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Good morning y'all. I survived. ;)


I am in a moderate amount of pain with the affected knee. Still have to go through the girations connected with getting the Oxi Rx filled. I'm walking with a walker and getting around quite well. I met all the initial PT goals and got caught taking myself to the potty without a babysitter. :eek:

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Good morning y'all. I survived. ;)

I am in a moderate amount of pain with the affected knee. Still have to go through the girations connected with getting the Oxi Rx filled. I'm walking with a walker and getting around quite well. I met all the initial PT goals and got caught taking myself to the potty without a babysitter. :eek:

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GUY- Did not forget you. Family medical problem M-I-L passed early this a.m.
Eliott [BIGBOY 4005] started the diner April of 2004 on the MR Mag. It took hold and has been going strong. Met GARRY there years ago. Left that diner for this one for reasons left unsaid
Been lucky here. Met CURT-formed a friendship Also staying in E-Mail touch with a few others This is a swell place so, a belated welcome .
Family medical problem M-I-L passed early this a.m.

Phil: Condolences about your MiL's passing.


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Good morning .

Boris .... Good to see you are posting here. Best wishes to you as you recover from surgery .

Willie ..... You do great work bringing your scenes to life.

KEn ... Your Atlas GP40 that you painted and lettered looks great.

I just completed building a Mack dump truck from a Sylvan Models kit. I painted it orange and weathered it . There are two older dump truck models behind it in this photo.

Garry:. The scene and Mack truck looks great !
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Morning all,

First off,

Phil: Condolences to you and the family.

Got home later last evening as the Dr's office was backed up. I got out of the office at a little after 6 for a 2:30 appointment. I do have a torn meniscus but that knee has gotten bad enough that any work to clean it up would make it worse, so let's kick the can for replacement a few years down the road (3-5) and look at it then. They did inject cortisone into it, so it's feeling better....90 days and I'll get another. Yeah!!!

No train time as after supper I veg'd and watched as the wife says "Stupid stuff on TV". lol

Burlington Bob

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Good morning America, how are ya? This is going to be quick, as I (my wife, too) are busier than the well known cat in a litter box! :) I haven't quit this forum, but life is coming at us fast and I just don't have much free time right now. It looks like this will continue for about another month or so, then hopefully things will slow down to normal. Nothing bad going on, just a lot to do and a short amount of time to get it done in. Did have a chance to read a couple of pages, but not much else.

Phil-Sorry for your loss.

Boris-Your knee looks like my sister's did after her replacement. Follow the doctor's orders and do your PT. My sister did and has had excellent results from hers two years ago.

Got to get a move on, everyone stay safe and six feet apart!


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Yo: Good morning! Happy Friday! Last night I climbed the stairs, and slept in my bed. 👍 I have four more days of "at home" physical therapy, before I transition to Out Patient PT. Going to try Kessler two miles away, and see how it goes. Since the wife can't sit inside, and I cannot drive my self just yet.

Phil: Condolences on your loss.

B. Bob, Patrick, Garry Willie, David, Sherrel, Je.ome, Curt and anyone else thank you for you're best wishes. Little stiff ad sore this morning, but a shower is next on the agenda. PT lady comes at 11AM.


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Good morning! Not raining at this very moment, though they have a 90% chance of wet weather listed in the guess work. 55F right now, and we'll likely add another 10 to that by this afternoon. With no wind, that overcast sky is moving real slow.

I went out to the local 'Shyster Hardware' to pick up a couple of sheets of 1-1/2" styrafoam for the module top. At 33 bucks a 2x8 sheet, that left me so broke I'll have to settle for the left-over porkchop bones from someone else's plate this morning. Flo and Francine have it easy with me this morning. Hoping the coffee refill is free.

Boris - Good to see the leg is healing so quickly. Climbing stairs must use some extra muscles.

Anyway, I've been playing with my new module table. I toyed with angling the track a bit, and played with some more footprints:

I'm still not happy with the set-up, so I thought I'd get the gold-plated, pink styrafaom. It will get glued down and painted today. I'll consider what I want to do with it as I'm working away and playing with it.
Here it is awaiting the glue and primer, sitting at 43-1/2" height. Might cut the legs down some.:

While this is drying, I might work up the motivation to clean up the spot it's all supposed to fit in.

Have a great day everyone.


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GUY, CURT, KEN, WILLIE, SHERM, GREG, GARRY, LOUIS, CHAD, DAVID, PATRICK, B-BOB, BORIS, thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
WILLIE , my MIL had a long fulfilling life. March 1st she was 88. Family and Church kept her busy. Has/had many friends.
Yeah I'll miss her.
Just remember, WE all have a USE BY DATE. Stay in touch with those that mean something to you.


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Good Morning All. Mostly cloudy and 74°. 15% chance of rain after lunch today, that is usually a harbinger of a nasty thunderstorm! Of course that's the time of day that I will be driving my wife to Dallas, where she will leave with my daughters, their husbands and the three grandkids for a ten day vacation on the Gulf Coast. Side trip Saturday to have lunch with my son and DIL in San Antonio on the way. That is if she doesn't back out because my daughter's best friend tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday. Daughter and her friend had drinks last Friday night, so the possible infection chance is remote. Oh! I will be picking up the granddog while I am there to keep me company.
Speaking of Covid-19, I noted yesterday on my grocery/beer trek, that face mask compliance in the grocery store had risen to over 85% of customers and 100% of employees. At the stop at Home Depot, compliance among customers was higher than I had noted before at that location, seems like at least 75%; whereas in the past it was around 40%. Who wasn't wearing masks? Younger Hispanic gentlemen were not, although many more were than usual.
Also on tap today is a trip to the LHS, Discount Model Railroads for supplies. I actually have 16 items on my list, but I will most likely end up with two dozen or more.

Thanks for the reactions and comments regarding yesterday's townspeople pictures; Jerome, Patrick, Sherrel, Garry, Karl, Phil, Curt, Guy, Louis, David.

First thing out in the train shed yesterday was to repair the boxcar with the broken brake rigging.
06-25-20 001.JPG

06-25-20 002.JPG

I know from experience that I will be unable to glue that part back in place, so I cut out and replaced a whole section with .020" styrene rod.
06-25-20 003.JPG

After painting everything, you cannot tell the repair was made.
06-26-20 001.JPG

I had to think hard about making this repair, but that is actually highly visible when the car is on the upper eye level.
06-25-20 004.JPG

On another front, I began printing and cutting out some backdrop structures for CUP.
06-25-20 013.JPG

The one on the right is reduced by about 25% to give depth to the background. They will be used in conjunction with the Walther's modular walls and a couple more made from DPM walls to offer variety.

Joe - Scar looks good. My wife's looked like that early on and now it's hard to see anything. Those glue joints are really an amazing advancement in surgery. By the way, my wife recommends that you go to the discussion forum at She found it very helpful to relate to others who have had the surgery.
Garry -
Willie ..... You do great work bringing your scenes to life.
I do get rather involved that sometimes I forget that it is a model railroad!;)
Nice job on all of the trucks.
Louis -
It is amazing to me how many employees only want part-time hours. It seems to me they know exactly how many hours to work and keep their government assistance. My wife knows the ones because she fills out the forms for social services. The government needs to ask, “did the employee refuse additional hours?” If they did, they would probably all be full time!
Yep! I hear those kinds of horror stories from my wife during tax refund season. And now that $600/week unemployment kicker is definitely keeping people on the couch. Think of it, that's $15/hour on top of unemployment, a lot more than many of those folks were making to begin with. Social-welfare state.

Everybody have a great day. Keep your distance and stay safe.
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Good morning .

Thanks everybody for the likes for my dump truck photo. Thanks to Curt, David, WIllie and anybody I missed for commenting on it.

Phil ..... You are welcome , and that is good advice.

Guy .... Good to see your progress with the layout table.

Boris .... I'm glad you took time to update us on your condition. Sounds like you will be recovering okay.

Willie .... Nice job repairing the boxcar brake rigging. Backdrop structures look good .

Louis .... In your photos, B&O 51 looks absolutely gorgeous and B&O 9061 looks scuzzy and ugly.


Below is C&NW's Dakota 400 which is a train that ran daily between Chicago and Rapid City, SD.

Have a nice Friday.

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Afternoon All,

I finished the second peninsula module today with the exception of boring out the wire holes and attaching it. Around lunch daughter and the boys showed up and we went to lunch and then bowling. Tomorrow I'm visiting friends so no layout work until Sunday.

Garry- Nice photo and fairly easy to model.

Louis- I hope your sleep is getting better. Nice pictures. They're showing the lack of cleaning like the Pennsy had towards the end. Neat looking building.

Bob- Sounds like you're riding the whirlwind for the next month.

Joe- It sounds like you are making good PT progress.

Guy- Looks good. I'm not looking forward to buying plywood either.

Willie- Nice repair job and paper buildings.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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By the way, my wife recommends that you go to the discussion forum at She found it very helpful to relate to others who have had the surgery.
Willie: Tell yer wife thanks for the tip. I'll take a look at what they have to say. appreciate her input. Yorr advice based on her experiences has already been invaluable, more than once.

Today, my "at home therapist" told my wife she needed to go over CVS and pick up a cane. Apparently, I have enough balance to possibly ditch the walker already. This person is good. She walked in, said HI'!, asked mandatory regulatory dumb questions, and usual dumb regulatory mandated unrelated procedures, (Government data harvesting), then got right into this for 65" non stop. I was able to do most of it well, and only had trouble on the sit at the dining room chair stuff. (Knee wasn't co-operating...not pliant enough yet). Next Thursday, (July 2), I begin outpatient physical therapy at the place where I went before. I know who they are, and how they work, so I'm quite satisfied with my selection. The closer place, I was comparing, kept trying to talk me out of going there, so I obliged them....(Not my revenue stream).

Obviously, I have not been following conversations, so it will take me some time to get back up to speed.

Have a pleasant weekend.
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