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Good afternoon All!!!
I'm late reporting in.
Strength, prayers and positive vibes for all in need. Myself included.
Flo, could you please get me the pasta combo?
Lasagna, pasta alfredo and chicken parm.
I'm feeling a bit civilized today.
Yes. Crushed red peppers too.
No wine though. Jack and Coke fits the bill.
Not totally refined. :)
When you're not too busy, come sit with me by the window.
We'll watch the sun bounce off the crossing gate lights.
Bring an extra fork. You can share my plate while I caress your hair.

Troy- When you say "the rift" are you talking about the movie (Lovecraft) or the game?
Neither.... but almost

In the game we play (Kings of War- on table top with real miniature toy soldiers), there was a "rift" that opened between the Abyss and the real world of that game. Abyssal "denizens" came pouring out: demons, orcs, nightmares etc. That is the impetus for the "war" in our Kings of War game.
Morning FLO. Make Mel wake up.

I might be first but won't be the last. A cup of the low acid coffee please. (Brand name Volcanica for those wondering - get it online)

Got up at 4 am with the tinnitus ringing loud. It's been going up ever since I started using The Little Blue Pill.

After being on Acid Reducers for 20 years, it's time to reduce their use. Up til now, I've been taking them morning and evening meal times... and one of their side effects is tinnitus. Sounds like an evil combination between the two meds.

So, I've been trying to take them only when needed for the last few days. I'll let you know how that goes. I may be switching to Diet Dr Ps in the morning. But, so far, the low acid coffee and cutting it's consumption has really helped with the acid reflux.

Now I'm ready for a nap. Figured I'd catch one when I go see the dental hygienist. this morning.

We're on the edge of the totality for the eclipse today. Don't count on any pics from me. I'll probably be outside cleaning the feline engineer's Pooping Palace. I try to break that apart every April and Oct, hose it out, and let it dry in the sun. figured the eclipse was a good time for that. ;)
Good morning!

IMC_BULIT1913 PG1.jpg
Good morning from a clear sky in So. Central Wisconsin. Looking at the weather app I believe the local TV weather guessers might be revisiting the guess about today being cloudy. Yesterday the local media guys were ruling out seeing the Eclipse here because of clouds. This morning though the WeatherChannel app is showing a mostly clear day. No problem for me as I have decided since 2 stores were out of “THE” glasses I’d watch the media go crazy on the TV…

It’s currently 44f degrees, feels like 39, the breeze is flowing at 7mph and the high should be in the high 60’s. A pleasant day today and the 10 day forecast looks very nice. The grass finally is greening up and I’m thinking about putting away the snowblower! Just thinking…

Not a good day at the weathering bench yesterday. I wanted to hi-lite some panel lines along the weld seams on a covered hopper. A oil wash cleaned up with mineral spirits. Seems the oderless mineral spirits crazed the side panels of the car. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s the 1st time that’s happened. 3 panels are crazed and today we shall see how good I am if I can turn it into something believable.

My wife, my sister and 1 friend are leaving Vegas this afternoon for Austin and invading the son’s space. The son called me yesterday and said they picked out 3 places they want to try to have dinner at. He made the reservations at the 1 place on Wednesday they could get in. I asked why they decided on a high end place and he said my brother will be in town Tuesday and Wednesday for business with his girlfriend plus a couple friends and he gave them the 3 names. Asked if I wanted to join them as a surprise…
Good Morning All. Partly cloudy and 56°. Clouds may go away for a while but are set to return about 2 hours before the eclipse this afternoon. Supposed to be partly cloudy, so we may still get a viewing opportunity. Remember from a recent posting that I am in the 99.5% totality area, nearly a full eclipse. Strong thunderstorms are predicted for after dusk and lasting through Wednesday; although tapering off in strength after 3:00 am tonight.

Beautiful day here yesterday, sunny, low humidity, 78° for a high with just enough light wind to keep it pleasant. More of the same outdoor tasks for me, weedeating, mowing around the pool with the electric push mower and I cut another week's worth of firewood from the tree pile. It almost looks like I have made a dent in it! I picked 4 of the 5 remaining heads of Bibb Lettuce in the garden, so salads are on the menu for many days coming up. I have another variety of leaf lettuce that I direct-seeded that won't be ready for picking for about 2.5 more weeks. I'm seeing heads beginning to form on the Broccoli plants, so another 10 days or so before they begin to mature enough to pick. Bulbs are also beginning to form on some of the Onion plants, but they won't be ready until the daylight approaches 14 hours in mid-May.

More of the same today with the eclipse break soon after 12:30, with totality (for us) being around 1:45, and it will be over completely around 2:40 pm.

Normally I don't get a lot of time out in the train shed on Sunday's, yesterday was no exception. i concentrated on details while I was out there. I started the process of making and painting some more headstones for the cemetery and I sorted through some miscellaneous unfinished detail parts that are stashed in a Ziploc bag for filling in when I get time. I didn't take pictures of anything yet, so here a few more from the archives. I still have the engine pictures folder open so I'll start with a few from there.
Here's 6 of my Dash9-44CW's.



Mike - I fully understand the feeling of waking up at home in one's own bed, but 17 hours straight through might have been a little too much for me even in my younger days with my wife splitting the driving! BTW Did you ever get a chance to get into the chilly Gulf waters?
Jaz - There are some advantages to taking your own [insert product here] with you when you go on vacation. I take my own beer most of the time.

Everybody have a wonderful day.
Morning folks!
FLO, Need some scrambled with biscuits and gravy with some bacon on the side and a diet DP.
I'll be bu the window watching the trains.

Well, People ... it's back on the road again for another 5 days of radiation treatments! We made revs at a motel close to the ONT airport - also the LA to Vegas UP track runs between the motel and the ONT airport - so I get to watch the trains as well as the planes = happiness!

WILLIE - I talked to CHET for 37 minutes
Don't know why 1/2 of my post did not publish -- anyway ....

ALAN - I wish that you make a speedy recovery and pray all is well with you!

As JUSTIN would always say, "I'll try and stop by again later on".

Better start moving -- We are adding an extra 45 min to our driving time because we realized that a pileup can easily add that much time.
Morning folks

24 and mostly cloudy. Not much sense getting excited about a 40% eclipse here with little probability of even seeing that. I unpacked a couple more boxes of "stuff" that had been squirreled away since we moved here 22 years ago and among the contents was my late father's steel steam shovel toy. It needs some TLC but has risen to the top spot in the queue for repair. I suspect it is a Keystone toy but have failed to find another exactly the same. It is on steel tracks. Likely late teens or early 20's vintage.
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