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An older Kato SD40-2.

As yet un-detailed SD45 from ScaleTrains.


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Front End Friday, I made on time for this Friday....🤣
I have another piece of vintage power that I had bought after gaining some experience on the 4x8 with the ATSF 5628 😂
An AHM, (Rivarossi) made in Italy product. The end piece ID on the box is long gone. I was hoping somebody could tell me what this thing is. I believe it to be an Alco model of something, but I couldn't find the exact model.
We'll start at the front, move our way around it. This is the first time this thing has been out of the box in decades! (5 of them)
Look at the foam disease on this thing! o_O It was almost all dissolved in the box.
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No escaping the horn hooks......😂
The first thing I thought of when I saw this was that a HO scale beehive had attached itself to the left-front steps. I'm pretty sure those are HO scale bees, just sayin'.


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Here's a shot of inside the front end. SP&S 700, an E-1 class 4-8-4 Northern, built in 1938. This picture was taken at the Portland Rail Heritage Center in 2017, where the locomotive has been undergoing restoration work. It was originally retired from the SP&S in 1958, restored to working order in 1990, ran excursions in the 1990s-2000s, then has been under boiler rebuild and restoration ever since. Hopefully she will re-enter live steam service again someday soon.

Speaking of which, does anyone have one of the BLI HO versions of this locomotive? They have both early and late service versions with a few different roadnumbers, I think #700-702. It's not in the era I model, but I've seen a few on sale recently and it's always fun to have a few steam locomotives around to run at times. Just curious if anyone has experience with it. I have a couple BLI steamers and I've found they are decent, but some are hit and miss.



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I'm gonna make it a toofer today since I haven't been able to contribute much over the past couple weeks. Here's MILW 32A, an EMD E9A which first entered service in 1956 as Milwaukee Road #202A. Over the years it has served with Amtrak, Alaska Railroad, Wisconsin & Southern, and as a dinner train locomotive. Today it is owned by the "Friends of the 261," a non-profit organization that operates MILW 261, a 4-8-4 steam locomotive based in Minneapolis, as well as other rolling stock, including the last operable Skytop lounge car.

The 32A recently received a new paint job, it is a hybrid of a few historical railroad liveries intended to match most of their passenger car fleet. Here it is at Union Depot for St. Paul Train Days a couple weeks ago.


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