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Good morning everyone. 26 and clear out there. Whoops - - almost sat in that fresh paint here in the new coffee shop!!

Garry, Flip, Roofintrash, Tom, Patrick, Willy, Sherrel, Chessie, Louis, Wheeler, and anyone I may have overlooked - Thanks for the likes and comments on my structure post yesterday.

Well, still not much going on at the craft fair. From what I hear talking with other vendors, not much is selling anywhere. Today is the last day - probably time for a sale. I need the money!!

Here are a few photos of my progress on that north area of the layout.

Here's what it looked like before I began this project:

Here's what it looks like now:
North Area Progress Oct_31_1.jpg
North area Progress Oct_31_2.jpg
North Area Progress Oct_31_3.jpg

Still have to put in the main road and the gravel roads, finish the ballasting, and do a little more landscaping. also, waiting for some figures and vehicles to come in and I'll liven up the two businesses.

Gotta go take the car in for inspection. Have a good day everyone.


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Last night I took advantage of the last few hours of MB Klein’s sale and got an engine. We’ll see what happens, doesn’t today start the web-only sales model for them?


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Good Morning All. 30° and clear. More normal weather returning today, with the high around 60°. That's still below average but I'll take it...have no choice. Spent too much time on the weekly grocery/beer trek yesterday, especially for no more than I spent! Gas is still holding steady at $2.13 per gallon.

Today feels like a blueberry waffle and bacon day, Francine. Where's Flo? Oh! Out on the bench with Louis! She ain't making any money out there; he brings his own coffee!

Thanks for the comments and likes for yesterday's picture post; Louis, Johnny, Jerome, Mikey, Chad, Sherrel, Clint, Joe, Patrick, Curt, Chet, Tom, Rick, Phil, Ken. Always appreciated.

Short but good day in the train shed yesterday. I did some touch up painting on the fence and added some weeds to the area. Nothing worth taking a picture of yet. I selected some junk from the details cabinet that I need to paint before adding to the scene. Barrels, scrap wood, tree trunks and branches, unidentifiable junk for inside the barn door, etc. I am also looking into making some actual doors for the barn to leave on the ground or hanging askew on their hinges. I also did some considerable switching of the industries on the other side of the tracks, that trackwork needs testing before I add the ballast. I did paint it last week sometime. Didn't have any issues with the normal switching consist of CF7's and I used some GP60's as well. Need to use some six axle engines before I ballast, even though I don't normally use them for that purpose.

Johnny - Walther's put out two versions of that ranch style house, the brick version that you are building and a clapboard version.
11-01-19 009.JPG

11-01-19 010.JPG

Greg - Great to read about your productive day in the train room. Good sign that recovery is going well.

Everybody have a great day and a productive National Model Railroad Month.


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Good morning Everybody!

It's 45 with only 57% humidity under beautiful sunny skies here in southeast Baltimore.

Halloween was disappointing. I bought $40 worth of candy and only had 1 group of trick-or-treaters about 6 of them. I told them "take what you like, empty the bowl, I have plenty more" and left the bowl on the steps. I had just got home from work and wanted to take a shower. When I came back to refill the bowl they had left Snickers and Twix candy bars, I guess they did not like those. Now I have about $30 worth of candy left over. That's ok, the young people at Amazon will be happy to take care of it for me. They need all the energy they can get!

Amazon pays $15-$19.50 an hour for entry level positions, but they expect you to work your ass off to get it. Nothing wrong with that, but many of our young people are not ready for that. Amazon's "Lock up your cell phone during working hours" is enough to make some of them quit. If they get past that the work is the next hurdle. Amazon needs a revolving door on the employee entrance. To say "turnover is high" is a gross understatement!

When I asked my wife "did I miss any trick-or treaters"? She told me no. I was surprised because I seen kids out in costumes all over the city as early as 4pm as I was making deliveries. The media was telling us to go out early with the pending tornado warnings. I got home just before sundown and it was still warm and humid.

How did Everybody make out with the storms? I hope all are well. It was not as bad as expected here, but we do have trees down all over Maryland.

Have a great day Everybody!


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On the reason why Garret Cole was not used in game 7; I think it was because Astros' manager, A.J. Hinch wanted Cole to come in for the 8th and ninth inning.

Cole was warming up earlier, but sat back down before the 7th. Greinke was rolling along and looking like he could finish the 7th, maybe more. Greinke had thrown less than 80 pitches. With runners on I think Hinch preferred a relief pitcher to come in to work out of the stretch.

When he used his closer Osuna I think Hinch was hoping to retake the lead and still saving Cole to start the 8th and hopefully finish the game and get the save.

So go the best laid plans.

After losing the lead in the 7th I don't have any idea of what Hinch was thinking for the 8th and 9th. I would have put Cole in to start the 8th regardless of the score, but it's easy to second guess.

Sherrel, your instincts to make the change after the 6th proved to be right. Another example of why managers should not always trust analytics. Sometimes you have to go with your gut.

You can't compare the stress of making 80 pitches in game 7 of the World Series to pitching in the regular season. Guys like Bob Gibson and Jack Morris are few and far between.


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Matthew Gorres - ‎Pennsylvania Railroad
Pennsy lives on in the form of NJT 4636
View attachment 41168

The ALP-46A is a Bombadier locomotive for the US based on the German DB Class 101, the workhorse of the DB IC routes. (It looks quite a lot like it as well). The locomotive in my avatar is a Fleischmann model DB Class 101. (I have two models of the 101, the Fleischmann and a Minitrix). I thought the body angles looked familiar on the posted NJT pic.

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