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1. By "stays here," where is "here"?
"Here" is in the coffee shop discussion. The original message is left, intact, where posted in the monthly thread.

2. The idea sounds good, but wouldn't "here" wind up housing an unmanageable number of pics and whatnot? How would you index it and/or find anything?
Well we do have a search index, but most folks just browse the forum. By far the most common way to find stuff is to use the "What's New" function.

However, if you go here, you'll find the list of forum categories. They provide a top tier sorting of the posts.

As for an unmanageable number pf pictures? Well, I'm of the opinion that you can't have too many photos in a place like this. However, I do realize that if you start seeing everything twice, it gets really annoying. So I'm only talking about a few of the best. For example, GarryCBQ posted a real nice shot of a grain elevator the other day. I'd put a copy in "structures and building". The idea is to make them a bit easier to find in the future.

I keep trying to get folks to post in the photo gallery as well, but it's never really taken off that much. There are 5,000 images there, but consider how active this place is? That's really not a lot. In comparison? RailroadForums has over 42,000 images.


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The operative word is moderation. As long as it's kept to a low roar.........

Mcleod pics or its still white!

This afternoon I got bored, didn't feel like working on other peoples projects (yeah, thats ending soon) and there has been a Western Maryland style Geep cab staring at me from on top of my "personal projects" shelf. I grabbed it, and a C of GA GP7 (Atlas) and got busy. Now the CMR products kit is designed to fit a P2K shell and chassis. It took some prudent work with a Dremel, but I got it to fit. Now once I get the other locos out of the way this will be dipped and stripped and detailed. Now it can tease me from the display case.

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Afternoon All,

Well LAWN CAMP was a success, but I am beat. The retaining wall is in but tomorrow I need to concrete the posts in place and put roofing tar on the tops of the 4x4's. I also need to back fill along the wall (yard side).

Got lucky today and found some TP so no paper towels will be needed:oops:. Went to rent a post hole digger but the closest one available was 40 minutes away so manual it was. This probably added a hour to the job.

Alan- I agree, you do beautiful work.

James- Interesting photos.

Toot- Nice photos.

Willie- Nice looking locos.

Joe- Nice photo.

Justin- Nice photos.

Karl- Nice photos, plastic and real.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Bob: I'm the network administrator for a small town near Wichita. I'll be moving servers later this year to new hosts (once we get the time to actually bid spec them). It isn't fun, but has to be done occasionally.
A lot of what I've been working on is getting things setup for some folks to work from home if they have to quarantine. Either way, I'm considered important enough that unless I get sick, I need to be at work. Means my paycheck is still coming in. The wife however is in shutdown for 2 weeks at 1/2 pay.


Bob- This is your forum and you have done a good job keeping things interesting.
As long as one person makes the decision on the "best" posts to keep, we know who to blame when my fuzzy, boring picture is allowed to die.
Try it and if it doesn't fly, it can become a fallen flag. IMHO!


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Good Afternoon everyone,

Been a while since I've visited. I haven't done any railroading in almost a year. I have been busy upstairs with remodeling projects. Illinois has been on shelter in place since Saturday, but my place of employment shut us down middle of last week till April 7TH I decided to start this project that has been planned for a year, and a half. I'm adding 28' to my existing layout.

Hope all is well with everyone, and stay safe!



I hope this is appropriate for a coffee shop: it is wake up and smell the coffee time here in the UK. Luckily I have a stack of Athearn, Bowser and other antiques in need of upgrading as the Prime Minister has just spoken to the nation via the BBC to tell us we are joining Italy and Spain and France on lockdown. Stay in your houses for three weeks. Limited essential expeditions only. Police authorised to break up any gathering of more than two people who are not in the same household. Everyone to keep two meters away in public. This is why we do model railways..


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Mcleod pics or its still white!
It's not white anymore, Karl! No matter what background I use, I just can't make it white anymore.
Garage_03-23-2020 (4).JPGGarage_03-23-2020 (5).JPG
Actually, I'm going to stop putting up a photo every time I take a step. It's just too embarrassing to put up photos of a little garage, when everyone else is putting up photos of major layout work and the real stuff. Perhaps the next photo will be of a finished product, instead of wasting time with the little things.

I did take the wife to the doctor today (non-virus related). So while she was getting checked out, I zipped over to the yard to photograph an old hopper that was hooked onto the end of a line-up of gondolas. I wanted photographs as weathering reference. Sooner or later, I plan on getting a bunch of open coal hoppers. Here's a few of the pics I took today:
Hopper (1).JPGHopper (2).JPGHopper (3).JPGHopper (4).JPG
I was actually surprised to see this hopper isn't all that old. Suppose I was expecting it to be from the early 60's, by the way it looks. I found myself a bit disappointed after stepping through the wet snow to gain the sun side of it. Snow's still deep enough to be annoying.

Anyway, gotta go! See ya'll later, unless I get forced into isolation. Which hasn't happened in our small town; yet.


Overheard in California- "I called my acupuncturist last night and told him I was in pain. He told me to take two safety pins and call him in the morning.
McLeod- I like your garage with both backgrounds. It takes the small building projects to make up the major layout pictures look good.

It finally stopped raining for a short time this afternoon and I took the gas station out where there is some light and took a picture. I have a ways to go but I snapped the interior and exterior together to give me an idea what it may look like.



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I wondered, this morning where this had gotten to. Was supposed to be right under those prototype photos. What happens when it's late at night and I forget to hit the Post Reply button.
As comparison, here is a pic of the models in the same consist. #346 in it's old livery.



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A long shove up Bozeman Pass on Saturday, 2 of the 2nd batch of SD70ACe's #'s 4402 and 4405. Sandwiched in between is SD40P-2, #290, MRL's only one of this type. The steam generator end is full of emptiness, I'm told. Note the hoppers stretching right up into the left distance.

According to the info on this pic this is an "interesting NS unit that broke" in another train. Just what got broke is not revealed.


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Good evening Shop Dwellers! Haven't posted here in over a week, so I guess it's time for an update.

Karl - are you home for the duration now, or is your company's service dept considered an essential business?

I decided to try taking advantage of a local supermarket chain's "senior hours" this morning, since my non-emergency supply of TP - which I had bought 10 days ago 24hrs before all the panic buying began - was starting to dwindle. When I got there, there was only one other person standing in front of the store - everybody else was staying in their cars since it was drizzling. I had my foul weather coat on, so I just stood outside the door and waited, and ended up being the first person to enter the store. I wasn't the first to reach the TP aisle, however, because this wasn't my regular market and I didn't know where anything was. So I just followed a group of "locals" and got there soon enough to snag an 18-roll pack. Mission accomplished!:cool:

Our governor has now ordered all non-essential businesses to shut down. But that doesn't affect me; the CEO of my organization sent us a memo this morning assuring us that we are considered "critical", so we're continuing to do our work with a skeleton crew on-site, and everybody else [myself included] working from home. Not much extra time for getting layout projects done, but hey I'm NOT complaining! As long as my local supermarket keeps getting daily supplies of fresh meat, dairy and other foods, I'm perfectly content with my current situation. My wife and her staff FINALLY received some higher quality N95 masks today, so hopefully she hasn't been [and won't get] infected by any of her asymptomatic walk-in patients.

At least I was able to make some incremental progress on the layout this past weekend: I ballasted the two throat tracks leading into my steel mill. What made this really tedious was a Walthers/Shinohara broad-radius curved turnout - I had to be extremely careful to avoid letting any ballast granules get caught among the moving parts. Not an easy task for somebody who has tremors! I managed to get every inch of track covered that was within the planned photo sight range, so it won't stick out like a sore thumb among the other scene-scaping I did last month. I don't want to post any photos just yet, because all I've gotten is the "before" shots. I want to get everything in this area done before I shoot the "after" pics.

...and that about covers it. Hope the rest you haven't been too adversely impacted by the Pestilence. Be safe, stay healthy!
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