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Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
Just curious, how much time does everyone spend model railroading? Hours per day/week? How much is building? How much running trains?

How long has your current layout been in progress?

My answers, I try to spend an hour a night and fail to. Maybe five hours a week. Almost all building, I seldom run the trains.

Layout was started shortly after we bought the house in July 1997. Some years I did very little work on it.

Now, how does that compare to you?


0-3 hours on average per week, mainly building (HO and N layouts). I probably spend more time reading MR magazines and forums than modeling / railfanning.

Current layouts under construction for probably a year now.

MR is not my main hobby in terms of time or money though.


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I started my new (newbie) layout this past Christmas Dec. 09.

I spend alot of time building, at least 6-10hrs a week.

I just recently started to be able to run trains, so now I spend some time doing that at least.

Oh and shopping at the LHS at Caboose Hobbies too.:D


play every day
I enjoy about two hours an evening working on models while listening to the radio. We don't get aerial TV where we live and don't have any cable or satellite TV connection and only watch rented Netflix DVDs... there's always plenty of time for trains. :)


I am retired, so I have more opportunity to spend on the layout. I probably do "work" 2-4 hours per day and sometimes have an all-day schedule. I have an Op session one evening a week for about 4 more hours. I will also run on my own a few times during the week. The layout was started 6.5 years ago and is about 70% complete. (Much of my work time has been reworking areas that I latter learned could be done better.:eek::D)


I might spend about 6hrs a week on the layout. Most of it is building structures at the moment. I like to run all my engine at least twice around my current compelted track, just to keep the dust off.

I just started the next phase of bench work for the layout, so I might split the time in half from structure to that so I can get my lower mainline around and run longer trains...


I get between 5 and 10 hours of fun per week on the layout. Most of it is building
but a little bit of playing :) Layout was started just over one year ago; got phases
1 and 2 of tracklaying done (main line and yard); now working on engine servicing
terminal (including the turntable!). Will probably take until the end of this year to
get phase 3 done, then it's onto scenery and structures. Maybe 2 years from now will
start work on the helix & upper deck :)



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maybe 5 hours a month. Its just hard to sometimes get in the mood to finish all my projects i have. Most just need to be painted and decaled which is easier for me then adding all the details.


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taking a break at the moment so 0 hours for past couple weeks ().
started on layout almost a year ago. about 5 hours a week on average but i had couple crasy 'till the morning' work sessions as well..


HO & O (3-rail) trainman
Not enough.

I've been into mine for a little over a year (planning and benchwork), and completed the track and wiring in December. However, waiting for a friend to come over and help me with a redesign.

In the meantime, I've been working on hardwiring locos, installing sound, painting trucks and wheelsets to the rolling stock, and building cars.

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i work in spurts. like every few months i will work for two weeks straight that is after work till bed time. but i am consistantly on the forum for at least an hour a day everyday


Fleeing from Al
Being retired like Rex, I probably spent 20-30 hours a week building when I started in 2007. My layout is now done except for details, which I keep adding. I try to run an hour a week but rarely reach that goal, especially lately. My layout's not big enough for ops sessions, so It's just me doing the running and switching.


Did someone say B-unit?
Not as much as I would like..If I have help I can spend all day working on my layout..otherwise I end up doing other home projects. I work 50 hours a week so my days off are spent relaxing layout has been in progress for almsot a year

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