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Dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. :p




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lol at Crandell. Come on slacker!

I guess I'll start, this is my newly installed Mountain backdrop. Just finished it today!!!






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Got the valance in place. Installed the lights, thinking of adding more, the bulbs are 2ft.
I removed the curtain and mini blinds and filled in the gap to cover the window and added the sky. Have to stain the edge of the valance and blend in the clouds yet to hide the seams.
I picked up a Walther's Northeren Light and Power (thanks to a friend here) the interior for it off eBay, sub station for outside it at the LHS, 4 boxes of road bed and doz flex.
I am waiting on a large lot of switches and track i got off ebay w/ doz # 6, curved, Y, and #4s switches and also curve/straight sections.
Also stripped my old switching layout for the track, switches and Xs.

Great pictures everyone!!


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Did some painting this week. Used the airbrush to paint all my shells that were ready for paint. 3 dash 8's, 1 dash 9, 2 SD90Macs, 3 P40's and associated frames, trucks and sideframes.

This Athearn BB P40 I was in a hurry to do. Didn't rush anything as I didn't want to ruin anything. Only thing wrong to me, is the arch on the nose. The razor mark is noticeable.

Here is the future New Jersey Transit P40 #4800




And here is one of the 4 NJT has for comparison----NOT MY PHOTO.

Things that need to be finished up besides decals are painting the MU/HEP recepticles orange, red and yellow where appropriate. Replace a HEP cable that broke off. Install windows and side steps, paint steps and railings orange. Its a dummy right now. But can be easily powered up.


My first shot at re-decalling. Added lettering on the existing yellow stripe on the cowling and removed and applied decal to cab.

James S

Picked up a few goodies at the LHS tonight.

I missed out on the Fox Valley Models ES44AC original release and saw one at the store and couldn't resist. The colour is a bit darker than Katos orange, but its fixable with a light weather.


I found a couple of Roundhouse well cars and bought them... also got the two containers , by Walthers. ;)


And these three building kits, I'm making the Doyle Distribution into a fruit packing plant. The ADM kit is self explanatory and the Murphy Manufacturing will be a hardware distributor.



finished painting the guilford ST 209, now i just need to decal.....



The red stripe doesn't look straight enough, and it's not wide enough either. It should be wide enough to cover the entire battery box under the cab. I think it may be easier to decal the red stripe instead of painting it.

What color did you use for the Guilford Gray? It looks like Engine Black.


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Nice work, everyone.

Crandell, that street scene is a good juxtaposition to the railroad scene. Remember when people used to live "down from the tracks" and it wasn't a slum?

Michael, that's a fabulous looking backdrop. I don't know how much it cost but it was worth every penny.

Mike, very creative night scene.

Bob, your backdrop and valence looks good too. I wonder it you can do an overspray of light blue towards the bottom to cover the clouds that are on the horizon?

NYSW, your P40 came out great. I never realized how tiny the windshields are on those engines until I saw your pictures.

Jon, nice looking decal job. I haven't forgotten about your decals and will get them out next week.

James, nice haul and a few kits to keep you busy. I'm surprised you can come up with that much North American stuff in an Aussie hobby shop.

Jamie, the engine looks good to me, especially for a painted stripe. I think the photo distorts the look of the stripe somewhat. I'd use decal stipes but that's because I'm too lazy to mask that much territory. :) I do agree about that trip pin though.

Scorpions, both kits came out real good. Hit that freight station with some Dullcote and a little weathering and will be perfect.

James S

Jim: Most our hobby shops stock mainly US and British models, because thats what most of us Aussies model, although the market for Aussie models is getting larger. A good mate of mine manufacturs the largest range of Queensland kits in Australia. Most Australian modellers buy from limited runs done by relatively small companies, so there is rarely large amounts sent to hobby shops unless they order several products in the initial pre order phase.

Having said that, the shop I go to, Austral Modelcraft is heavily stocked with US prototypes, and fair bit of British, and lastly a little bit of Aussie stuff.
I tell ya its difficult figuring out where your new pics go when you are retired. I have to look at my cell phone once in a while just to figure out what day of the week it is let alone day of the month. Now that I know how to post pics maybe posting each week in the WPF can keep me on track.

This is a couple shots of a Single stall engine house I scratch built fm pics I found online.


I used PC ties glued to the rafters to solder SMT LED's and SMT resistors for overhead lighting.




Terry in Sunny Florida


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James, I'm surprised that the shops down there don't stock more Aussie equipment, since it seems like that's what I'd model if I lived there. I guess a lot of Australian equipment is sort of North American looking anyway, so maybe that accounts for the popularity of North American models.


Terry, very nice. HO scale? Good idea on the PC ties. That might solve one of my problems. Gainesville - any NMRA club activity in that area?

James S

James, I'm surprised that the shops down there don't stock more Aussie equipment, since it seems like that's what I'd model if I lived there. I guess a lot of Australian equipment is sort of North American looking anyway, so maybe that accounts for the popularity of North American models.

I guess it extends from the fact that for a long time US/British models was all that was available widely until fairly recently. In the 70's the only manufacturer of any size was Powerline, and their models were fairly crude. You can still count the Aussie manufacturers just about one hand.

The market for Australian models is growing, and the models coming out now are probably only 5 years behind the quality of the latest Atlas or Kato locomotives, the only prohibitive factor now to modelling an Australian prototype is the cost. Locomotives are well over A$200 each and a five pack of freight cars are around the $200 mark.

Personally I model American because when I was a boy I remember watching shows and seeing photos of big Santa Fe and Union Pacific trains.

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