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In the interest of saving you some work, there were some early semi-trailers with two axles of dual wheels. Here's the first one I found
Paul Mack: Thank you for posting that. I knew that during my yute - reference "My Cousin Vinny" (funny movie) - that I had seen many dual axle short trailers. I mainly saw them on grocery and soft drink delivery work.


Curse You, Red Baron!
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Is the one on the left N95? If so it is the one to wear when you venture out. However, for marital harmony and bliss, the one on the right would be it. So maybe put the red on over the white one if the white one truly is N95
If I were a germ, I would be terrified to go near either one! :eek: :oops: :D

I kid U not! This afternoon in Walmart -- opposing traffic in the isle was a guy with a gasmask on - complete with the two filters - one on each side! It was all I could do not to laugh!

The ONLY paper product on the shelves was paper plates - period. What are people doing with all the stuff?
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Hi Shop Dwellers from storm-bruised central Maryland! I say "bruised" because the damage in my region was nowhere close to the carnage that occurred in Mikey's and Terry's states.

Ok let's see...a Gesture of Gratitude goes to: B.Bob, Patrick, Sherrell, Willie, Karl, Tom, chad, Garry, Phil, George, Guy, Jerome, Boris, Mikey, and Curt - for the LIKEs and supportive comments on my repainted laundromat building. Always much appreciated!
* * *
Today started as a regular "remote" work day for me, until ~12:10pm - when I got three ear-piercing beeps on my smartphone, followed by a robo-message that my area was in a Tornado Warning zone and we must all take cover IMMEDIATELY! At first I was more annoyed than scared. But then one of my wife's neighborhood friends who was watching the local TV news calls up and tells her that a tornado was spotted on the ground near some streets that are very close to where we live...and then another one of our neighbors sends her a text saying "Looks like the tornado is upon us, better hide!"

So as we're all waiting in the center of our "half-basement", my daughter brings up a local news website on her iPad. The weather lady is talking a mile-a-minute, gasping audibly to inhale between sentences, and draws a line on the radar map tracing the path of the twister - east of our property and not directly thru it, thankfully! Our street was strangely quiet as all this was happening.

When MHO was driving out to do an errand ~30 minutes later, she saw line of snapped-off pine trees near our parish church, roughly 1 mile east of us. I believe this is the closest a tornado has ever come to our house...and hope it will ALWAYS be the closest!


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My better half went to Costco today. She said it was not that packed and no wait to get in. Also said they had a ton of TP but no paper towels. (Strangely, Walmart has had paper towels the last few times I was in there, in small amounts, but not TP). Neither of us had been to Costco in a few weeks and we needed to restock a few things.


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Terry, you're right, for a lot of different reasons, I guess. Winds along the immediate coast were clocked at up to 80 mph. Inland, we had wind, and 1.5" of rain. even though the temperature rose to 71° outside, we were so cold inside, that I cranked the furnace up two degrees. In any event, when I went out to take the garbage to the curb, the sky was perfectly clear, and it was mild. Ken: That was close enough!

I ran one of the two wires of the buss, that will feed off the booster. I'll do the second one tomorrow. My knees will not tolerate any more than that, right now. I'm also finishing the DC wiring, I started a year ago. This is because, I'm wiring DC capability into the layout, for when the mood strikes me to run my DC locomotives. Once this project is finished, I plan on completing the Permanent East staging tracks.

Curt: Your structure project is moving along nicely.

We are up to 342 Covid - 19 cases in our town as of today, vs. 337 yesterday. perhaps the curve is flattening. 😒 The town that borders us to the south had over 1049 cases as of yesterday. Didn't see today's count...they try to hide their totals. With that in mind, I have to pick up a Rx tomorrow, so we will go food shopping also. have my mask and gloves ready. I'm with Tom and Sherrel, WTF are all these people doing with the paper products they are hoarding?

Lawn needs to be cut already, in addition to everything else. As of last Saturday, the MIL does not have the Virus. However, she sleeps all the time, and has to be awaken and assisted with her meals.

Millville, NJ PRSL.jpg

Tonight,we feature a little South Jersey flavor, at Millville. The PRSL Baldwin AS16, and at least one coach. If I remember correctly, Milville was served by three round trips to Camden on weekdays. Two were 1 car RDC trains, the third was this train.


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Good evening gang, or shall I say fellow shut ins!
Was a good day here on the palatial ranch estate. Has a long chat with Jerome, between a few crazy storms I did get lots of airbrushing done, went out and picked up some Rxs (but no T.P.). all in all, a good day!

Ken No Tornado warning here. (what am I, 20 minutes away?) A few thunderboomers that sent that big mutt of mine scurrying for his momma, meanwhile the cat sat by the slider grooming himself.

Tomorrow I'm going to venture out early in search of T.P.. We found out Weis in Westminster just got a large shipment.
Speaking of getting out of the house , do ya think these 2 are getting a little tired of being cooped up with the humans??

Actually, they were both watching the same squirrel in the yard!

2 morrow gang!!


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My HO Scale Centerline Products Model D32 Rail Cleaner with Roller Pads Kadee Couplers came in today that I won on evil bay last week Thursday.

I put it to work right away after a few modifications. For whatever reason it had Kadee trucks with plastic wheels. I changed that right quick. I need to find my "bobber" caboose and slap it on there or small freight boxcar. Will show pics in action later.

I also ordered my new propeller for my boat after 3 and half years of running and working hard. I am one of those guys that fishes after ice out all the way up til the water is hard. So ya boat is out now and I will be on the water Saturday rain or shine going after crappies. Yummy! I usually start April 1st but I had a few things going on here with work. My season runs into December about the 15th is when I put it away. Last year I put it away on the 18th lol.

Here's me and the "Grizz" running thru the Champlain Canal and another shot on Lake George last summer at 5AM waiting patiently for me....the 3rd one is on the Hudson River....

I fish to eat which is my other hobby. Fish fry on Saturday nites in the summer!



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Figured I'd stop by real quick. I hope everyone is doing well. Nothing new to report. Attempted to do some more ballasting last night for a bit. Didnt take long before I started getting aggravated. Man how I miss my old ballast. This woodland scenics stuff drives me up the wall! It's harder to put down than my previous stuff! I have found the way I used to do it is better and more efficient. Not to mention faster! With less cuss words. At any rate I have ordered new scenic supplies. Expect them in the coming days. Now to finish up ballasting my track.


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As mentioned on my previous post here's the pics of the Centerline track cleaner....just got to find some box car to go over it. It does a really good job better than anticipated. I ran this around a good 15 minutes then cut a bit off ran it again track is whstle clean. Pretty darn good! I am going to look for another one. That way I have one for the cleaning solvent and then one with the dry cloth to wipe dry.


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