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Good Morning! 'Appy New Year!' and all the rest of it.

Just another day to me, but I do feel it necessary to extend prayers to those unfortunate people suffering the horrific fires in Colorado. My sober heart is with them this morning. I truly do hope those folks are able to stand strong and get the help they so desperately need at this dark time.

Just in for a quick coffee folks, and then getting on with the day. There's supposed to be a short heat wave passing through, bringing the temperature up to -8C. That's warm enough to go outside and play, for one day!

Have a great start of the New Year!


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Happy New Year coffee shop patrons.

Getting ready for our first measurable snow of the season. Unheard of on the southern most tip of Lake Michigan. Usually we've been buried a couple times by now!!

Got a corned beef brisket on the smoker and just counting the hours until it's done.

Have a great day everyone.

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(Standing at front door, tryin to push the door open) Thought this place was still closed. Forgot the front door was "pull" to open.
Just an English muffin Flo and reheated decaf will be fine.
Been binge watching the Yellowstone series the last couple days. Went right past midnight last night unaware.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning and Happy New Year to all. Cloudy and 58°. Evidence of rain overnight after .77" of drizzle yesterday, which was not in the forecast. Possibly more this morning before the cold front around noon time today. The prediction is for 18°-20° for the next two nights with mostly cooler temperatures for the next week.
Well, I made it until 9:15 last night before bed. The usual fireworks from two of the neighbors didn't happen so it was quiet. My New Years resolution is to keep breathing another year or more.

No issues with Facebook here as I just never signed on or visit.

Thanks a bunch for the likes and comments regarding the structure progress; OB Ken, Christian, Karl, Steve J, Dave, Sherrel, IB Ken, Guy, Hughie, Joe, Smudge, Rick, Gary, Louis, Curt, Tom.

Eggs Benedict with Taylor Ham for me this morning Flo. Looks like you might have stayed up too late last night.

Out in the train shed yesterday, I added weathering powders to the walls, and added dock bumpers to the truck loading doors in front.


I may go back and add a little more weathering powder after I look at it some more. I intend to add tire marks to the loading dock as well. While I had hoped to complete this yesterday, it didn't quite happen. Excessive household tasks interfered with modeling time yesterday.

OB Ken - I am with you on the rather do electrical than plumbing any more. It's not the leaks or water, but it's the squirming about under sinks that is hard on my body.
Todd - I guess that there's not enough wood stoves around here to warrant an EPA inspector. Then too, there usually isn't a whole lot of visible smoke here when the wind is blowing, even slightly.
Sherrel - Congratulations on the tax return. Isn't this about the earliest you have had past years taxes done???

One more time, have a Happy New Year and a wonderful day. Stay safe.


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Morning from never, never land - the land of fruits and nuts!
Like GUY said: Just another day ... BTW, Thank you for your prayers on the folks in Colorado - I cannot begin to comprehend their situation!.

I guess there will be many places closed today? Haven't checked, but I need to get the P/U smog checked today - the plate is due again. I also have to nail down a load of firewood, I am down to only 4 sticks remaining which will be used today. Good heavens, you know, they have those little bundles of wood at the grocery store for $6.95 + Sales tax: each bundle has 5, or 6 pieces - it must be sold by weight?

It is currently 44F degrees and looking for 59F under sunny and breezy skies. Tomorrow says 61 and sunny.

CHRISTIAN: Thanks for opening uo the new shop! Now, that's avery nice diner complete with "Running Bear"!


Days Gone Bye!
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Sherrel - Congratulations on the tax return. Isn't this about the earliest you have had past years taxes done???
Thanks for noticing that, WILLIE! I can recall ONE YEAR that I actually beat the April 15 date!
I had a tax man in Florida whom I met while working in Saudi Arabia who was a former IRS compliance auditor.
I wish he was still around, but he contracted brain cancer and passed on in 2013. I was his client for 38 years.
Whether it still holds true I do not know, but he took the position that being a year, or so out of date lessoned your chances of an audit like 90% unless you had flagrant return as they already had picked returns for an audit.

I would continue along the same path if only the Spousal Unit would allow, but she thinks that they are going to take us away and I have to admit that the STATE of CA is much worse to deal with. So, as I really have no business and such poorly maintained book keeping, I will try to do better as there is really nothing there to audit except possible Goodwill contributions?
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