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Good evening, y'all. As usual, it's wet and foggy at the Jersey Shore.
Lot of good photos and models today.

Ken: They are really nice Cabins, hope you manage to add a few to your fleet.
Curt: Glad the renovations are moving along. I know you would rather they were complete, so you can start your new layout.

As y'all may have noticed, I have not been focused on much the last couple of weeks. I have been spending some time working on the layout, mostly house keeping, and fine tuning stuff like leveling the bench work. Thought I did that once before? I'm ready to expand, but I'm surrounded with clutter. that has to be removed.

Pitchers and Catchers have officially reported to MLB training camps, which is a sure sign of Spring. Now that many tulips and daffodills have broken ground, a cold snap is predicted for the weekend. Go figure.

Sign of the times: The City of Los Angeles, Fire Department, has agreed to purchase an Electric Powered Fire Truck, for assignment to a Hollywood Engine Company. Will be neat, if it works and holds up under the workload of a city engine company.

View attachment 44038
Morning Southbound Metroliner at Trenton. Most likely # 101 or #103, to DC. Note the Lee jeans Factory Sign, behind station. That was back when Trenton's slogan was "Trenton Makes, the World takes". Now, the slogan is more likely "Trenton's on the take" o_Oo_Oo_O Lee Jeans have not been made there for decades.:(. Trenton is not a stop for the Acela. Times change.
View attachment 44039
Amtrak "Lake Shore Limited" approaching Chicago Union Station, 1971.
Boris- IIRC, that slogan was on the Lower Trenton Bridge(Business Rt 1). *edit- I originally said Trenton-Morrisville Bridge. I *ahem* “misspoke”.


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Good Morning Everyone. Happy Valentines Day. It's 26° and clear here. That means that we'll see the sun this morning after a dreary week.

Thanks to all who liked and commented on the latest progress; Joe, Patrick, Karl, Jerome, Sherrel, Chad, Chet, Justin, Garry, Dave, Phil, Curt, Tom, Bill, Jim. More coming up.

Something a bit different for me this morning Flo, how about a ham and cheese sandwich on toast.

I made what seems like a lot of progress yesterday in the train shed. Finished all of the safety cages on the grain elevator (no picture) and added the motor and a fan belt to the head.
02-14-20 011.JPG

I'll do some weathering on it next and install and add the piping next week. Since this is my third one, I knew to drill some tiny holes in the head end to accept pieces of fine wire that I added to holes drilled in the piping as well.
02-14-20 007.JPG

02-14-20 008.JPG

Wire is CA'd into the piping but will be held in place on the grain head with Woodland Scenics "Scenic Accents Glue" to allow for removal if needed. Same will be done on the other ends.
Meanwhile I did surgery on a driver for the flatbed truck so he would fit.
02-14-20 001.001.JPG
02-14-20 002.001.JPG

Here's the truck with light weathering and a load. It is staged elsewhere for right now since the gravel in the loading area was not dried yet.
02-14-20 003.JPG

02-14-20 006.JPG

02-14-20 004.JPG

Curt - I am sure that you will welcome the completion of the home repairs/remodeling. I can tell that you want to get the new layout going soon.
Tom - Enjoy the show. Bring back lots of pictures.

Everybody have a great day.


Beach Bum
Boris- IIRC, that slogan was on the Lower Trenton Bridge(Business Rt 1). *edit- I originally said Trenton - Morrisville Bridge. I *ahem* “misspoke”.
Mikey: That Bridge has many names, depending on what side of the bridge you are from. :rolleyes:
My favorite was "The Warren Street Bridge", but aka "Trenton Makes" Bridge, Lower Morrisville Bridge. At least everyone agrees that the Toll Bridge is the "Freeway Bridge" Hey, only in Jersey:rolleyes:!

Garry: Burlington cab units always look good. nice photo.

Rio Grande Zephyr June 1977.jpg

Western Railroad Action from June 1977


Section Hand
Good Morning Everyone....sunny and cold this morning.

Had a good day in the train room yesterday. I finished three more ore cars and started on three coal hoppers.

I had one problem getting the decals to sink into channels on the sides of the hoppers. I though of cutting the decals but I don't want to tear them. Right now they are semi-recessed in the channels and look ok, but it would be better if the decals settled farther into the channels.

One hopper is black with white lettering so I masked off the lettering and used Grimy Black to patch out the lettering then added my logo. The CM&N is starting the amass rolling stock and four locomotives that are patched for the road.

The Mrs. is headed out to Bath & Beyond to purchase a HD hand held vacuum for cleaning the layout. It's on sale for under $32.00. This tool is really needed since using the 3 hp wet/dry vacuum is over kill.

Watched a good program last night on cable television about railroad travel starting in Chicago with the EL and moving south bound on the IC. They topped in Kanakee, Illinois and heard a band play "Spirit of New Orleans".

Back down to the train shortly.

See you later...




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Morning all,

Internet has been crawling at work up until the past 20 minutes or so...Couldn't get a good connection to here.

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes yesterday. I am working on the layout this weekend as my MTS order is supposed to be here sometime Saturday, Yeah!!!!

Hopefully, I'll be running trains again. I know I owe you all some pictures as soon as I can.

Have a good weekend. I'm off for the last holiday until Memorial day weekend. It's nice to finally get some of these federal holidays off....


Whiskey Merchant
Good morning. Started the day off at 28 degrees but may only make it to the mid 30's.

Beady - Love your sense of humor but on occasions I think that you may be one sick individual. Grin.gif Keep them coming.

Curt - Nice to see that the construction is moving along. Hopefully you'll have your home back soon.

Joe - Really nice photos of the RDC's. Couldn't make out what RR they were lettered for. That GG-1 is sweet. Really like the shot of the D&RGW F units.

Dave - I'll join you also. Jack Black on the rocks.

Garry - You did it again, great shot.

- Nice detail work. The truck came out good but you forgot to secure the load.

Secured Load.jpg

Greg - That is probably my favorite Willie Nelson song. When you listen to the words, there was some railroad research done.

Karl - Like that photos. Sounds like a great place to visit.

My parting photo.



PRR Modeler

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Afternoon All,

The flooring guys are still here with probably another couple of hours to go. I really hope they finish tonight.

Chet- Interesting photos. I like the old style passenger car on the right.

Joe- Nice photos.

Garry- Nice photo.

Terry- That meme is spot on.

Willie- Nice job on the tower and truck.

Karl- That is definitely a expensive place.

I hope everyone has a good night.


Section Hand
Back after several hours in the train room.

Worked on finishing two patched Western Maryland coal hoppers and worked on a third hopper.

Took several photos of what I been working on....

This is the green slime hollow near the SOO storage car some figures and more junk. The slime is EnviroTex with some green paint added while mixing and then poured. The burred lines in the top of the photos is actually EZ Line strung between the utility poles. -Greg

Both cars are from Walthers and the one on the right is a Taconite car and the car on the left a ore jenny. Both cars recieved the logo for my CM&N railroad, Kadee #148 Whisker couplers, coiplers were painted a rail brown, the truck springs are weathered with rust powders, the wheel sets were painted a Rail Brown on the wheel faces, wheel backs and axles. The black strip are decals form Champion and cut to size. Yet to come will be to paint the coupler glad hands Engine Black and the tips a silver and maybe some ore loads??? I want to dry brush some off white on the trucks to brin out the details.-Greg

Two more ore jennies redo like the top two.

Enlarge the photos for better viewing. I'm really starting to like adding decals to rolling stock, locomotives and buildings.



Actual photo of old ore cars rusting on a spur somewhere.-Greg
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max diyer

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Howdy everyone!

I appreciate all the likes on my stuff! :)

Flo - a bacon cheeseburger, a bowl of chili, coffee and bring the hot sauce.

James - I have a fond appreciation for anything Caterpillar. When I first saw Cat's promo train,
I searched for additional photos, but there's just a few of the EMD and some of the flats. :(
I hope you find the Athearn CAT's, as that would be a great addition to your stable!

Dave - really good photos! The last one reminds me to pick up some Maker's Mark ;)

Willie - The elevator progress photos are great. Good idea with the piping. Nice work on the truck.
My Dad had a flatbed straight-job very similar, except it was a Diamond-T. That was the truck I
learned on at 8 years old. Your flatbed driver did what I have to do - lose some weight! I've gained
some, since retiring in Nov. :rolleyes:

Chet -
Jim - I see you are going about your town layout pretty well the same way I did. Here are some old photos.
I agree with your build methods. It just makes sense to layout and build that way. Good photos
of your early construction!
The carrier photo really makes one understand the size of those ships! Awe inspiring.
The ratchet strap on the dirt! Another funny one :D LOL

Sherrel - thanks for the favorable layout comment. Zooming in that close on the A/C unit
shows my mistakes, even when I touch it up, there's still some goofs. When my hands get
tired and ache (which is after a short period) they start to shake and would make a paint can
mixer/shaker envious! ;):) I like the end of track bumper!

Patrick - belated Happy Birthday!

Curt - thanks for the comment - it's appreciated!

Joe - Great photos - interesting!


It dipped down into the single digits last night and my basement was at 48°. I worked on the
layout for a couple hours and even with the milk house heater running full tilt, it only got up to 54°.
With my hands and nose cold I went upstairs for a large cup of coffee. After warming up, I went
back down for another session. This time I lasted only 1½ hours, so here I am warming up again.
I've been laying down roadbed and building grade crossings. There are three crossings on this
new section and have finished the first, except for paint.
I keep looking at the barren creek bed between the two tables and have a good plan on how it will
be constructed. With basement temps in the 40's and 50's, it will be at least May before I can
attempt a water pour. I'm kind of excited, as I haven't built a creek since the 80's. I'm just plugging
away and having fun! :)

Everyone have a great day!

new out of the fabrication shop @ Kasgro Rail - New Castle PA

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