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Good Morning again. Had to interrupt my earlier post because the granddog (yes I still have here here) got into some mud and my wife had just gotten her work clothes on. So who gets to clean her even though I was not the one who let her out?
Meanwhile out in the train shed yesterday, I finished up the rehabilitation of that estate sale structure as far as I am going with it for now. I reassembled all of the fire escape parts and attached them as best as I could, as well as adding the back railings to the entry stairs.
View attachment 46431
I also got the ladder to the water tower into an easier position for my HO maintenance workers to use. View attachment 46432
This predates OSHA so there is no safety cage. However I might just do one in the future.
I named the business and added signs that were leftovers from a Walther's Allied Rail Rebuilders kit. These are alternate signs for that kit and one is also pictured above. Since the decal sheet is rather old and I was concerned with disintegration, I just cut out the decals and glued them backing and all to pieces of .030" styrene.
View attachment 46433
As I posted yesterday, I am also leaving the rear windows alone for now since I am needing to move forward on other projects. Today I will plant it back on the layout.

Looking ahead, this is the industry just to the left (south) of Advanced Metal Products building. It is known as United Technologies.
View attachment 46437
View attachment 46436
Interesting how the brick color changed when one picture had the automatic flash and the other didn't.
It is just a simple background industry made with DPM modular walls. Note the white paint on the rails. I have seen the prototype RR's do that in the industrial park near where I used to work, to mark the location of the loading dock door on industries that have no clearance for the crew member on the side. It works for me as well. Although in this case I can see the door over the top of the boxcar, but not if I use high cube boxcars.
Looking back at this picture shows that I need to repair the RH stirrup step on this boxcar.

All right, sun's out and it's already a lot warmer than the earlier forecast predicted.
Adios again.
Willie, I've been following your progress on rehabbing that already-assembled model of the Geo. Roberts Printing Co. building, especially the photos of the fire escape ladder. Seeing that reminded me of an assembled - but unpainted - structure I picked up at a Timonium show White Elephant table for $10 back in the Spring of 2009. I don't even know who made the kit (maybe Cornerstone?) Anyhow, it was ugly as sin when I first brought it home...


...but what a difference a layer of PollyScale Roof Brown and Reefer White trim can make:



This building became a laundry/dry-cleaning service in the single "downtown" scene that I'm able to fit on my layout.

Never knew about the [prototype] use of white paint spots on spur rails to mark the door locations, I have a few of my own that I might do that with.


This building became a laundry/dry-cleaning service in the single "downtown" scene that I'm able to fit on my layout.
Ken- Wow! It is amazing how much ugly a little paint can hide. No wonder some women wear a lot of make up!

Sitting in my den watching the tornado warnings going on in central Alabama. It is pouring rain and a high wind whipping through the trees right now. New flooding warning just issued.

My wife was on Facebook following a teacher friend of ours. MOH started howling with laughter and after a few minutes read the following story to me.
I was teaching my third grade class about Biology and told them humans are the only animal that stutters. Little Carol raised her hand and said she had an animal that stuttered. Knowing childish logic could be interesting, I asked Carol to tell us about it.
Carol was playing with her little kitten in the back yard and the Rottweiler next door was barking loudly through the chain link fence. Suddenly, the Rottweiler ran up to the fence and jumped over. As the dog approached, the kitten started going, "Hisss! hisss! hiss!". Carol said, "The dog ate up the kitten before he could say,"Shit!"
I had to agree with Carol.


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Howdy .....

Thanks everybody for comments and for likes on my grade crossing photos. Here is my last photo. I added more scenery and more coloring to the roadway.

Karl ..... It is not a public road, and it will only have cross bucks. I found some cheap, oversized ones in my miscellaneous junk. I am out of correct sized cross bucks. For the time being, I'm using the oversized ones.

The road goes to a piggyback ramp and team track facility I am making.



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Good night America! Well, my wife and I got the tree all cut up and about a third of it burnt. My $60 Craftsman chain saw worked great! I originally tried to order a 16" one from Amazon, but their delivery date was the end of April so I ordered one from Lowe's and got it in three days. The one I got is only a 14" model, but that's all I really need. I will cut the rest of the tree down after I recover from today. I feel like I've been run over by a train!
How big was the tree (girth)?

Pear tree wood is interesting for woodworking I think...


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Well, I got side tracked by the wife asking for the forms to pay the Federal estimated taxes that are due on April 15th. I hope that if they are post marked by April 15th there will not be any penalty. No time to go down to the train room today and get started on any projects that can wait until tomorrow.
You now have until June 15, thanks to the virus



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I made a mistake in the picture with #258 at Belgrade (corrected), it was GP35 #403 that was behind it, not #265

#258 and 403 had arrived E/B at the head of the Bozeman local before doing this switching

It was Wednesday before #265 arrived, with SD45 #346 as an extra Bozeman local with setouts for Bozeman, Logan and Whitehall, out on the 5th sub.

Once arriving in Logan, they set out a few cars there and have obviously picked up others, before moving onto the 5th.

In quickly fading light, it's revealed they are double stack well cars destined for storage somewhere out yonder.

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Ken: My experience was this was freelanced by conductors, as opposed to policy. yellow markings on track at clearance points, was a policy decision, especially where side collisions were common.
I believe that freelancing by conductors was also the case where I saw it. It was only at warehouses that actually received loads. Track went to others that did not receive carloads and had no markings.
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Good morning gang.
65 degrees and rainy like a cow pissing on a flat rock out there. Well there goes the airbrushing til later.
I will have to don my personal protective gear at some point and head out today to pick up an RX and some T.P.

I.B.Ken, that building look great!

Gotta get ready for the boys virtual Dr. Appointment, catch y'all later.


Awake and watching the local morning news. Rain stopped about an hour ago and wind down to 10 -15 mph gusts. Sun came up enough to see that we only have a few limbs down in the edge of the road. The news says we had several tornados, flooding and straight line wind damage. Appears that we have some injuries, but no deaths. Two killed by a train in east Alabama. (No details yet.)

While waiting for daylight, I checked the glue holding the front wheels on the axle of the Ulrich truck kit I'm building. With the high humidity, the craft glue dries very slowly during thunder storms. Later, I'll get some pictures of the finished kits.
With the short night, I think I'll try for a short nap.


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Alan- quite a difference with the before and after pictures of those cars
Mikey, would you believe those are from the Jim Gibson collection? I wish he was around to see them now. You were taking your turn in the north at the time I think. I wound up with a large portion of his collection, and a significant chunk of his library as well. That was quite a journey. I remember seeing his layout all white plaster, years of work to complete it, then seeing it in a dumpster in front of his house. That was a heartbreaker!
I found this photo in the collection: That print of the Daylight in the background is hanging in the foyer of my house. He was a true Southern Gentleman in every sense of the word!

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