(Early) WPF 21 22 23!

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BNSF dude

BNSF foamer
Ill start er off with a coupel of snaps of my NEW SD40-2!!!!! Which will come tomorrow afetr i break it in with DCC at my friends house.


Dr Frankendiesel
In that case, I'll repost this:

sheds here

Excitement is growing at RJR the new shed is here and work starts this weekend



and to make the weekend start even better my dad called round with a dozen lengths of flexitrack as a "shed warming" present !



Wannabe Engineer
Nice shed warming present John. What are the dimensions on the shed just out of curiosity? Looks nice btw.


Dr Frankendiesel
I think I've gone a little over-board in my retaining wall plan. I started off to make just ten castings. Well, I decided what's the harm with doing just one more? Now I have nineteen castings with number twenty in the mold!



S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Since I haven't had much time the last couple of weeks and I have had even less money, I have been putting together some Jordan Models vehicles that have been setting on the shelf in unopened boxes. Man are they tedious little things. I got to practice using some very bad language. This week's work was a Mack Chain Drive Dump truck. I took several photos both to put up here, and to see all those little areas that need to be touched up (like the wheels.....). This model is not quite up to my standards yet but is getting there.


While assembling the truck, I was putting on the headlights, with my Magnifyer on so I could actually see the durned thing when "ping" it shot out of the tweezers like a speeding bullet. Spent about 2 hours looking for it...... Someday when I am gone and the layout is being demolished someone with good eyesight will see this little tiny 1920's headlight hanging in an HO tree somewhere close by and say, "hmmm"???
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Dr Frankendiesel
Here's some eye candy for the steam lovers out there. It's an Athearn Genesis 4-6-2 light pacific. It never has run without breaking something. First it was the main drive gear. I replaced that after waiting almost a year for the part. The next thing that broke was one of the drive wheel bearing seats. That can't be fixed without replacing the frame and that ain't happening. It's destined to become a static display in a park on my layout. Too bad it's such a piece of junk. It looks beautiful.




Stay off the tracks!
Jeffrey, I think I saw a rather large table filled with those Pacific models in David Harrison's photos of the Athearn Yard Sale over on the Atlas Forum. They were being sold "for parts only" - not guaranteed to run.


Diesel Detail Freak
Mhmmm Jeff, and Jeffrey's woes are an example of why they're no longer sold. I hear they've got a 99% chance of breaking a major part.


Dr Frankendiesel
Right you are. I've heard nothing but bad things about this particular model and the compant that made it. I don't remember their name right now, but it starts with an S.


Southern Railway lives on
This is a picture of me when I rode the ski train this summer. Just to give a sense of the size of these, I'm 6'2" and I look like a dwarf.:D

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