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Howdy ...

Sherrell .... Best wishes to your wife. Hopingner back pain improves quickly.

Terry .... Continued prayers for your wife.

Garry, glad to hear of your improving health. Keep it up!
Karl ,,,, Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Regarding Atlas S-2's, I believe mine came in a red, black, and white box. Here it is with a Genesis GP7.

Jerry .... You commented on Burlinton's F-unit paint scheme being hard to keep clean.

Here is one of my F-units with a modest amount of weathering.

Hughie ...... Your riverfront will look great.

Willie .... I like the little houses and the trailer.

Everybody ...... Have a good evening.


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Good evening Shop Dwellers! It's 64*F and raining with an occasional rumble of distant thunder, hardly what I'd call a "storm". Sure glad I got my lawn mowed!

Terry - I'll notch-up the prayers for you and your wife! :oops:🙏

No mrr news, and nothing useful to add to any of the current conversations that hasn't already been said. So I'll throw in something upbeat: MOH and I went and saw a musical performance of Shrek last night at a place called Toby's Dinner Theater. Most of the actors double as waiters/waitresses and they serve your dinner like in any normal restaurant, then they disappear backstage, the lights are dimmed, and voila - you're watching a play! The cast did a fantastic job, they said all of the memorable lines from the movie and did a faithful representation of the plot. We were able to attend courtesy of our eldest daughter and SIL, who gave me a Toby's gift certificate two birthdays ago - we were supposed to see this performance in April 2020 but the theater was forced to close down for the duration of the pandemic. Sure am glad they were finally able to reopen!

[P.S. Forgot to mention - never experienced any disabling reactions from my second Covid vaccine dose! 👍 ]
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Terry .... Praying for your wife. Sorry to hear she will need dialysis. This must be very hard on you.

Who is the "someone " who was mentioning people complaining about medical problems in the forum ? I thought the coffee shop allowed members to be friends and talk about what's happening to them and their family members. That person should be more thoughtful and considerate.
Gary- apparently, I too made the same mistake in thinking that the whole point of the coffee shop/cafe/Mel’s Diner was to discuss/vent about anything & everything that did not have a related sub-forum on this message board(except taboo subjects like politics, religion, etc).


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Gary- apparently, I too made the same mistake in thinking that the whole point of the coffee shop/cafe/Mel’s Diner was to discuss/vent about anything & everything that did not have a related sub-forum on this message board(except taboo subjects like politics, religion, etc).
When I saw the comment, I thought maybe I was being too much of a Debbie Downer with all of my woes, so I'm going to try to scale them back a little.


"retired" conductor
Good evening gang.

I got the 2-8-0 back together and running. Still have a few details to add, (markers, pilot steps, etc) Had a big scare when after putting it on the rails, it ran but no sound! Pulled the tender back apart and found a loose plug on the decoder (whew) . Back together and lights, sound, and action all are good! Pics soon, once the details are on and weathering happens. The Bachman headlights suck. All you see is 1 tiny point of light in a dark housing. I fixed that by marrying a clear plastic rod to a slightly oversized lens, then chucking it up in a drill and turning it against a file until obtaining the proper size.

[P.S. Forgot to mention - never experienced any disabling reactions from my second Covid vaccine dose! 👍 ]
Ken, I get my second shot tomorrow at 4:45. Also we got all the thunder too, with buckets of rain!

Garry, those CB&Q units are all sweet! I tell you now, If it weren't for the WM and the MMID, I would be modeling the Q. If your S2 came in a red/black/white box, its a Chines unit, Atlas may still have parts.

When I saw the comment, I thought maybe I was being too much of a Debbie Downer with all of my woes, so I'm going to try to scale them back a little.
Balderdash Terry. Most of us would like to be kept current on Marie's condition. Helps to "fine tune" the prayers.

Time for the sandman, cya all yomorrow!
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Good Evening. Not for nothing, if we can't use the coffee shop to talk about almost everything, then why bother having one. I mean I can understand the politics / religion ban as those subjects arouse deep seated emotion, but pretty much anything else is ok...even Beady's pushing the envelope.

Karl: Thanks. Don't think it's the motor, more likely the drive. Might take it apart and have a look this week.
Ken: Glad you enjoyed the night out. Shrek is interesting as a musical...sounds like fun.
Terry: Pay the comment no mind... Personally, I can't imagine how you do it...FWIW you're both in my Prayers.

The temperature hit 60° before noon, and has been dropping ever since. We're back to heat.Now it looks like wet through Wednesday, at least.


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When I saw the comment, I thought maybe I was being too much of a Debbie Downer with all of my woes, so I'm going to try to scale them back a little.
Terry... share what you want. I’m glad you fill in some of the back story of the situation with YBH, as I’ve not been in here 3 years yet. I think we all, especially as we advance chronologically, have our myriad of ailments & can empathize with our brethren(& the occasional sistern) in this establishment. Will keep you, her, and her medical team in my thoughts & prayers.
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Good Morning Coffee Shoppers...I do hope everybody is well and fine!
A short stack please Flo, a couple of over easy eggs on top and a plate o bacon with a cup of deer camp coffee....thanx.

Guy, thanks for the comment on the 3721. Yes it would be interesting to know what the "CA" stands for. The little bit of Bing searching that I did only came up with "AC" units. { ET44AC} (For those that don't know, AC stands for the type of current the traction motors use, I just learned that myself.... 😁

Gary, thanks for the F power post, I've hardly done any weathering, How difficult did you find it to get the look you wanted on those F's?

To all who posted/liked my post, Thank You!

And as far as posting about one's self or family with health issues, DO IT! If that helps who ever for what ever reason, why not! In a world full of negativity, can't there be a little comradery in something?

It's been a while back, somebody had posted a pic of their wrecked rr car load on a flat car. Here is a pic I took last year. These two had past through the yard from I don't know were, they were lined up here because mechanical needed to work on the transport cars, which I believe were auto racks stripped down.
When wrecked cars are carried like this, the transport car has a set of bolsters that is fixed, (usually at one end of the car,) and the other bolster that moves to line up with the wheel base of the wrecked car. The far end of the transport car will have two fixed racks for the wrecked cars trucks to set in, (cross wise.)



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Good Morning All. Looks clear and 56° out there right now. Topped out at 84° yesterday, 80° is the forecast for today. Then more seasonal weather for a while, although cool with the high in the low 60's and not reaching 70° again until next Monday. Moderate north winds (15mph) starting this afternoon and a chance of rain for the next five days. If the forecast is to be believed, I'll need to start an overnight fire in the wood-burning heater every night from Wednesday through Sunday. And I thought that I was done for the season!:mad:

Say Flo, that southwestern omelet and a stack of blueberry pancakes that Karl has over there looks real good this morning. Hit Mel up for another plate full for me, please.

Once again, thanks to everyone for the likes and comments on the latest project updates; Joe, Guy, Sherrel, Karl, Jerry, Hughie, Gary, Justin, Tom O, Ken, Phil, Alan.

Lots of activity in the train shed yesterday. in the Rycon Township project, I made a start on the quit claim street turned into a parking lot.
First two steps were adding a sidewalk to the deli, probably painting it today, and he parking lot itself.

I am going to experiment with "ghost" street markings, although by the era represented, the street would have been unused for 26+ yrars.
Over on the other side of the room, I removed the American Plastics structure for dusting. I added weathering powders to the roof mainly.

While it was off, it gave me the chance to install the uncoupling magnet that has been residing behind it.


Sherrel - Best wishes for Kate. She may have a new knee, but it's still the same back! ;)
Jerry & others - That BNSF diesel is an ES44C4, not an ES44CA. The 4 indicates only four traction motors, thus making it an A1A-A1A wheel arrangement. BNSF has 1258 of those units in addition to 685 ES44AC's, 721 ES44DC's, as well as 275 ET44C4 units. That's a lot of GE locos.
EDIT - Looks like Terry spotted this while I was composing.
Hughie - River walk is coming along nicely.

Everyone have a great day.Be safe.


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Good morning from my last day for a few weeks in Wisconsin. Heading to Austin and then California in preparation for getting to Maui. I have been trying as most of the diner knows to do this since after Xmas of the year of the Covid. 2 jabs and I qualified finally.

Terry, keep posting about your wife. If it makes you feel good. Most of us truly understand the need to post about family and personal issues. I have and I will. You and your wife are in my thoughts.

I never thought as anything posted here as Debbie Downer stuff. Repeating myself of course but some of us, including me, sometimes just need a place to vent.

2 days without stepping into the train room or sitting at the modeling bench. Just seem to have lost the urge but know when I return I will be at the layout working to catch up!

Willie, the weathering on the building looks good, that’s a great start to the parking lot.

MikeinHubCity, how are you? Good to see you back.

Jerry, great pictures of a hospital car. I thought I remember someone online making removable bolsters to put a wreck car on a flat. If I can find the info I will post it. That’s the 1st prototype I have seen, thanks for showing that.

Ken, glad you enjoyed dinner and Shrek. I have not eaten inside a restaurant since March of 2020. Getting closer though as Wednesday will be 2 weeks since the second jab.

Be good, safe and healthy


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For those of us modeling in N scale, Microtrains is now offering 89’ flats as used in wrecked car retrieval service. One package is a pair of empty cars outfitted with appropriate gear, the other is a flat with a damaged well car mounted. I was considering getting them, until I saw the prices...


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Good morning y'all. 45° cloudy and damp with a 40% chance of rain showers. Today, is NHL Trade Deadline Day. Right now, I'm streaming the TSN Trade Deadline Special on ESPN+. Since not much is going on the talking heads are trying to be entertaining. Guaranteed, I won't spend the whole day on this, but it beats some other so called entertainment.

Last night, I finished a Maine Central Paper Service Box Car, and came close on a Walthers High Tension Tower. The Walthers kit is somewhat challenging, but I have learned to be patient. I have several more to build as I progress.

Willie: Like the American Plastics building.
She may have a new knee, but it's still the same back!
Willie and Sherrel: That comment reflects my situation. The knee is fine, but the surrounding tissue is still sensitive, and I frequently have back issues. What's strange is my other knee rarely bothers me even though it is almost as bad as the other one was. The most serious problem is that in my mind, I'm still in my 20's but the rest of me isn't. :rolleyes:



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Good Morning Gang!
We are starting the day at 55 degrees going up to only 73 - that's about the least spread I have seen around here? The weather pushers say it will be variable cloudy!

Interesting posts this morning - I feel that I will have to add to them later on; I have my own beliefs which I am sure that most can understand. If not, then as the Baptist say: I will pray for you!

Watched the movie, "Down Periscope" last evening. I think it is a classic as comedy goes!
I mention it because I feel the same as the skipper about this place: "God, I love this job"!

The Spousal Unit is doing much better this morning, but rising from sitting and walking very gingerly!
Thanks for the well wishes - it helps ... and that is the reason we post health related issues.
If nothing else, it helps to "chat" with others in a psychological way - sort of getting it off of our chest!
AND we all share and care about each other in a "band of brothers" way.


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Good Morning!
When I woke up this morning and looked out the window, it was rather depressing. A light skiff of fresh snow lay on the ground, and the earth was white again. Bummer! - It's sunny and blue sky, but, only 26°F, so I'm not sure if enough heat will be generated to burn off the snow.

Thank you foe the explanations concerning AC/DC/C4. Sounds like alternating current, direct current, or 'C-cell' battery operation:rolleyes:. Just kidding!

It's almost the time of year for GUY"S mower-tractor girl to make another appearance? 😁
Sherrel - You made me dig out the flash drive storing last years photographs. It's worth it, though. I'm surprised I saved the real photo of the 'ride on', as it's not one of my own photographs. - I must have saved it because it was my inspiration for scratching up a riding mower copy.:D

Hardware_Oct-2020 (30).JPG

Hardware_Oct-2020 (28).JPG

If you remember, that's all the stuff I put into my hardware store.
Sadly, I haven't modeled much since.

Wonderful bunch of photos and stories being posted; I like that! Please keep up the good work, on any subject. And that naked man on the motorcycle; it's legal to photograph him without consent, so long as he's riding in a public area. Riding around naked in a public area might be a bit different on the legal side of things. But, that's his and the mental institutions problem.

Thanks for the likes on my posts.
I'm running late again. Have a good one!
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