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Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. It's a chilly 37°, partly cloudy and quite windy out there this morning. A couple of days like this and then back to normal weather for here. Got a bit warmer yesterday than predicted, 78°, today only 55°. Broke the tractor while mowing yesterday. I'll need to go to town to the hardware store for a couple of washers to reinstall one of the front wheels. I already have an extra bearing (if needed) and locking washer, but no spacer washers.
Wife is reluctantly returning to work today to finish up some lucrative tax returns that she didn't finish yesterday.

Need something hardy today Francine, how about a couple of those super-sized breakfast burritos with sausage, egg, potatoes and cheese, and some hot salsa to wash everything down with.

Whoa! Thanks to all who liked and commented on the two industries that I posted yesterday. Let's see if I can get everyone; Ken, Sherrel, Bob, Guy, Phil, Paul, Justin, Greg, Karl, Hughie, Louis, Mikey, James, Tom, Curt, Chet, Joe, Jerome, Garry, Chad, Patrick.

Yesterday out in the train shed, I mostly just admired my handiwork! ;) Planted the Advanced Metal Products building.
04-13-20 008.JPG

Note the "shortie" trailer to the right. Someone here, sorry I don't remember who right now, pointed out that trailers of that size were only single-axle trailers. So I removed one axle before returning it to the loading dock.
I am back to the original layout cleaning project now, and with it is the ongoing tour that was so popular when I did the first area in January. Advanced Metal Products anchors the right end of a 12' section along my west wall, lower deck.
Overall views.
04-13-20 006.001.JPG

04-13-20 007.JPG

In depth pictures tomorrow, as I need to eat breakfast right now.

Paul - Good to read that everyone is all right and there was no damage from the "off-road" experience.
Karl - Your workbench just looks too well organized for me! :cool:
Justin - Great looking score at a great price.
Sherrel - Did you find your hidden Easter eggs yet?
Greg -
Well, I got side tracked by the wife asking for the forms to pay the Federal estimated taxes that are due on April 15th. I hope that if they are post marked by April 15th there will not be any penalty.
You have until July 15 this year, without penalty.
Oooops! I see that Louis and Chad have already pointed that out.
- That's too bad about the train show, but it is probably a very prudent decision given the circumstances. Belated Happy Birthday.
Ken - Really nice work on that building. I have it on my layout as well. It was made by Model Power and is one of the first kits that I purchased in the last century. I reversed the side walls and put the fire escape on the back. It's visible in the center of the first overview shot above. I never liked the wall color, but haven't gotten around to changing it.

Glad to read that no one suffered any major damage from the storms that whipped across the Southeast yesterday, Hope that trend continues as they continue Eastward.
Everybody have a great day. If you're still working, keep your distance and be safe.


Mikey, would you believe those are from the Jim Gibson collection? I wish he was around to see them now.
Alan- I was able to visit Jim's layout twice. He had the largest trestle I have ever seen personally.
I am sure Jim would approve of what you have done for a paint job on those cars! I'm impressed once again.

I am certain you do not miss the lost sleep from tornado warnings.
But I still prefer cutting grass to blowing snow.


Curse You, Red Baron!
Staff member
Morning, I think!
Could not sleep after 3 AM - Maybe I will get to the store during "senior" hours this morning.
Mostly Cloudy with possible showers -- temp of 62 possible.

TOM - thanks for the info on the soldering machine - I have one similar.
TERRY - Have no idea, but did not see that charger you posted?

My heart goes out for all the death and destruction from the weather over Easter Day!


GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Morning all,

Took me 45 minutes and a coffee break just to catch up on all the weekend posts in this thread. I need another cup......Thanks Flo.

Easter was different this year. Did have the local grand kids over, but the distant ones weren't able to come. The day got to 64*, and then the cold front came through dropping the temps from 64* to 34* in a couple of hours with sustained winds at 30-40 mph with wind gusts over 60 mph until early this morning. Temps didn't get quite as cold as predicted overnight, so if they do as predicted the next couple of nights, I may have some fruit on the trees this year other than peaches.

I did get some time yesterday to wire the blocks on the tracks.


I have 9 at this time and all work, with the wiring neatly hung under neath the table. I stapled wire ties in loops to use as hangers, but left room to add additional wiring through them if needed. I have just the Tech 7 wired in at this time. I also spent another couple of hours upstairs cleaning the contacts on the turnout control switches that yet need to be installed. Track needs cleaning as it has sat a while and the little engine I was using to test the blocks would stall intermittently, but some of that may have been the engine (the trolley seen in the second picture). Now to get the wire for the turnouts and I'll be set.

Beady: I started to read your long post and about 3 lines in started laughing. That song from the Life of Brian has always cracked me up, even when I've heard in in different contexts.
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Good morning.

Alan .... The brass UP cars look great. Nice painting job.

Ken .... Your repainted building looks fantastic.

Willie ..... I did not realize you had a two level layout. You certainly have a lot of buildings.

Chet ..... Your senses look great !

Sherrel ,,,, The Frisco locatives look good.

Toot .... You posted some great MRL pictures.

Patrick .... It's good to see your progress building a layout.

Everybody ..... Sincere thanks for ll of the likes and comments for my grade crossing pictures.

PRR Modeler

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Afternoon All,

Insurance guy came by and took a lot of pictures for reference with the new homeowners policy. I spent about 4 hours at the workbench today working on the BTS Company House. It's a little larger than all 3 three of the ones I just finished. One thing that surprised me was the windows had 8 steps to build one but up close they look great compared to a plastic window. Unfortunately in the photos the white is very bright but in reality it is very light. May not get to the bench tomorrow because of what I have going on. :confused:

Chet- Nice layout pics.

Sherrel- Isn't it great when you can fix things on your own?

Karl- Nice layout scene.

Ken- Wow, what a great change with the different colors.

Joe- Nice Reading photo.

Garry- Nice job on the scene.

Toot- Nice MRL photos.

Willie- Nice job on the building. It's easy to forget you have a 2 level empire.




I hope everyone has a good day.


Go make something!
... trailers of that size were only single-axle trailers. ...
Willie, I would sit and admire your work as well.

In the interest of saving you some work, there were some early semi-trailers with two axles of dual wheels. Here's the first one I found, Here's another one, It's not exactly like your National trailer but there were trailers with two axles.


Curt- Your building is coming together quite nicely. Do you have a mill or mine area to put it?

The red paint for the tail lights on the black Mack truck finally dried and I was able to take some pictures. I was gathering up the green Peterbuilt kit when I found the other two trucks in a sack in the box. I decided to build all three together.



"retired" conductor
OK. Which one looks better on me? NOT which one makes me look better? Neither one does! :cool:
View attachment 46513View attachment 46514
Wife made the one on the right.

The first businesses to recover after all of this Covid-19 stuff fades away are going to be barber shops and hairdressers.
Sorry Willie, but the one with the bandana reminds me of Blazin Saddles character Gabby Johnson, ifn he was about to rob the Stagecoach!

Go with the store bought one!


GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Willie: Wear the one that keeps you out of trouble with the wife!!!;)

That said, which is more comfortable?

The wife made me a homemade one out of an old T-shirt and some of the granddaughter's hair bands. To me it's too thick and bulky and makes my glasses fog up.


GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Side note on the barber shop. I haven't been to one in years. I used to work fast food as a second job and when I'd get home late and shower, my hair would go every which way in the morning, so I shaved it and have just since maintained that. No shampoo or long dry time needed!!! lol


Section Hand
Good Afternoon Everyone.....sunny and windy.

Just came up from the train room after spending the entire day working on ore cars. Finished 16 more weathered ore cars. Frankly I'm tired of painting couplers and wheel-sets, set at the finish line I just painted the outsides of the wheel-sets and not paint the interfaces of the wheels or axles, since on the little ore cars no one can see these details. Only 40+ cars to go, but the patched DM&IR with stay in new condition. All of the ore from Woodland Scenics on top of the Chooch loads is glued as well as the ore that hides the edges of the Chooch load.

Worked on "Fixing" the patched C&NW where the balck background rubbed off. I dab of white glue and then some rust from AIM and I had an instant rust patch.

Chooch is going out of business since its owner is retiring. I bet some other company will be purchasing the do you say Woodland Scenics?

Opened my wire order and All Electronics included a catalog. Boy their prices are great!

Tomorrow, I'll spend the entire day back in the train room.

Miller Time...................


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