D&RGW Platte Canyon Subdivision

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grande man

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Hi all. Here's a couple of shots to fill the gap until someone posts another Virtual Tour.

Brakeman on new GP35. Fred anways manages to have his eyes closed in photographs!

F3 led freight coasts downgrade on it's trip west.
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Nice work.....

....nice layout you have there, and I really like the weathering on 5100......keep them images comming!

grande man

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Hi all. Thanks to everyone for all the positive comments. We've enjoyed having a chance to let ya'll come over for a virtual visit. For some reason the photos degrade as they are veiwed at the host site. :confused: Anyone got an explanation for that? Anyway, I've renewed the pics on page one in case there's anyone else who wants to check them out. Sorry, I hadn't realized they had slipped so far.


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Grandman, Visited your website and wanted to sign your guestbook but didn't know your verfication code. Can you PM me so I can leave a proper message?

grande man

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BrandywineBob said:
Grandman, Visited your website and wanted to sign your guestbook but didn't know your verfication code. Can you PM me so I can leave a proper message?

The verification code changes everytime the page loads so it's not something I can give out. It's listed beside the field where it's to be entered, just type it in and you should be set. Please give it another try and thanks for the interest in signing the guestbook!

grande man

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Hi all. I thought I'd add a few more pics.

Geeps entering Tunnel #4 on their trip west with a train of empties.

Modern consist, for 1965...

SD7 helper pushes a Grande freight upgrade on the Platte Canyon Spur.

GP7 helpers preparing to be cut out for a light return trip down the mountain.

Brakeman on GP7.

SD7 helper running light west of Sedalia.
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grande man

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Vandal's handiwork.

Local cops take a report from RR employees. They don't seem to concerned, note the coffee and dougnuts!

Eastbound rolls toward the Joint Line.

SW1200 #137 working Split Rock Mine #4.
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Your modeling is fantastic! Thanks for taking the time to share, it's always an incentive to fellow modelers.

grande man

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Thanks for the comments, guys. Truth is, I'm just an ordinary modeler that's still growing in the hobby and having a great time doing it. Roman, the pics you linked to are fantastic. Thanks for posting the link.

As for the Platte Canyon Sub, here's a short update. Our last major expenditure was for a Digitrax Super Chief DCC system. We have two throttles, a DT400 and DT300. There's still a few UP5 throttle panels to install in hard to reach areas (future staging, etc). Since it's installation, I've been working (learning thru the school of hard knocks) on some advanced lighting for our GP30's and the SW1200. I just finished the second Geep a few minutes ago. The SW has a rotating beacon and the Geeps have lower headlights and ditchlights. I'm amazed at the "super detailing" effect of DCC lighting effects! We're looking forward to the release of Digitrax sound decoders as well.

See edit below for staging update!Next on the list will be to complete the staging yards. As it stands now, we'll probably use stationary decoders to control the turnouts and will need some sort of train detection for each track as the yards will all be behind the backdrop. We've been doing condensed operating sessions and are having a blast. When fully staged, the layout should be really fun to operate! Fellow board member Cjcrescent was kind enough to give us a copy of a computerized operations program that a friend of his wrote. It's very detailed and keeps track of each piece of rolling stock on a layout. It also shows how much money the RR is making along the way and which industry gets which loads. I'm looking forward to getting our data entered into it. It, and the DT300/400 fast clocks, should really add to the operation of the layout!

Scenery is mostly complete but we're still adding a few trees, and detail items such as trackside buildings, flange oilers, etc. The last item currently on the "to do" list is installing signals. From some very informative posts here on the forum, I think we'll go with Logic Rail Technologies Block Animators for signal control and Sunrise Enterprises signals. We're both really looking forward to having the visable parts of the RR signaled. They should add alot of realism when running trains.

It's been a fun journey and I'm glad to be able to share it with everyone here.

And, of course, a few new pics... ;)

Switch job at Inland Cement.

Super Chief!

GP7 helper pair being cutout of a train for their light run home.

GP30 in the mine district.

And my favorite Platte Canyon Sub pic to date, my little guy running trains.

ETA a link to the PCS staging saga... http://www.modelrailroadforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2518&page=1&pp=10

Hidden staging train indication panel.

North/South staging yards.

Loaded West yard.
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:cool: Vary cool hope my drgw lay out will be a nince as this one . Makes me think of day gone by ! When the real DRGW ran! :cool:

grande man

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Thanks DRGW#1.

Since this is now our main online layout showcase, here's a few of the later pics. Hope ya'll don't mind.

SW1200 #137 on a mountain switch job.

Switchman aligns a route west for FT led freight.

SD7 #5304 leads an Eastbound train into Mine 4.
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Grande Man, you and your son did a mighty fine job on the layout. That's something to be proud of!

grande man

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jacon12 said:
Grande Man, you and your son did a mighty fine job on the layout. That's something to be proud of!

Thanks Jerrell. We sure have had a blast so far.

There's more to be done though. Today, I built a Oregon Rail Supply Searchlight signal kit... Ruh Roh Raggie. :D

I'm hoping to see a tour of your layout someday soon. With your photography skills, I'm REALLY looking forward to that day.


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I always look forward to seeing pics of your pike. Your story line postings ("Billy Bob" etc.) inspired me to try that approach. One thing I can say about Platte Canyon Sub: It's got a lot of character - and characters!:D

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