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Next I'm going to have to set up my DCC system, I've had that up and running before. It's a bit more complicated, but almost as much fun. Don't get me wrong, DCC is fun, but Lionel sounds are louder and better. Bigger makes it easier to fit in the bigger stereo speakers. I love it loud!
Bruette you need to buy a HO ScaleTrains locomotive because they are loud.


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Afternoon All,

Spent between 4-5 hours today working on the company house. The only things left are some touch up painting, roofing, weathering and a couple of details. I really like the way the front porch railings came out but I'm not real happy with the building stairs procedures. I ended up modifying them and they are alright but they are my least favorite part of the build. I'll take some pictures tomorrow when it should be done. I talked to Phil today and he and Deb are doing well.

Joe- Nice photo. I have one more structure on order from FOS scale and when it comes in I will have all my major structures in hand.

Beady- Thanks for the info. Sounds like Murphy showed up at your house.

Louis- Nice photos. Glad you have a chance to finally run trains. It almost looks like a ad for Lionel with your pictures:D.

Willie- Nice looking buildings and scenes.

Greg- Nice video.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Beady- Thanks for the info. Sounds like Murphy showed up at your house.
Nah, it's the wife. She's a complete luddite and technophobe. She began teaching journalism in college just as computers were entering education but never took to them. I still have to help her with her phone and email. On the more mechanical side, she was once marooned in an elevator immediately after the doors closed; I've seen her pinch a boob while folding a dinner tray; doorknobs break off in her hand... The woman is absolutely brilliant, mind, but things just happen to her. It's enough to make me convert to animism (Google is our friend).


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Good evening. Didn't realize that I left the computer on. Light snow most of the day with temps in the 40's.

Got the "stimulus checks" in today. We really don't need them but I think that we can probably spend it on things better than that government can.

- Good ones today. Thumb up.gif

Curt - Now you have the time to work on model railroad projects. Making good use of it.

Hughie - The backdrop looks good. Well done. Our little doxie need to go to the groomers, but like everything else, closed.

thumbnail_20200413_201955.jpg Here she is in her favorite position.

Terry - Looks like Murphy headed in your direction. What's their excuse for the delay ??

- Sweet looking Alco.

-Like the video. Sweet.

- Like that photo, but no electrics ?? Hatsa matta for you.




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I got my prop in today for my boat. Woo hoo! Gonna change that out later this week.

Started another little project. I am building a raised platform for my washer and dryer which are front end loaders. I also have to swap them out left to right because the damn doors are not reversible. When I bought these last year I wasn't around when they were delivered and installed. My mom was here at the time. The installers placed them in a way that when you open the doors on each unit you have to go around the doors to pull from washer and load into the dryer. A real pain in the ass. So I decided to get this ridiculous setup changed for the better. One of the many little projects I am trying to get done while I have the time. Next will be to tile the floor in this laundry/mud/fishing hobby room which requires me to rip up the awful 70's vinyl linoleum style flooring. I have a pallet of nice adobe red 12x12 tiles to use for this that I got from a salvaged job from long ago. If this goes well, I will tile my entry foyer with the pallet of Italian green marble 24x24 tile I have as well. My list of projects are long but all in due time. This is my 2nd year in this house. So ya many upgrades for home improvements to be done. I hope to have all the flooring done by the end of this year. All the walls and ceilings have been repainted last year. All the electrical outlets have been replaced (147 of them in the house not including the garage lol) The 2 car garage lights are all changed out to LED shop lights and all walls and ceilings primer-ed in oil base Kilz white paint to make it nice and bright when I work in there. I do not park my truck in there just the tractors and tools in there. The truck and boat will go in the new garage bay when it gets built.

I got some of my track & cork orders in but the 1/2 of my curved switches are on back order. Grrrr....but that's OK I have plenty of small projects to do including replacing fence panels that were blown out from the winter storms. (7 of them) by the way it snowed last nite but no accumulation thank goodness.

Ya'll have a good evening.



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I once had the same PIA washer/dryer installation -- didn't think about raising it off the floor, good show! I did finally reverse them - had to do some plumbing beforehand.
Fortunately I will not need to do any plumbing or worry about the dryer vent. Plenty of hose for the cold water and hot water for the washer and plenty of hose for the water supply to the dryer for the steamer system. Plenty of cord for the power too. Here what is looks like now but it will be different tomorrow!

I have to notch the 4x4s for the platform tomorrow on my table saw yet. Then I will finish the install add 3 base bracing and then 2 fascia panels and boom! I am done. Well then move the units of course and place them on the platform!

See that hilarious awful 70's flooring lol!!


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Good evening. The big story is that we did not get our stimulating rebate checks....yet...we are getting 20% off of our car insurance premium for march and April. Check will be mailed sometime in May...That's all right, I'm a good waiter.

Our township's daily total for Corona Virus jumped by 20 to 366. Meanwhile, we left the castle today, and drove over to the Food store. Got everything on the list, including hot dogs, but forgot the buns. :( Store was not as well stocked as it was two weeks ago, probably because of Easter over buying. There were some very fresh kaiser rolls, and fresh bagels at the bakery though. We got there at 0800, were out at 0840, had to hang out in the truck, until the pharmacy opened at 0900. Hardly anyone was out. No mail today, seems that we are getting alternate day service, or there is less junk mail.

Spent some time in the train room, pulling wire and preparing to start the re-industrialization of my layout. I have my own cache of Walthers Cornerstone kits. ;) Next challenge, background painting. and details. Hard to pass the five foot test, when the layout's only two foot wide.

Don't ya just love it when Multi-billionaires show their resentment for other Multi-billionaires. And we think we have problems :rolleyes: I find it quite amusing, but that's just me, being sequestered for too long.

Chet wants motors, so we have motors:

# 121 1-18-1969 at Washington Terminal.jpg
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