(Early) WPF 21 22 23!

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Yes the shed is for the railway and its 8' * 6"

Here are som pictures from this mornings work

Main level on left and back framed, Traverser for lower level fiddle yard constructed

Traverser all the way in


Traverser partly out


I have only ply lined the top half so far, I plan to use lower quallity for the lower half as it will be hidden behind shelves or cupboards.



Stay off the tracks!

How are you going to handle the climate changes in there? I mean, at least my garage has insulation all the way around (not that it helps in the hottest or coldest parts of the year)...


Diesel Detail Freak

How are you going to handle the climate changes in there? I mean, at least my garage has insulation all the way around (not that it helps in the hottest or coldest parts of the year)...
Jeff, if you remember, John had the out door HO layout...

Just playing with the new tripod. Wife got it for $10 at Wal*mart (Half price). I like it cause it has independent legs, and can go ultra low. Head sits about 6-7 inches from the ground/floor at its lowest.
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This brings me up to 3 tripods, this one, my "big" one, and a mini bendy one.

Test shots. I didn't play with the focus point on BNSF 973 so the cab is out of focus. Better shots next time. UP 2891 looks much better.


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OK, since everyone asked to see more of my work, I have decided to upload a self-paced slideshow of a train I ran at the club layout. The train is NYCS train POSE, Portland, ME to Selkirk, NY. Click the link below, and open the first picture of the lead engine. Then click the arrow on each page to proceed to the next picture. The slideshow is done car by car. Let me know what you think! By the way, the Berlin Mills repatches, St. Lawrence & Atlantic, NECR, GMRC, and MMA cars were all custom done by myself. Also pay attention to the reporting marks and the blocking of the cars in the train...



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Oregon Free-mo had its inaugural run today with 3 modules at the Forest Grove, OR train show. Operations were rather limited.



Running the MC & Buffalo
More Shots

Some shots of an overgrown building !!!!Saw it along road coming from apple picking !!!!



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Ignorance is Patriotic
Here are some panos from me.

This panorama shows my recently completed ex-Berlin Mills cars going over the classification hump at my club layout: (Click the link, maximize the picture in your browser, and scroll across the image)

http://www.nycsystem.com/pictures/2007_09_16_BERLIN MILLS/panos/pano8.jpg

Next, a pure solid lineup of St. Lawrence & Atlantic (SLR) boxcars in three different paint schemes:


Finally, enough of the rolling stock and onto the power of the day :)

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Wondering where ive been? Ive been playing football lately and yesterday I scored 2 Touchdowns with won us a couple of Scrimmages against Litchfield. And today I went to my friends house and broke in my BLI SD40-2 on DCC. And Man she is loaded with functions! Cruise, Shut downs stages, voice-overs. Everything! There shall be a video up on the next WPF! Y'all have a good week. Anthony of Minnesota that for some reason just said yall....


Diesel Detail Freak
Wow, I just made a SUPER sale on eBay, paid $20 with shipping for a lot of stuff, kept half, and sold the rest for $80!


Running the MC & Buffalo

Here's a shot of the covered building I drove by th other day .Please let me know if this one is here and if the other ones showed up Thanks

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