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Dr Frankendiesel
Unalihelitseti. Good morning. It's 58° with 89% humidity. Patchy fog. Some clouds with a high of 85°.

I can't read too well this morning. Having some difficulty focusing. Think I'll take it easy today and do a lot of nothing. I got the two GP40's I was working on speed matched.


By the way, the strange word at the beginning of this post isn't anything ominous. It's simply 'Greetings' in Cherokee. You can use a suitable translator to check it if you like.


Lazy Daydreamer
Gentlemen,... A momentous event has taken place I believe,...this is the first time that a certain Bill Tidler Jr has posted a remark not associated with a morning cup of coffee.
It does happen occasionally, you just need to be in the right place at the right time. Sorta like a solar eclipse.


Dr Frankendiesel
About the busiest I got today was fitting Athearn diesel horns like those below to four GP40's and an H24-66. I think that will be the extent of my model railroad work today.



"retired" conductor
Been fighting a sore throat since yesterday with a light fever,,,, didn't stop me from going to work, but it did curtail my activities. Instead of calling on clients in person,,, I did most of my work on the web today.

Got home, parts for the washer arrived today so I tried to install them,,,,,3 websites later I found out the reason I couldn't find the bolt that website #1 said was there,,,,,was cuz it wasn't there! Finally got the agitator off and the coupling changed,,washer still busted.....Screw it,, ordered a new one from Home Depot!

Dont feel like doin nuthin now.:(
Gentlemen, gentlemen and I'm sure quite a few ladies. A momentous event has taken place I believe, something I have been endeavouring to achieve with jibes and hints without success but Jeffrey has managed to bring about simply by speaking in tongues.
Possibly this has happened before not to my notice but I do believe this is the first time that a certain Bill Tidler Jr has posted a remark not associated with a morning cup of coffee.
Was there something stronger added to that cup this morning perchance??

My response (which WASN'T my first outside of the morning greeting) concerned using my face as an avatar and wasn't in response to Jeffery's Indian greeting but rather to his comment about avatars. Also, "The Day The Earth Stood Still" quote was from bnsf971 not I.


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Don't take my kidding around to heart Bill (I can see by your post count there's a few I've missed)

Maybe I should change my siggy to "convicted serial kidder" from now on and do some pennance.

(Sad to say I can remember clearly, as if it was yesterday, when the line Klattu barrado nikto was first spoken)


Beach Bum
Доброе утро.

Greetings from Howell NJ where it is currently 57°, and overcast with a light rain.

Yesterday, I accomplished nothing, the arthritis ran wild, and the medication failed to help. Then the Capitals lost to the Rangers. In all, a horrible day. Hopefully, there will not be a repeat today.

Hope everyone has a great day.


L&N Castle

Active Member
Morning all. Just thought I'd stop by and see what's new. Not much new here,except for one thing, today I turn a year older and none the richer :rolleyes::D. That's right y'all today is my 46th Birthday. I don't have to much planned,but I am sure to find something to get into. William.


Dr Frankendiesel
Happy birthday L&N Castle.


Good morning. It's 67° with 100% humidity. Cloudy with a high of 80°.

The grass is high and it looks like rain for the next couple of days. So it looks like mowing the grass is on the schedule today. Gotta get it done or it'll only be harder to do later. Oh well, could be worse.



Gomez Addams
Staff member
So far my day has not gone well.
I forgot to set the timer on my coffee maker, and by the time I discovered it and turned it on, it would be a near thing whether I had coffee to take with me to work.
I poured the coffee i to my mug, only to discover a quickly dying stink bug floating in it.
Dumped that out, got another mug, and only had enough remaining coffee to fill the mug a third.
Then got held up by no less than three separate accidents on the freeway.
Noticed when turning onto the road my work is on that I was almost out of gas. Since I was late anyway, and I didn't want to forget later and run out on the way home, I stopped at the gas station on the corner.
When I grabbed the handle on the pump, I discovered a prankster had smeared crap all over it. Went in and washed hands thoroughly.
Got to work finally and turned on my computer. It promptly crashed and will not reboot. Waiting for IT guy to come either fix it or pronounce it dead. Posting this on my cell phone.
I can hardly wait for the rest of my day...

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