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Evening all,

Severe storms just blew through. Tons of rain in the town I live in, a small bit of pea to marble sized hail. Tornado warning for just 4 miles east of town, but town not involved. Once the warning was canceled, 10 minutes later, the town blew the outdoor tornado sirens, which got the wife and kids going. DPS said they get their info from the weather service, which I have a weather alert radio, which specifically ruled out our town from any warning area.

Oh well, more to cme tomorrow. Did get a nice double rainbow picture or 2 from over the neighbor's house.

Have a good night.
got to love karma! It doesn't happen near enough!

The situation you describe really annoys me as well. Especially in construction zones where its posted several miles before that the lanes merge up ahead. There is always at least one entailed PR-CK that cant be bothered to just move over and go with the flow. While driving on our vacation a few weeks ago the semis were blocking both lanes and not letting cars jump to the front. It was hilarious watching some drivers spitting nails!

I did something like that when I lived in Munich back sometime 91-93. There is a "ring road" which is a limited access local highway that rings the city and my job location was just off it. I would get on for a few miles before I would get off to merge onto the Autobahn for the ride home (I lived about 50 miles outside -- about an hour with normal traffic at normal speeds you can afford the gas for).

Anyway, you'd exit the ring road and there was a long, probably 1 km long exit road, two lanes, that eventually merged into one when it became the onramp on to the Autobahn. At rush hour there'd be a lot of cars on it and being good orderly Germans, everyone would merge into one queue and slowly get up and on the Autobahn. That would leave the left lane empty, up until it joined and merged inot a one lane road, since everyone had already merged into a single lane. This was a long stretch and the entitled pr_cks (self important business types usually) in their big BMW and Mercedes sedans would zip down the left lane, passing a hundred cars patiently waiting their turn, and merge into the traffic at the very end.

You could tell everyone was annoyed by the pr_cks. So one time I pulled into the left lane. But kept pace with the right lane. The pr_cks would come up behind me and have to stop and go slow with me. When we got up close to where it merged back into one lane the guy who was where I had been happily let me back in but wouldn't let the pr_cks behind me in. Once everyone saw what was going on there were a lot of smiles.
Louis - It will be interesting to see how the city of Chicago handles the situation this summer during the convention. Various groups have already announced that they will be protesting, hopefully peacefully; and the current influx of illegal immigrants means that the authorities hands will be full. Add to that the usual spree of shootings there along with their shortage of police officers.
All too true, God helps us!

I have nothing against protests or protestors. It's not just an American thing to do it is our right to peacefully protest.

People need to remember our rights end, where another's rights begin.
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