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I’m experimenting with posting pictures directly from my iPhone.

One is a sunset this evening taken from our house


The other is of my friend’s Illinois Central layout here at the lake .


Edit. It worked but was very slow.


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Willie and Garry: Great models and great photos.

Karl: The latest RMC arrived on Saturday, and it's loaded with interesting articles. The latest MR, arrived yesterday, and there was little in there of interest. The latest MRH was available for Download this morning, and glancing at it quickly, I see some good stuff.

Problem with MR is that Kalmbach's standards for submitted articles are too high for the average modeler, and Kalmbach's internal resources, are spread too thin with all their other publications, to do quality articles in house. They are also more interested in the Video end of their business, and use the magazine articles for teasers to get you to sign up for the videos.

MRC has captured the attention of prototype modelers, and they have quite an ambitious project layout in progress right now, dealing with commuter rail and local freight. MRH also has a video interest, but for the most part, it hasn't negatively impacted the on line magazine.

Well, it was a busy day, Went to Costco, I got the mower running, and cut the lawn, First cut of the season is the hardest... The HVAC guy came to service the AC. he was supposed to be there between 12 Noon and Three, showed at 4:45PM. Everything's good. My package from Trainworld, was out for delivery, but the mailman didn't feel like getting out of the truck. maybe tomorrow? Wife's BP med refill got lost on the cloud. Pharmacy and Doctor's office pointing fingers. Meanwhile, Natasha is out of meds.

Oh, yeah...Murphy is Governor of New Jersey...:rolleyes:o_O:eek:


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I’m experimenting with posting pictures directly from my iPhone.

Edit. It worked but was very slow.
The speed will depend on a few factors, which iPhone you're using and what speed connection you're using. If you're uploading via wifi it may be faster than using the cellular network. iPhone photos can be pretty big, and it's uploading the large file which the forum software then re-sizes. So it's easy, but not always quick. :) As I mentioned, if you can do it over wifi it should be faster but even then it could take a while.


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Good morning. It's clear and 51. Heading for a Friday high of 90.

The club president unfriended me on that social network place. It's kind of like the trash taking itself out...


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Good Morning Everyone from James Island Park Campground in Charleston! Don't know how my wife foud this place, but I could very easy sit here for the next week or two.

Interesting day yesterday -- To start with, I really did't want to leave the daughter's. Kids were just too cute - and I have never seen a couple of better-well-behaved-boys in my life ... despite the fact that they constantly tried to kill each other most of the time - LOL. Just give the 3YO a little more time and he won't take it from the 5YO - already he comes charging back every time he gets pushed/knocked down ... NO CRYING - CHARGE!
We finally drove out the driveway at 9:30 - 1 1/2 hours later than planned, made it about 20 miles towards Wilmington when Spousal Unit said, "Have you seen my computer?" .... turn around - call the daughter at work to see if neighbors have a key - they don't - she is on her way home - neighbor comes home - her 3-4 YO crawls thru the dog door and opens door just as daughter pulls in driveway. OK, camper battery has been acting up the entire trip and wouldn't even turn on the lights - so called Ricks Automotive (where they serviced the vehicle the day before) for a replacement battery. We finally got on the road again at 12:30PM and $180 poorer!
Nice ride down to Charleston - the stopover here is well worth the arigation that we had (and I just noticed that I still can't spell)
OK - I read everyones posts and had several comments - but now will have to go back and re-read again ... I have got to start taking notes!
Nice track photo, CHET ... you finally found a train! lol


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Good Morning Everyone. 70° and overcast, with occasional mist. Starting out kind of warm and headed up to 85° later. Rain expected this afternoon through Friday, although nothing on the radar yet for the whole state. Yeah! Train shed weather. Onward with the yard mowing, did about another .75 acres yesterday. Picked a lot of vegetables early, I have far too much lettuce since the local rabbits have been elsewhere this year. I'll send some to the kids in Dallas tomorrow when my wife goes there for a four day babysitting excursion. Cut about four days of firewood in the early afternoon.
Thanks for the comments on the latest pictures, Chet, Greg, Garry, Sam, Joe, and anyone else that I may have missed.
Out in the train shed, I moved my scenery efforts to the left side of the dry creek in the area that has been my focus lately. I'll wrap up that area today and then start on the other side of the tracks. While waiting for glue to set, I sat at the workbench and did some more figure painting. Damn, these bicycles are tough. Assuring that the handlebars are correctly aligned while the CA glue works is a bit tedious. Parts are too tiny for my fat fingers. Ran a few switching runs as I haven't been doing enough of that lately.
Today's pictures include a pair of horse farm scenes. The first is a Bar Mills structure called "Barn at Jackson Corners". I have posted other pictures of this barn before. To the left and behind the fence is a paper structure that I downloaded from the Illinois Historical Museum website a few years ago. They had twenty or so on their website that are no longer there. The windmill is a Woodland Scenics built up. Structures to the right came from American Model Builders and another manufacturer that I cannot remember right now. I'll feature them soon.
04-27-18 009.JPG

Next is a scene where several people are practicing barrel racing in a corral next to a pasture full of horses. This barn is an American Model Builders "laserkit". The ranch house is also a paper structure from the Museum.
04-27-18 011.JPG

Greg - My taverns are open 24/7 if you're in the neighborhood.
Garry - Nice photo of the tavern. Great picture of the lake and your friend's layout.
Sam -
Willie: Wow! You get more done in the morning than I do all day.
Some days just warrant it. Cooked supper as well! Monday was just a beautiful day to get outdoor projects done in advance of three days of potential rain. Just wish that I was as industrious in the train shed, but I always get sidetracked into running trains...well that's what it's there for!;)
Sherrel - Continue to have a safe trip and kick Murphy out.

I have more pictures, but I have to move on and go watch Stuart Varney on Fox Business channel right now.
Everybody have an awesome day.



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Good morning. 39 degrees and the rock is dry. Got quite a bit of rain yesterday and with sun and warmer temps, mowing the yard will probably br on the to do list this weekend. Also have to change the oil on the tractor and 2 cars this weekend. Was hoping to get more of the LED lights hooked up.

- Nice to see you in here again. Was wondering where you went.

I subscribe to both MRC and MR and I was so glad to see RMC come back. Missed it. I think the only reason I keep the MR sunscription is because of their monthly layout article with a really nice track plan. They seem to devote a lot of the magazine to DCC which of course doesn't interest me in the least. They seem to be pushing their video subscriptions also. Already quite expensive just with the magazine. MRC, like Joe mentioned does have a lot of craftsman type projects in the magazine. ALthough my layout is almost complete when it comes to structures and track, I can usually find small projects that I can use to add detail to what I have now.

Garry - I really like the photos. The IC layout at your friends is impressive. Post a few more. I haven't tried posting from the phone yet. Just managed to get the forum on the phone. I still prefer to visit the forum with mt 32" desktop screen instead of squinting at a phone.

Sherrel - Interesting way to start the day. At least you are finally moving again. Keep the photos coming.

- Nice photos again. Like the second barn a lot. Nice scenes.

Time for the morning rail photo.




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The heat is on here in West Virginia. Not too sure how I feel about it at the moment. Nothing new on the layout. Always tell myself I'm going to do this and that and end up doing something completely different. Got a voicemail this morning from a scammer claiming I have a lawsuit against me. I like scammer trolls. I troll them right back. Seeing as I've had my share of dealings with the real IRS I already knew from the jump it was a scam. Called this number back and not even a ring and then some half English speaking person answers like this: service department. Service department for who? This is the IRS sir. Oh really? Funny how this is the fastest I've ever gotten someone to answer from the IRS. Nice try. This is the IRS sir! Sure it is. Click!


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Justin - These phone scammers and telemarketers are getting to be a pain in the butt. I have a lot coming in on my cell phone with local cell phone numbers. Got the lawsuit, IRS and the one want you to send money so you won't get arrested. So many come from people who's first language isn't English. I do have the Hiya app on my phone which does block a lot of them. If I do get one that hasn't been blocked, I can report the call and block it. If I block it, anyone with Hiya will have the call blocked. Wish there was something the FCC could do about this crap.


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Good morning everyone. A little late today - lots going on at work. 71 and partly sunny, looking for 82 this afternoon. Rain moves in tonight and stays around all day tomorrow, but another incredible weekend coming up. That's two in a row!!!

Willie - really nice photos. I like the barnyard scenes. thanks for the warning about the cost of HO vehicles - I've already found that out, but every once in a while (like train shows and swap meets) you can find some good ones for $5 - $10.
Garry - Nice photos. Your friend's Illinois Central layout looks incredible.
Chet - I just responded to your PM

Have a good day everyone.


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Good Morning everyone...rain early and now sunny.

This morning, painted the slide in land-form a basic brown and made a base for my Atlas Interlocking tower. Will landscape these later today. Made piles of pipe from fast food drinks and painted them black. Added transformers to three ulitity poles and re-mounted the poles in the layout.

Working on my Walther's order for tomorrow's trip to the Walther's Showroom.

Will run trains later while I work on projects. Good way to break in locomotives.

Waiting for the lead testing people and a guy to check that the cabinet order was properly delivery and no hidden damage.

Lunch time.




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Afternoon All,

Received notice that my order shipped today so I should see it Saturday or Monday. Monday we are taking in son's car into the dealership to replace the air bags (Nissan Versa). They're saying 4-6 hours to complete. Did some pickup in the train room and ran a train for about 45 minutes while I did other things.

Joe- I look forward to seeing you creation.

Garry- Really nice 1900's scene. You're neighbors layout looks great. It looks really having that scene on your property.

Chet- Nice train photos and rail shots.

Greg- Try looking on Ebay or other sites for plaster cast rolls. If you do a big job it is cheaper than W/S.

Terry- I'm sure the unfriending broke your heart!;)

Sherrel- It's only money. Instead of house poor you are RV poor.

Willie- Really nice layout scenes.



I hope everyone has a good night.
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Dang, it's summer all of a sudden. 91 degrees today on the ride home. Of course, there would be stop and go traffic for about 10 miles. Took the long way home to cool things off. Now I have to finish cutting the grass.
A couple of the boxes with the video editor computer parts were on my front door step when I got home. The main box had to go to a store so I could stop by and sign for it. I'll have to take the truck to work tomorrow so I can stop and get the computer.


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Howdy ....

Thanks, everybody, for the comments on photos I posted...... The IC layout belongs to my friend, Gus, who is a retired IC locomotive engineer . Several of his model locomotives are ones he remembers operating. I took a photo of his layout that was published in Model Railroader a few years ago.

Willie .... The farm scene looks great.

Curt ..... The PRR Geeps and hopper are very nice.

Everybody .... Happy Model Railroading.


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Good evening. Went to 89°,this afternoon, as I struggled through some yard clean-up. of course, expecting a power washer to perform, after it sat unused for four or five years, is a lot. Yard is already looking better.

Willie: Nice work. Great photography, cool barns. . Curt: H21 and GP7 are nice. Always a pleasure to see PRR stuff. Happy Model railroading, Garry!

Ken, VA: Finally, the system is almost in your hands. hope it works out for what you wanted it for. Meanwhile, it's what? 12 and a wake up?

Justin and Chet: The phone spammers have figured out that people are more likely to answer a local phone call, vs. someone far away. We frequently get calls from our "neighbors" in Rahway. Problem is that while our phones have Rahway numbers, we live down the shore, some 38 miles away. Since Conrail closed Linden Yard, and Amtrak closed Union Tower, I don't know anyone in Rahway, so I don't answer. Never any voice mail either.:oops:

I have read that most of these calls originate off shore, which circumvents regulations. Do not Call, really is unenforceable in any event, so the best thing is if you don't recognize the number, do not answer.

Natasha finally got her meds, My parts donor cars finally arrived, all is good.

Now that I have my "Interior" for the 6 Section - 6 Double Bedroom and 6 Double Bedroom lounge cars, all I need is to find the rest of the parts. I'm going to build or rebuild two Walthers Metal side Pullmans from the '70s, with pre-war interiors, modern Walthers Pullman trucks and New England rail Service underbody details, in either PRR or Pullman Pool Color schemes. I may actually create a build thread if things work out.

I built the 6-6 with Central valley trucks and truck mounted Kadee couplers back in the 80s, Looked good, but in my impatience to get it on the road, I never lettered the second side, nor installed an interior. Over the years, of sitting in the box, it fell into disrepair. Time to fix it. The other is a model of a car class that still exists, with several in museums or private collections. Most were NYC markings, but at least two ran regularly on the PRR between DC and Montreal.

D&J RailRoad

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Yep, video editor is just about here. 8 1/2 work days left. My last day will be to just turn in all my hardware and security badges. All my intellectual stuff will have been transferred by then.
On the video editor issue. B&H video sent me all the empty boxes that the parts came in. Just packing and the empty plastic bags and computer card boxes. Yeah, they actually used packing material to ship the empty boxes and plastic bags.


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Sherrel. .. several years ago we were in Charleston. ... I suggest you take time to see The Best Friend of Charleston replica. Interesting .
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