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Afternoon All,

Spent the day installing 8 light switches and 5 electric outlets and of course I have 1 more that is giving me fits but I'm done for the day. Not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow.

Chet- Nice layout shot.

Joe- Nice picture.

Johnny- That's great.

Willie- Nice scene.

I hope everyone has a nice evening.


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Back from a day in the layout room. Started my clean up and some projects for a visit in the next month or so from a NMRA representative to view my layout for the Golden Spike Award Achievement Program. I been cleaning up under the work bench and layout it self where there a ton of junk that can be tossed plus finding some neat supplies that forgot I had stocked away. Next week I'll start to finish some projects that I just began and look carefully at all the layout's details to be positive everything is level and all lighting working. Plus...I'll dust the layout and vacuum.

It's always nice to have visitors which makes me clean up the layout and room. You never know when a person wants to peek under a section of the layout to see the wiring.

Ran a coal train with eight cars for an hour and a half and no problems. The test will be backing a 16 car ore train through my reverse loop which is a cross over to the mainline and then backing it up the 1.5% grade to the Saxeville Interchange.

Every loco that been sitting in the Saxeville Interchange will have its wheels cleaned and dusted.

Miller Time....

Have a great weekend.


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Evening fellers. Finally friday again. Ofcourse Friday's are paydays and well I found out first hand that I'm not the only one who gets paid on friday. Was eyeing a u23b shell on the old ebay. Well this shell came with an additional little bag of grab irons for a u23b. Which my C&O uboat needs. So went to bed last night with intentions of buying it first thing this morning. Wake up 6 am to get my daughter ready for school. Pour a cup of coffee and here we go! Or so I sold before I could get to it. Oh well back to waiting again. Anyways got a double dose of train running yesterday. Ran about an hour before work and went at it again last night. So the deep cleaning of my track has paid off. Now to just stay on top of it.



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Doing my usual investing: Buying at the high! I bought options on a couple of $300 stocks yesterday!
Last time I did this was first week of November 1918.
My SIL in Newport wanted me to buy Tesla at $400 at Christmas - should have listened to him!
1918? Must have been the original Tesla.


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Nice photos of the MRL GP-9's. I am wondering if they could be some of the old CNW geeps that I saw lined up outside the MRL shops years ago. There were dozens of them. For a while that was probably the main power for them until they got up on their feet, Now look at what they run.
That roster shows that there were 8 ex CNW GP9 locos out of a total of 30 numbered 106-135 inclusively. One of the CNW's was a GP7 originally.
Of the 8, 3 are still serving, #'s 130, 131, and 132. They were CNW #'s 4309, 4355, and 4517 in the same order. The ones since departed are #115, nee 4337 on 2/14/18. #116, nee 4507 on 5/29/14. #128, nee 4555 on 6/13/08. #129 nee 4376 on 01/99 (the ex GP7) and #133 nee 4525 on 7/11/16.

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Howdy everyone!

Thanks to everyone who liked my stuff :)

Johnny - Great "Hi Beady" arrangement LOL. One last comment on the puzzle. I had a neighbor lady who
always worked on puzzles. In fact, she had a dedicated puzzle table in the basement. Upon completion, she would
glue the puzzles onto cardboard, frame them and hang on the wall in her finished basement. She had twenty-some
on display. Everyone knew of her puzzle pictures and a local paper did a story on them!

Greg - My guess :oops: on the GP4 pulling a 3% grade would only be an empty gondola and a caboose. And that's with
a good "head of steam" and a strong wind pushing! ;)

JIM -- Bet there is some On30 guys sawing away on making some of those GP-4's as we speak!nn
Shortly after the GP4 was posted, there was an national shortage of hacksaw blades ;)

Chet - After giving it some serious thought :oops: - you're probably closer to the right model designation of GP2.5
than my guess at GP4! :) Great layout photo!

Willie - I really like the American Plastics plant!

Karl - thanks for the GP4 comment!

Curt - good that you got the electrical project fixed. Thanks for the photo comment!

Garry - That is a great scene! Lots of stuff to see and LOL at. Absolutely great modeling.
The truck driver was not to blame! He was off sick from truck driving school when the subject of height/clearance
was discussed :rolleyes: (just because someone wants to be a truck driver and watched Smokey and the Bandit twenty
times - it doesn't make you a truck driver :rolleyes:;) )

Beady - Don't feel sorry for the lady in purple. Feel bad for the scooter! :p She earns BIG bucks as a professional
handicap scooter tester! ;)

Justin - good that your track cleaning paid off. It sure is nice having unimpeded train running! Great photos!


I'm sure glad the weekend is here, as I am plain tuckered out and need a break! Today, is the third day in a row the
Mrs. and I spent at a doctor's appointment! This time was the 70 minute drive to the wonderful and exciting big city
of Pittsburgh :oops:;) Luckily, it was a rather good trip. The roads were dry and traffic moved along fairly well. We did stop on the way home at a mom and pop country diner for lunch. It was good to have a home-cooked meal and
warm in-house made apple pie. I have to get rested and caught up on layout work, because Monday and Tuesday,
we have more appointments! :oops::(

Whatever your doing . . . make it a good one!
Until later . . .

Big Ten Curves - Rocky CO

Lake Champlain area - Willsboro NY
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Jim- Beautiful color in those pictures. Much better than the black NS and CSX engines in my area.
No modeling done this week. Between doctor appointment for me and MHO, my "spare time" has been to work on an antique chest of drawers for my wife. She decided the old white French Provincial chest needed to be a stained brown color. So far, I have stripped about 2/3 of the chest, but it takes 2 or 3 applications of stripper to get most of the paint off. I'm finding the paint comes off best after sitting for 4 or 5 hours.
Now, I need her to select the stain color she will accept.
Maybe, I can sneak in a flatcar load or two while the stripper is working.
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