quick question about loco's

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Say I just bought a Aloco RS 1 and I wanted to remove the RD name decal and make it another, What proceedure do I follow OR will I mess the thing up?

PS I'd like to leave the base color as is and just remove the decal



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A simple way I've heard, is a q-tip and some 91% Isopropal Alcohol. A few passes of the q-tip moistened in the alcohol, and it should come off. I'm planning on trying it in the next few days on a few units, so if you don;t get to it, I'll let you know.


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One idea

Perhaps...oh whats that stuff called, the stuff used to soften decals. I would think a generous application of that would loosen things up while still keeping paint in its place.


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Good idea there Play-doh, but I don't know how well it'll work, as the lettering on manufacturer painted items is pad-printed, not a decal.
Well i have tried various things to get the letting to come off of a Kato business car and still have not found anything that will remove the lettering only. Any ideas to help me as well? As I dont want to have to repaint the car.


I have used Testor's decal remover on "painted lettering" and it works better than anything else I've tried. Still, you have a smudge in that area and you have to be careful to only get it on the lettering. I usually apply it for a few minutes to soften the area and then blot excess off. Then use the tip of a Q-tip or pensil eraser to rub the letters off. A spraying of Dullcote will usually hide the rub-out.


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Has anyone used the ELO stuff "Easy Lift Off" from MicroMark? I've often wondered about it. Suppose to remove the decal, but we all know how advertised vs. actual works out.


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I tried 99% alcohol to remove lettering off of a Walthers difco car kit. First by wetting it with a q-tip and rubbing it. This started taking off the paint before the decal started comming off. Then tried a small flat paint brush and wet the decal down and left it for a minute or so.Slid the paint brush along the decal and slid right off. It did dull out the paint and leave a white residue on it.Also tried Walthers Solvaset to remove them. This did nothing at all. Seems like the alcohol would make a pretty good paint stripper for these cars as paint softened up almost instantly using alchohol. Would probably work really good if you wanted to give the paint a faded look.Just wet a q-tip and keep rubbing till you get the effect you want.Ron


Diesel Detail Freak
Isopropyl Alcohol reacts with dullcote, or the finish in flat paints, creating the white fogginess, this will go away once coated over.

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