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My name's Matthew. Originally from TX, moved to PA a couple years back. Always loved miniatures and found them somehow fascinating.

I may have posted here years ago focusing on a site called

It was - at the time - tied to Shapeways and attempted 3d printing products, but I found the tech of 3d printing was too expensive, generally, to be viable for buildings and other larger structures. I know prices can be dramatically lower with papercraft so now I am pursuing that route, with photography-based, fairly realistic texture art and digital 3d models that I can then unfold and make into papercraft layout designs that I know will fit together perfectly because I have seen them work both in digital 3d and in printed cardstock paper tests.

So recently I have begun launching a first range of cheap papercraft kits using that same domain and Etsy. There should be much more ready over the next few weeks. Not that much yet and a lot of what is there is still in need of better, updated example images. But I am working on it. The pic at the top of this post is from the first collection (available and modified across multiple scales (Z, N, TT, HO) which are pretty much going to be my main four standard ones for these sets.

Right now (Aug. 10-15, 2021) a sale is active there but more will arrive centered around Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.

I come from a background that's a mix of different things, traditional art, 3d art, VFX and video production. I like doing some effects with high-speed photography of minis sometimes in videos as I feel that it makes for great behind-the-scenes material. A lot of that is headed to which is really very overdue for expansion and redesign.

Plenty of quick .GIFs and images - excerpts from videos, paintings, game stills, etc, are viewable on my Pinterest boards:

I'm also developing some indie minigames using scale models as a graphics style, like what is visible on and

Much of that - along with asset packs for gamedevs and video VFX people - is heading to

So yeah, working on a mix of different things and for the most part happy with how it is all progressing.
Looking forward to improving my craft and hearing any suggestions about what types of architectural designs you would want to see from me in the future.

UPDATE: Labor Day Week sale - Sept. 1-7, 2021. I have discounted all of the physcially printed and shipped papercraft sets by 50% and the digital download (print-it-yourself) versions by 70%. I have also recieved my first review of one of the sets, a five star rating by a customer named Felicia! Thank you all so much for your support on this!
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