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Good Morning All. Happy New Year. Clear and 41° over here in Texas. Forecast high today is 60°, not bad for January 1. Well, I did manage 9:00 last night.
Last night's supper thawing.
01-01-20 001.JPG

Later last night.
01-01-20 005.JPG

Very delicious.

Flo, I know that you can't top the prime rib that I had last night, but some of Mel's Eggs Benedict will do.

Thanks for the likes and comments regarding the "flowers" yesterday; Jim, Johnny, Jerome, Bob, Garry, Sherrel, Tom, Phil, Curt.

Out in the train shed for the last day of 2019, I added some sunflowers to the side of the small house yesterday. These were slightly easier to make than the so called daisies.
01-01-20 003.JPG

Also added that mulch around those flowers out front. I mostly ran trains though.

Dave - Not a bad beginning to that bridge scene.

Again, Happy New Year to all. May it be a safe and prosperous one.

Burlington Bob

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Happy New Year to everyone and Flo, give me a hobo skillet with two eggs sunny side up on it and put some gravy on it too, if you would please. Oh, and some coffee and a big glass of chocolate milk!

26° and on the way to 49° with clear skies. Pretty good weather for this neck of the woods at this time of year!

Hope everyone is feeling OK this morning! I must admit that a looonnng time ago, back at the tender age of 32, I learned that good nights made bad mornings! That was the last time I ever drank to excess. It took me almost two whole days before I felt right and I told myself, NEVER AGAIN!

Don't get me wrong. I still like my beer and a little blackberry merlot sure is nice once in a while. But I have found it's a whole lot better in moderation!

I got a Badger 150 airbrush for Christmas a year ago and now I'm getting things ready to start learning how to use it. Been watching YouTube videos and reading what I can find. Still need to get a few more items then it will be off to the races! So, I'm giving fair warning............there will probably be a lot of questions about what I'm doing verses what I should be doing. I'm armed and dangerous! Got most of what I appear to need, but I'm sorely lacking in one thing...........knowledge!

Dave- I think you're off to a great start. I know what you mean about the artistic stuff. I never got much last a Plywood and Pacific layout before, but that is going to change very soon!

Toot- Those fires down under are devastating! Saw a little bit on the news where some cyclists were giving a koala a drink from there water bottles. Said the average high temperature was around 107° F! Hope things get better soon!

Willie- I see you've been using some Miracle Grow on those flowers! Looking good. That prime rib looks mighty fine, too!

I would post a toast that we used to say when I was younger, but if I did, it would be the last thing I'd get to post, so I'll just say to be safe and give the new year your best shot!
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Good morning y'all. Happy New Year to all. Please be watchful throughout the year, I have been told it is the year of the angry dog.

Flo - coffee, eggs, bacon, and hash browns please. Keep it simple this morning.

Terry - thanks for opening up shop this morning, but I believe that makes you responsible for the donuts today.

Willie - again, excellent work. The slab o' meat looks tasty as well.

In this new year, the model railroad budget has been eliminated. Have no fear however, it has been removed only temporarily. We are cracking down on spending on all fronts this year in the effort to move from our current domicile to our new, permanent dwelling place ASAP. New year, new start. Need to change of scenery as much as the extra real estate. We're focusing on growing the business and hopefully selling our current home to finance the new one. Luckily the land is already taken care of. I just need to find the right spot to start clearing out the scrub forest. I'm going to try to hang around as much as possible, but with the demands I expect on my time this year I will probably not be able to stay current. I am hoping to still sneak in a little bit of expense for modeling supplies. I have an idea for abandoned train scene I plan to build in diorama format, later to be incorporated into a layout.

I'll be popping in and out whenever possible and I will try to keep y'all up to date on the happenings. With a little luck, the new place will have an area dedicated solely to a miniature railroad empire.

Y'all have a great day, and may each and every one of y'all be blessed abundantly this year.


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DRAT - I failed to make it to 9 PM (my usual New Year); I dozed off during the half-time of the Georgia/LSU game. When I awoke, it was close to 10 PM - so I said to myself: "Self, another year under the belt - wonderful! It's freaking tax time again - Happy New Year!"

Wife, daughters (pural), and G-Kids are at an indoor water park/playground near Disneyland --I am home with the pups. Had a couple big glasses of eggnog/ brandy and called it a night.

Willie - nice fixins all around - layout - food - everything!

PVDAVE - I think you are off to a great start! There are some real scenery pros on here ... don't let them influence your talent. Remember, they started out many years ago the same as you. I am not an artist neither - I have trouble drawing stick people!

I noticed several New Year's wishes even going back a couple days? Stop giving away my life ... it's going by much too fast as it is! LOL


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Started dozing off in front of the tv around 5:30, went to bed about 9 and slept like a log until 11 this morning. That's what I call a good New Year's! 2019 is finally just a bad memory.

This afternoon's schedule includes a trip to finally visit my own mother, then donning a hazmat suit to disassemble the toilet for a thorough cleaning (norovirus is nasty stuff). The wife is on the mend but is still feeling pretty weak.

30° and sunny. An inch or so of snow on the ground, but the streets are clear.



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Mostly done here. A few nits left. Install the diaphragms. A little touch up paint. A short trip to scale modeler's hell occurred when re-assembling the 3/4 dome. The cross member that holds the coupler box failed due to a cold solder joint. On a Daylight painted car. Right at a place where two colors and a stripe meet. You know what soldering heat does to paint. I was hoping the resistance gear would keep the heat quick enough to prevent paint damage, and even held the body in a wet towel (stay calm Sherrel, the car body, not a girl). No luck. I had to do some touch up painting. It's in the oven now. Hopefully the Scalecoat will level enough to hide it after some clear/flat to blend it. Fingers crossed. At least the RPO Baggage and the Horse car turned out nice. I'll post pics of the horse car when it's lettered (still no decals).


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ALAN - If I could spell it, I would say that the stripping striping is Supercalifragilistic!
Very nice work - a real masterpiece. Here's hoping that the resolder work did not mess up the aforementioned car? The paint and striping is really beautiful - a 10++!

P.S. The wet towel on the body shifted my mind into overdrive .. lol


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Good afternoon and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.

Terry - Thanks for opening up this morning. How is the wife doing?

- That is one sweet looking piece of beef. Photo is nice also. Looks like a nice place.

- Those fires are terrifying. I saw on the news where people were evacuating to port town and the sea. Terrible.

Jesse - Best of luck on your new endeavor. Stay in touch.

Bob - You'll really enjoy that air brush. When I got mine I knew nothing about using them, but with a ot of experimentation, I learned that the sky is the limit, and I didn't have YouTube back then.

Alan- Nice job on the RPO.

We have been under a winter weather advisory since yesterday afternoon and so far haven't seen a single snowflake and it is 47 degrees out. I think I have a lot more faith in my weather rock.

Still hobbling around. Can't walk or sit upright for very long in a chair. Have to keep the leg elevated to be comfortable. Needless to day, I haven't had the opportunity to visit the train room.

Back to the archives again.


A little Milwaukee Road action at the club.

Leg is hurting, Later


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ALAN - If I could spell it, I would say that the stripping striping is Supercalifragilistic!
Very nice work - a real masterpiece. Here's hoping that the resolder work did not mess up the aforementioned car? The paint and striping is really beautiful - a 10++!

P.S. The wet towel on the body shifted my mind into overdrive .. lol
Thanks Sherrel, Glad you like it. Unfortunately, I was not very fortunate with the dome lounge. Something happened to the paint while baking the touch up. I took it out and the other cross member/coupler pad was loose, and the paint on both sides lifted. I was able to scrape it off with my fingernail. The whole thing will have to be stripped and repainted. The thing that irritated me was that the SP Passenger car decals were out of production Champ sets and I used up what I had left. I had to go to e-Bay to get replacements, and they weren't cheap! I've never had this happen before. I bake below the boiling point of water, so I'm not sure what happened here. :mad::mad::mad:

Dome Lounge.JPG

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Afternoon All,

I wasn't planning on posting today but I have some free time before the family shows up. I helped MOH this morning in the kitchen and then spent a couple of hours boxing up structures and ripping out cardboard and plaster mountain and hills. I ended up with 3 large lawn bags with debris. Tomorrow the guy from Dish is supposed to show up to move the dish for the roof replacement. Next step for removal on the layout is electronics like UP-5's, control station etc.

Jesse- I wish you the best for your 2020 plans.

Alan- Excellent job on the RPO. Sorry to see what happened to the Dome car.

Justin- Nice coffee cup and yep that's dirty.

Chet- Very nice photos.

I hope everyone has a good night.
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