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Couple three gents moved into the boardin' house. Don't know their names yet.


And out back of the Flattened Penny Saloon, Pappy pulls on his pipe while talking to the feller known only as "The Scout-Master."

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Lol, lets see how many people are confused by this...

Bonus Value is here (a BN fluted side gondola project), Pic:
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I actually feel like I have accomplished something this week. I took a bunch of photos of some of the new scenery, but only one came out good enough to show. I will take more of the lakeside property and a new business in town tomorrow and post more then.

The view of Seneca Lake looking over some farmland back in 1925. Even a small vineyard in the making......


Lazy Daydreamer
Chip, nice work on the new Lilliputians - you hand-painted each of them, right?

Josh, that gon would look great in my mill!:D

Ray - I didn't notice until a few minutes later that Seneca Lake is painted directly onto the wall - lookin' good!

Since my trainroom's a mess [again] I don't have any pix to share tonite. The photos I took of the Severna Park MRR Club still need to be "cleaned-up", and I promised the club president that I'd let him review them since they're for my SMRR mag article [he wants to protect the Club's image y'know...]


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The bridge is no longer on the layout. It had to be taken out to make way for a wider radus track and longer trains. I didn't want to spend the time to rebuild it.




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The buildings and setting look great!

Neat shot!

Looking good!

Great shot!


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My custom lettered IHC L&NE 2-6-0 Camel back is bring in my next weathering projects.

Athearn/Roundhouse/John Deer 30’ Flat Cars with Tractors



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Roundhouse Old Time NYO&W Reefer

MDC/Roundhouse Old Time Sun Oil Tank Car. This is a friend’s car that I am weathering.

MDC/Roundhouse custom painted and decaled L&NE NE caboose
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Steve B

Great pictures everyone.

Just got in from some 12" scale watching at Preston

This is 4-6-2 pacific 71000 "Duke of Gloucester"
waiting to collect an excursion going to Carlisle via the cumbrian coast




The class 47 diesel brought the train in



and the duke about to depart with the 14 coach train and the diesel on the back as insurance

And this is a new class 185 railbus we went home on, very bright colours but a very good reliable quiet train

grande man

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Great pics everyone! :cool:

We went back and salvaged the remainder of the TC&I signal on Red Mountain yesterday. 1:1 scale signals are a lot of work! I still can't believe we hauled the whole thing out in two trips with my Toyota truck!

There was also a unique switch stand hiding in the woods near the signal. The latest patent date on it is 1911. Dirt had been piled around it years ago, so we dug down enough to cut the trasfer bar (points) and pulled it out with the truck. It took Alex, myself, a come along and some serious grunting to get it loaded into the truck.

Please forgive the colors on some of the pics. It was getting late so I had to use the delayed flash.

This first view shows the lampstand clearly. The lock is still in place, but the handle was broken off. I need to go back and see if the handle can be found. It should be able to be straightened. Note the mast and battery cabinet for the signal in the background.



In Training Down Under.
Could you guys show me a pic of a working switch stand? I'm interested how they work?



Running the MC & Buffalo
Hey All Nice Pictures , Chip, Josh , Ray, Tom , Steve , ERic, Steve love that shot of your kids waiting for the train !


Running the MC & Buffalo
Switch Stand

Ken here's another picture of a old switch stand , There not to many of these in use anymore !!!


Drum Driver
Great Pics! Love the graphics on the 185 rail to see some custom work make it to rolling stock...over here the only way it makes it on a train is by grande man, That's a unique project to take on!..allot different work involved in real scale than HO when it comes to painting and detailing!! Especially wrestling it around! Good Luck with that!...I would like to see a few shots once its underway.

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