to a C19 isolation wing; we're apparently waiting now for test results.
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