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Beach Bum
Good Morning: Happy Friday!

Currently it's 84° and sunny, going to 97° today. Yesterdays temperature range was 99° and 73°. The heat is supposed to go away after tomorrow.......Ha! it's July - it's supposed to be hot and humid in Jersey, in July. We have actually gone a week without significant rain. That's supposed to change tomorrow also.

All outside chores and errands are finished for the week. Today is chill out day. Maybe another decoder install. Baseball resumes today, so there will be something on TV tonight.

Enjoy the day.


Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning. It's 72° with 94% humidity. The high will be 94° but will feel like 109°.


Looks like it might get a bit wet today. Yesterday we got only enough rain to make me mad. It was hardly worthwhile to turn the wipers on. Yesterday was a busy and painful day for me. I'm still hurting today so I think I'll just stay inside and likely keep to the bed for much of the day.




Beach Bum
The shopping carts in Jersey tend to veer to the left.......goes with the turf:rolleyes:.

Toot, how far are you from Brisbane? Reason I ask, is because my youngest son was there last weekend. He's part of the 31st MEU on the USS Bon Homme Richard. He enjoyed the hospitality.


Active Member
Good Morning

Hot Hazy and very humid out...82 out right now feeling like 100...posta get to 93 feeling like 111 later this afternoon

Going to be another indoor activity kinda day for grass, or even weed,cutting. We did not even hear anything resembling a grumble here, rain wise...nada

Have a good day!!


junk collector
It was sunny and dry one minute.......then suddenly without warning it rained in a moderately robust fashion for a short time. Now back again to sunny and hot. I keep the windows in my truck open the slightest crack to vent in the 90* still keeps the rain out.


Dr Frankendiesel
Last week I ordered a system utilities and boot disk for the Apple IIe with free shipping. When it hadn't moved from one location for almost a week (7/12 - 7/17) I ordered a second one (7/17) from a different source for a much lower price and a very small shipping fee. They both arrived this morning. So I have the system disk and a backup. Saves me the time of making a backup.

Weather here is making nasty noises. I went to my fathers place to get my mail. I was gone for ten minutes. Area was hot and dry when I went down there. It was raining when I drove back home. Think it was wet and cool? Not on your life! Hot and wet to the point that the van windows fogged over like a London fog. I keep an old towel in the van for just that eventuality. With no heat and no blower wiping the windows is the best I can do. It works. Radar shows moderate to heavy activity in the area so I'm going to shut the computer down and let it pass.


Dr Frankendiesel
Well it's been a pretty active day weather-wise. I've counted no less than ten storms rumble through since this morning and about half a dozen of those had rain with a few of those being pretty respectable. On one I looked out the door to make sure what I was hearing was rain and not hail. It was heavy rain. No headway made on the old Apple today. I'm sure somewhere out there somebody just found cause to celebrate.
That's all for today so I'm calling it a night. See y'all tomorrow.


One of the heavy Varney F3 rebuilds. Lots of chicken wire.


Active Member
Good Evening

We got clobbered but good this evening...three lightning strikes within a minute of each other...two got some pine trees next to us and the third struck our house...I checked the house and found that our 2" wide braided copper wire had taken the hit and left a few scorch marks around the surrounding grass!!! ??? :eek:

As well...we got 4" of rain from this thing and another inch of marble sized to golf ball sized hail :)))

Right now it is still grumbling and raining out....77 feeling like 87....bit of a difference here... ;)


Amazing! We have not seen rain since April and won't until October or November. It has been 100 +/- for the last 3 weeks. Today was 95 with humidity at 12%. We are so dry here that wells are going dry. Send us your thunderbumpers as we can use them!

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