Name that RR thingy.....


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No takers for this in the Weekend Photo thread, so I thought I would see what response there is to a separate thread....

Any of you out there know what this loco might be? It was made somewhere around 1920 and is diesel (actually this one may be gasoline powered. Or, it may have been converted to diesel later) powered with a chain drive. This is thought to be the oldest one still in existence.


Now how about this old beauty? It was used at Eastman Kodak Corp. in and around there yard. Any Takers?

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OK, Here's my guesses.

1. Looks like some sort of mine loco.

2. Looks like a ballast regulator.

Am I right???????
Good guesses, but........ Nope.

#1. was used in construction, however.

#2. may be a one of a kind built to order. Think Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY.......
#1: Almost looks like it could be some type of loader or forklift with that heavy rear end (not referring to the driver :) ).

#2: Snowblower?

The one on top is a car pusher & the one on the bottom looks like a weed eater.
#2 - Snow Broom

You got #2 sir! It is indeed a Snow Broom (or sweeper). It has rubber hoses that acted like flails to clear snow and ice from the industrial trackage at Kodak in winter. Mark you were Very close!

Now #1 you will find is mentioned over across the street and I think here also from time to time. The one shown has the link and pin coupler that was used on very early trains as it was not used to haul RR cars as such. Many were fitted with a standard coupler and could be used to shift a single car or two when needed.

Here is a photo of it hooked up a construction hopper. Some estimates say that there may be over 1700 of these still being used today. This one is very early and may have a gasoline engine or was converted to diesel later on.

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Good guesses, but........ Nope.

#1. was used in construction, however.

#2. may be a one of a kind built to order. Think Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY.......

I should add that the company that made this little loco (photo#1) did make locos used underground. This one was not.
No more takers on #1? Here is another hint. They were named after the town in Ohio where they were first made. They were usually made to order and ranged from little bitty locos like this one (4 ton?) up to around 40 tonners.

Maybe this photo will help too.


The second railroad thingy is a ballast regulator with the wings removed so now is just a big broom. use to run one. It is made by KERSHAW.

Yep! They used it for removing snow and ice from the trackage at Kodak. Supposedly it could still run.

Still no takers for photo #1? The name of what it is right on the side of it......
I guess I'm a little late but I thought #2 might be some sort of Ice breaker which I guess isn't too far off.

I somewhat cheated though as I looked it up, it's a 'Kershaw Snow Broom' and pushed by another car such as a cabose. I noticed quite a number of old break hoses and glad-hands on this machine and couldn't figure out what they were used for. I'd say that they were attached somehow, possibly by the glad-hand coupling to the central rotor to act as broom fingers when an old one either broke or wore out??
Well if that is an RR thingy, what about this RR thingy?

I cannot understand if its a flinstones type rail car


Some other strange ( at least I never saw anything like them ) rail "things"


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#1 looks to be a very early Plymouth industrial locomotive.

On the next set of fotos, #1 is a Fairmont Track Speeder
#2 I would guess is an early battery powered locomotive - perhaps for mine or other non-sparking applications
#3 is an old vertical boiler steam engine.
Say Maxi,
1st As Jeff says the first is an old Speeder, he says it's a Fairmount so that sounds good enough for me.

2nd I'm not sure just what that is, what caught my eye was the wing type thing protruding from the side as though it might be some sort of ballast spreader?

3rd This is an early Verticle boiler Climax type loco [ note the inclined cylinder ] it also appers to come from Europe with the round bumpers.
#2 That wing you spoke of looks (to me) like it has copper contacts on the edge, This might be a way of picking up power or recharging it???