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Good evening gang!

Been an easy day here, haven't done much but watch train and music videos today. I did piddle with the 2 GP38s on the workbench, only to discover I need more parts. :confused:
Cool (45°f) and raining today. SWMBO and I did make a trip to Home Depot today , then to the local auto parts store for wiper blades for all 3 of the cars. What a SHOCK! :eek: 6 wiper blades, $161.60 !!!! RainEx for the Colorado and the S10, Bosch for the Equinox because the mount is weird! What ever happened to $5.00 wiper blades, but am I dating myself??
I do remember gas at 23.9 a gallon, does that make me old???

I've done some rough sketches,, still considering the helix

Curt, nice to see your progress! You too TLOC!

, very cool and rustic!

Dinner bell just rang, gotta skedaddle for now!!


Beach Bum
You are just trying to get me in trouble
Sherrel: You don't need anyone's help to get you in trouble...:rolleyes:

On the last layout I just used cinders as the ground cover, but this time I want to up the game a bit.
Curt: Thanks. Hopefully, it won't be long before I start applying ground cover. Most steam era railroads used liberal applications of cinders for ground cover, weed suppression, ballast, and to soak up oil drippings...all free of charge. BTW: The BP20s were a PRR exclusive.

Just standard scale lumber. You start at the bottom, just like with shingles and work to the top. here are the three walls:

View attachment 119974
Alan: Really nice building. Well worth the time.

What do they expect ? the dead to rise ? Does burial insurance include a shovel in case you have to dig your way out so you can file a law suit ?
GT: Anything is possible on TV...

These were produced exclusively for the Pennsylvania Railroad and were delivered in 1948 in the sharknose body style designed by Raymond Loewy, as diesel running mates to the T1 steam locomotive; also built by Baldwin and similarly styled by Loewy.
Sherrel: What the citation fails to disclose is that like the T1 steam locomotive, they failed miserably as main line passenger power. But they excelled in commuter service on the North Jersey Coast, and lasted five years longer in service than the Steam Sharks. Freight Sharks, were built in significant numbers, in two models one 1500 HP, the other 1600 HP. These were owned by the B&O, the PRR, and the NYC, and later the Monongohela, and the D&H. I never had the opportunity to work on them, as they were gone by 1965.

Garry: Thanks. Hope it's not the virus, but take care and follow Dr's advice. Going to get a test?

Ok, I divided my day between clearing out and organizing my computer's documents files, and cutting out turnout templates and placing them where I am hopeful they will work. I already know I'm going to need more code 70 switches, just not how many. I was able to resolve several areas that were operational problems, and create a more effective staging / storage area at the end of the line. This will be a major improvement over earlier.

Reading Staging 10-25-2020.jpg

This will provide two routes for engines to escape and get around their trains without having to be "handled" Sincethe storage ladder is also reconfigured, actual track capacity will also increase. Also the staging area will have scenery and look like a yard, rather than an appendage, like before.

From December 1967 until February 1976, I worked at Edgemoor Yard, in Wilmington, DE. in multiple capacities. I rarely id ever had c camera with me, so I don't have anything to show for my time there. Fortunately, others did come there to record events. These from 1993.
Edgemoor TC 1993.jpg

At the South End of the class yard, the 6428 waits on the storage track.
Edgemoor SE 1993.jpg

At the South End at 12th Street, road power rests on the "Speedway". That place had already changed drastically when these photos were taken. I imagine under NS, there are many more changes. Back in the day, Edgemoor boasted two "Gravity" Humps with Car riders, and switch tenders, but has been a flat shifting operation since about 1972, when the rebuilding beginning under Penn Central was complete.


Ol' School
Welcome to Monday, another day above dirt! 👍 👍
Hope this day finds everybody well! More wind & dry temps (mid 60's) scheduled for this week. Biscuits & bacon with a couple eggs over easy smothered in gravy with a cup of deer camp please Flo!
Boris, your pics of the Con Rail motors above made me think of it, wasn't it a couple of light power Conrail motors that wondered out on to a high speed passenger main line after smoking dope, back in the 90's? Idiots!
Great photo's & layout pics all.....



Beach Bum
Good morning y'all. Temperature rose from 50° at Midnight to the current 57°. It's raining with fog. Bowl of dry cereal with lactaid free milk, and coffee.

Karl: my 4-4-2 burned premium, and that was 28¢ per gallon (expensive). 30¢ for Amoco (no lead).

Time for another Ride on the Reading!
RDG #2124 @ Wayne Jct. 10-25-1959 - First Iron horse ramble - Richard Short photo.jpg

This one definitely passes GO, and these folks are filing over to the guy handing out $100 Bills. October 25, 1959, at Wayne Junction, Philadelphia. This was the very first Iron Horse Ramble with T-1 #2124 as the star.


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Greetings and salutations all.

Just bacon and coffee, Flo. Wife is taking a week of use it or lose it time off. So I'm letting her cook. Yesterday that involved her telling me which sub shop to order from (very bready sammitches) followed by a night of pasta casserole with scratch-made breadsticks. I'm going to have to spend a week on just meat and veggies to knock off the weight I gained.

Did a little work on the layout backdrop yesterday. I started by trying to hot glue some plastic mesh onto the foam risers I've mounted to the backdrop. This was challenging, but I prevailed. And showed me that other sections of such will need horizontal foam strips installed to help with contours. And some across the top to give more anchor points. I installed those while I had the glue gun out.

Tom: Nice weathering. I haven't tried using powders yet. I usually used ink washes and paints on my gaming models due to constant handling. Powders have a much better look at that close of range.


Beach Bum
Boris, your pics of the Con Rail motors above made me think of it, wasn't it a couple of light power Conrail motors that wondered out on to a high speed passenger main line after smoking dope, back in the 90's? Idiots!
Jerry: Yes, it was a lite power move on a Sunday afternoon, that changed the whole face of railroading, as we then knew it. It was in 1987, if I recall correctly.

What we know refer to as mind-altering substances were a major problem on railroads as was alcohol to the previous generations. To compound the problem, Federal programs gave railroads incentives, (read as cash bonuses and subsidies), to hire the "hard core unemployed". So many new employees did not have that family connection that previous generations had. The engineer sold himself to the government to lessen his jail time, and publicly embellished the seriousness of the problem to serve someone's law and order agenda. Both of these fellows were perpetually high, so that was their normal "functional" state. Main cause was that the crew, (2 men), were distracted by the Baltimore Colts game they were watching on the portable TV they brought along for the trip.
I had been part of the management team at Baltimore, and was familiar with both who were involved, as well as other "characters" Fortunately, by the time of the incident, I had been in Jersey for sufficient time to be removed from the incident, although my name came up during the NTSB proceeding, as I had made Safety evaluations and rules tests on both. There was no drug or alcohol testing at the time.

Not for nothing, as I see money hungry politicians in favor of legalizing weed, for potential tax and fine revenue, I think back to that incident, and wonder what they are thinking.


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Morning All,

I'll play catchup in here in a bit.

I did get some train time yesterday. Got the windows glazed and installed on the building that taking me forever to work on. Here's a picture:

the slopped paint is gone as I went back downstairs later and repaired the paint, but didn't retake the picture. Camera catches a lit of stull I don't see on the model. I messed up using a semi-gloss paint on the mid-roof, so what looks like missed paint is just flashback. The canopy glue worked well with the windows, but I still ended up getting messy windows and I'm not sure how.

Anyway, I have a bone to pick with you people in the Northlands...Didn't you learn how to close a gate? Currently nearly an inch of snow on the ground in Doo-Dah this morning after some freezing drizzle and 1-2" of snow expected by Wednesday evening. While our earliest measurable snow was October 14, 2018, it is very unusual to get this much this early. I have seen a trace here on Halloween about 30 years ago.
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