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GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Morning all,

Coffee this morning...Thanks Flo.

Not much happening in Doo-Dah where it's current;y clear and 33*. We're expecting a high of 62*. Got the yard mowed last night. I'll be glad when I get the rider back. Funny how it takes me an hour to mow with the 20" cut mower and an hour to mow with the 48" cut rider. It's because I have a lot more to trim when I use the rider as I can't get it it the tight spots I can get the smaller mower into.

I still have to replace a fence post but have it tied in place as a stopgap. Hopefully I can get to it this weekend. I have to coordinate with the neighbor so her dogs are in the house. They are friendly enough, but trying to keep them in their yard while fixing the fence between the yards, can be hard. My yard is completely fenced as well so it's not like they'll really run anywhere. I do try to keep the separate from my dog, which will be in the house as well.

Work beckons....already.


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Good morning Everybody!

I hope Everyone had a great holiday.

My wife had the best part of 3 days off, that's why you did not hear from me. Even after all these years I still can't get enough of her. She is my true treasure.

Beady, I thought I had squirreled away more than enough to last a lifetime before I was 30, stuff happens (greedy, unwilling to compromise ex-wife and health problems) and I was almost back to zero by 40. I managed to rebuild my nest egg and I hope it's more than enough, but I know from experience, stuff happens. I wish us both well my friend.

Terry, bankruptcy is legal, a tool, nothing to be ashamed of when used as it was intended. Some use it to recover from stupid investments. Many use it to recover from debt due to health care costs. Only a very few use it over and over and over and over to "game" the system, I won't mention any names.

Have a great day Everybody!

I almost forgot to mention; I plan on playing with my trains today!


Curse You, Red Baron!
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Morning All!
FLO, Coffee please, I'll order later.

Finally - The temp started acting more normal yesterday; it hit 80 for a high with a clear sky.
Currently 48 and a high of 78 later on.

I'm still shielding TERRY from Murphy! Decided to go out to the MIL and rescue the RV from down in the pasture. It wouldn't start - funny ... not so, but the last time I ran it was fine maybe sometime last month. Of course I had no jumpers with me - not even a screwdriver!
Spent the rest of the day getting it started, filling up the tank at $2.45 a gallon, and washing the dirt off the tires and rims. Today I will see if I can get the automatic steps to work again. Then I need to see about replacing one of the bathroom cabinet mirrows which decided to fall off the door! 🤬


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Babe Ruth, who was born and raised in Baltimore, MD, started his baseball career as a pitcher, and he was one of the game's best.
He had a lifetime record of 94-46 and an ERA of 2.27.
His ERA is 16th best among all major league pitchers.
He was 5-0 with the Yankees in games he pitched in 1920, 1921, 1930 and 1933.
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Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. 36° and mostly clear. Had to make a trip out to the hardware store yesterday to get some parts to repair the tractor. So I stopped by the local grocery store that I only occasionally use to get some whipping cream for the wife, and I jokingly asked about hand sanitizer. Lo and behold, the cashier reached around and grabbed a bottle off the shelf behind the register. I guess that I am hoarding now since I didn't really need it. TP aisle was empty though. Eggs, bacon and other groceries were in seemingly full supply.
My daughter and one grandson came by yesterday evening to pick up the granddog after a month out of town. Molly (the dog) was excited. I am sure that she thought that she would never see them again! While the neighbors mowed their front yard while they were gone, no one mowed the back yard. Grass was so thick and high that SIL wasn't able to use the mower. He had to use the weedwacker to get it low enough to finally use the mower.

Eggs over easy and a handful of bacon for me this morning Flo. I'll take the mask off long enough to eat.

Thanks for the likes (and loves) as well as the positive comments yesterday regarding the structures; Jerome, Bob, Tom, Sherrel, Patrick, Phil, James, Guy, Garry, Joe, Karl, Chet, Paul, Curt, Ken, Chad, Johnny, Joe, Justin.

So the tour of the train shed continues today. To the left of the Model Power structure is Walther's Merchant's Row I.
04-15-20 001.JPG

At present, I have only named the LH and center business. Tequila's Mexican Restaurant on the corner and the Calico Cat bar in the center. I already have some figures set aside for this block, but I am not adding them until I finish handling it with signs and interiors.
Backside view.
04-15-20 020.JPG

A view of Tequila's.
04-15-20 002.JPG

Visible behind the restaurant is townhouse from DPM.
04-15-20 003.JPG

A view taken from behind MR I at the townhouse.
04-15-20 004.001.JPG

There's normally a couple of cars parked back there, but they are currently on the workbench getting license plates installed.
To the right you can see a small business building with a bakery on the bottom floor and a doctor, lawyer and insurance agent on the upper floors.
04-15-20 011.JPG

This is a Walther's structure that was known as Bill's Glass House when I purchased it years ago. Now it is either Flower's by Terry for the kit, or 10th World Comics if you get the built up version.

Ray -
The siding ends at the tall building behind the train which is on the corner of E. Menderhall St and Nth Wallace Ave. What the business is I couldn't identify. from the 3D view.
Looks like a "prairie skyscraper" (grain elevator) to me.
Garry - For some reason I thought that your layout was finished after you added the bridge and "old time" town. The trailer unloading yard looks like a fun project.
Curt - You're going to be busier soon.
Sherrel -
OH=OH Trouble!
I just opened the last bottle we have of "Chateau Ste Michelle" Cabernet Sauvignon 2016!
Time to break the quarantine! ;)

In the world that I used to live in, today would have been tax day here in the states, but not this year.
Everybody have a great day.


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I forgot to thank you for your concern.

I am the ultimate optimist, but that does not mean I won't do everything I can to stay safe through this. Keeping my distance is a relatively easy thing to do in my case.

My wife on the other hand is another story. It's not so easy to keep your distance in a retail store. Luckily I had N95 masks in my storage closet. She already has 4 weeks of vacation accumulated and 5 personal days, but I can't convince her to use even one! She is the hardest working most dedicated and diligent person I have ever met. She says "it's important to set the example" for her employees to follow. She makes me look like a slacker!
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