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Good morning folks

Today we have a slight chance of thunderstorms with a high of 84 F. It was a sticky 81 F when I left for work this morning. The weekend is supposed to be weather-perfect with sun and highs in the mid eighties.

We went to a Cub Scout leader event last night. We came home with a ton of information to help with planning the pack meetings. We also now have a lot of aids for our den leaders.

I continued adding foliage to the ridge. I am about half done.

This weekend’s plans are a little up in the air. My wife has to work as Docent on Duty at the museum on Saturday. I will probably take the kids down to the museum for awhile. My wife and the kids have been working on a scavenger hunt for the museum and they want to give it a test run before my wife turns it in to her boss. We may go down to Wildwood Crest, NJ on Sunday or Monday or we may take a trip to Gettysburg. In another words I have no clue.

Modeling wise I have wheels and trucks for the 7 open hoppers and 4 cylindrical hoppers to weather. Also I would like to finish adding foliage to the ridge behind the farm house area.

I hope everybody has a good day.


Wannabe Engineer
Good FRIDAY MORNING EVERYONE!!!!!! Woohoo the weekend is here!! Donuts are on me today. Well this is going to be a busy 3 day weekend. I'm working on my dad's birthday present which is a smoker/bbqer. Hopefully I'll have sometime to see how my track is going to work after making some woodwork adjustments this past week. If I get it to work and I have time I'll clean up the work bench er uh I mean train layout :D and take some pictures. Hope everyone else has a good weekend.


Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning.

It's Friday!

More rain on tap for today with a high of 88.

Today's Weather for:
Sundown, LA 71446-6114 8/31/2007

Heat Index: 78°F
Humidity: 92%
Dew Point: 71°F

So Far Today
High: 76°F
Low: 73°F
Rain: 0.00"
Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
Gust: 7mph N

Today High: 88 Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 80s. Northeast winds around 10 mph.

Tonight Low: 68 Decreasing clouds. A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the upper 60s. Light and variable winds.

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Just a guy

Wow! We are getting off to a great start on this Friday morning with clear skies and temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees. You couldn't ask for a better forecast for the Labor Day weekend as high pressure will dominte the weather scene. Temperatures will gradually warm as we head through Sunday and Monday. The weather should be fantastic for the US Nationals at ORP.

We had a high temperature of only 79 on Thursday. This August is now the 2nd warmerst on record with an average temperature of 80.3 degrees. The warmest August will remain in 1936 with an average reading of 80.5. We will probably finish in 3rd place after a high today of only 80 degrees. This month will also finish with below normal rainfall marking the 5th month in a row for Indy wih below normal precipitation.

A look ahead indicates hot and more humid weather returning for the first half of next week. There will be a weather system approaching by the middle of next week which could produce our next chance of showers and thunderstrorms by Thursday or Friday.

Have a great and safe weekend!



Fun Lover

Last night I went and saw Michael Moore's new film Sicko. I really didn't want to go, I thought it would be a depressing expose on the pharmacuetical rape of America and how they use US citizens as cattle-like consumers of their products. I felt I had to go since I am a nautral health practitioner and my clients will want to talk about what they saw.

But it was worse.

Michale Moore just talked to people in the US about their problems getting the health care they need. People like we all know. People here on this forum. Then he interviewed Americans living in Canada, England, France all of which provide free health care to the public. All the stuff we were afraid of, long lines, poor care, doctors unfairly compensated, simply didn't exist. Doctor in these systems are given bonusses by their successes--how many people they get to quit smoking, how many people they get to lower their blood pressure. These systems cut cost by practicing preventative medicine, not by refusing service like they do here. In France, if you are sick you call the doctor and he comes to your house, dispatched like the police are here, and the arrive in a timely manner.

No one is refused service.

In the US, we set up a fund of $50 million to take care of rescue workers of 1911. The problem is that it is very difficult to get. Most people are rejected. Without going into detail on how they came to be there, several of these rescue workers went into a Cuban hospital and were treated like they would treat any other Cuban. Needless to say they got much better treatment than they did here. One woman, who because of lung damage at the crash site, has to pay for 4 $120 inhalers per month to breathe. In Cuba, she was able to get the inhalers for $.05 apiece.

I knew that the World Health Organization ranks the US #37 in the world in health care. Now I know why.

But what bothers me most, is how badly we have been duped.


Just a guy
That's pretty alarming....and enlightening Chip. I have to wonder if the U.S. will ever get to the point that they'll follow the lead of the others though.

Well, I've recently found myself without a camera. I've been looking into a new one and I think I found one....but since you guys are so good with them (I've seen your pics on the forum here), I thought I'd ask to see what you think. Here's what I'm thinking of. It has options like:

Waterproof Case (WP-DC18)
High Power Flash (HF-DC1)
Soft Case (DCC-700)
AC Adaptor Kit ACK600
Ni-MH Batteries NB4-300
Battery Charger Kit CBK4-300

And yes, a couple of lens'

2.0x Tele Converter (TC-DC58C)
0.75x Wide Converter (WC-DC58B)

Whaddya think? Is it overkill? Can I do better for the money?

I've always been a point and shoot kind of guy, but I wouldn't mind learning a few new tricks.

Steve B

Nick very tasty donuts
Printer a good story, there's another one about a burglar who robbed a house in Wellington NZ, then took everything back with an apologetic letter
Chip our health service are closing hospitals and cutting services back all over, and they then anounce a £950 million profit, jolly good of them.
Philip, looks good to me, it's got optical zoom, 12MP, makro setting, just what i looked for, almost. mine is a Quark Z718 8MP 4X optical zoom, makro setting, video mode and is about 4" x 1" x 2" in size and with a 2GB card, it's got a whopping great memory for 2000 pictures or well over half an hours video, the cost was £70


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
Phillip I have had a Canon Powershot A20 for several years and it is only a 2.1 mega pixel but does what I need it too. Canon makes some very good equipment but there are other good ones out there also. When I was using film many years ago I wanted a Leica (sp) but could never justify the expense. I have had some decent cameras over the years but never the really the really really good one that I always wanted. If i was to buy a new one now I would wait and get the one I wanted or as close as I could. That new Powershot looks like a really nice one so I would go for it.


Diesel Detail Freak
Chip, I watched the movie a while back, fairly alarming. I think the US is afraid to change anything. California was considering making it a law to have medical insurance, yet even at the highest minimum wage in the US ($7.50) an hour, you'll bring in around $500 every 2 weeks after taxes. With rent & real estate the way it is in Cali, that alone is not enough, try to add $100+ for el-cheepo $1000 co-pay medical insurance, and you're looking for a 2nd job...


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Philip, I think you would find that to be a fantastic camera! I spent a wad and got the Canon Digital Rebel XT (8MP) and have not regretted it. Now if I can just learn to use all the bells and whistles it came with.

Chip, interesting. Not news to me at all, but still interesting. The "richest country in the world" ranks below some of the poorest for health care....... Interestingly we are no longer the country with the highest life expectancy either. I wonder if that could be related to........ Nope, not gonna go there.


Fun Lover

The limitation to you camera in terms of model photography (guys keep it clean) will be your f-stop. You will be limited a couple inches of focal length.

I picked up this one.

It's only 5 mp, but it is a little more versatile. I'd like a little more than f8, but hey.

Now if I can only find someone to fix my big camera. Small problem, but the big repair shops have a flat rate of $283 to repair my camera no matter what is wrong. That is just below what my resale value is. Talk about grabbing the short hairs.

Problem: the mirror won't retract all the way


M.E.S.S. Maker
Good Day All

Just thought I'd pop in and say hi as I haven't been around for a while.

Ray: Love the Bandstand! Tell me your not going to perform on it... are ya?

It's raining hard here and I'm on my way down to the MESS to contemplate it's future. I have many decisions to make none to easy as I've out grown it and quite frankly am disapointed with it. So as I said I have decisions to make.

Later All



S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Hey Fergie! Good to see you. Consider lunch to be on me.

As a matter of fact, I am scheduled to sing Mozart's La ci darem la mano (duet with the prettiest Soprano I have ever met) and Deh vieni alla finestra both from Don Giovanni on opening night. As an encore I probably will do Robert Shumann's Allnächtlich im Traume seh' ich dich from the Dichterliebe. The concert is scheduled for August 15, 1925. Hope you can make it!

I sure hope that you are planning on making an even bigger MESS!
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S.L.O.&W. Trainman

The limitation to you camera in terms of model photography (guys keep it clean) will be your f-stop. You will be limited a couple inches of focal length.
Chip, the f stop specs given are the Maximum aperture available. The camera can shut down to at least f22 depending on the lens used. This camera would fit him well and should produce incredible results for the money.


Fun Lover

I've looked though the specs a couple times and I don't see where it says that. It sort of hints that you can change lens, too, but I don't really see that either. Where are you looking.


Running the MC & Buffalo
Afternoon All ! Another nice day here on the Buffalo Frontier . Busy weekend ahead . My brother-In-Law is celebrating his 70 th birthday Saturday and Sunday have a weddiing to go to . really have to watch the old sugra count . Yesterday it went so low I had a fainting spell and fell down next to my grill. Luckily nothing borken or damaged. Our health care is far from perfect but here in Buffalo I've been luck enough to find Doctor's and Hospitals that saved my life a couple of times. Your right about the camera's also Would love to get a better one for more cloesups but fianicial restraints keep it at the back og my wish list . Oh well hope everyone has a real nice Labor day Weekend !!!!!!!


S.L.O.&W. Trainman

I've looked though the specs a couple times and I don't see where it says that. It sort of hints that you can change lens, too, but I don't really see that either. Where are you looking.
The quoted specs on a camera or lens is usually the Maximum f stop. Since this camera has Tv mode where f stop and exposure can be manually changed, I would certainly assume it can shut down much further. Look here:

Click on specification and look under Aperture and Shutter. Also look at Exposure Control. On my Rebel, the f stop range is not even listed as it varies with which of the over 50 different lenses that fit it. On the standard lens I have it lists the f stop as f2.8, but I know it can close down to f29. The camera Philip is looking at is the next thing to an EOS and is a fantastic series that received rave reviews. And I think that is great price for the unit. Just my personal opinion.
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