1/87th Vehicles

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Long Winded Old Fart
I was walking thru toys in Wal-Mart at lunch time & guess what I found.
1/87th scale metal vehicles for $1.64 each. I bought 14. They are in a real nice clear plastic box & have a small latch under the car to hold them in.
Excellent detail & the paint is subpurb. Have older cars & late models.
I bought 2 diff. colors of 1955 Chevy, some older VW cars & buses. Lot of convertibles, Porsche, Thunderbirds, BMW's, 69 Camaro, & others.
They just put them on the shelf today. The brand is "Malibu International" & the manufacture is "High Speed".
I've known for about a year that WM was going to be selling scale vehicles,
but, just didn't know when. When the railroaders & collectors find out, they won't be on the shelf very long. So, get out there & get'm while U can.
The hobby shop price will be $8 to $10.00 each.

Larry :cool:


Diesel Detail Freak
Grrr stupid San Diego Wal*mart, no one there had a clue as to what I was talking about! But I asked my father to check out his wal*mart to see if he's luckier then I...


Hmm, there are many companies who make them 1/87 cars. You will most likely find them in model railroad stores as they are the same scale as H0.

Chevrolet Bel Air 1955 by Classic Metal Work.

Here is a webpage with some info:
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Diesel Detail Freak
Its not that, its the point of them being so cheep at walmart. < $2 a car, instead of $10+? No luck at walmart here yet, or their website, but aparently this company make the cars for Model Power, but are also releasing them under their own name or something...


Long Winded Old Fart
Josh, Did you go on Walmart.com & see if they had them on there? It seems strange that the only Walmart that handles them is here in Arcadia. Maybe all Walmarts don't have them yet.
Sorry I jumped the gun on the news before checking for myself.
When I found them, they were not w/the rest of the vehicles. They were around the corner next to the electronic toys. Some Walmarts have long shelves & can fit everything that has to do w/vehicles in that area. Our store has a smaller area & has to spread them out in a different area. They call this area a "new modular".
In our store all the different vehicles are on one side of the isle & all the remote control vehicles are on the other side of the isle.


Running the MC & Buffalo

Thanks for the tip .Went to my walmart and found 4 cars at $1.67 . I'm going to another one tomorrow to see if they have any. They even made them all the way to Sunny Buffalo , New York HaHa Oldgettysk Alls well on the L&L


Diesel Detail Freak
I wandered about every isle there, and no employee's had a clue, they pointed me at hotwheels... I'll check near the remote control stuff, but this walmarts toy section is screwed up...


Diesel Detail Freak
I wandered WalMart for 45 mins, asked SEVERAL employee's and ended up driving across the street to Fry's Electronics and buying a new mouse and tripod... No go for the vehicles right now.


The Model Power cars are going for $3.98 at your LHS. I picked some at Scale Model Supplies in Minneapolis, a couple of weeks ago. REAL NICE!!



House Mother, Cheerleader
Larry, are the cars labeled as 1:87? If not, what size is an HO scale vehicle? We have a large WM nearby --- I'll check it out tomorrow.


Long Winded Old Fart
Last nite I went to the toy isle again looking for the cars & they had moved them over next to the Hotwheels stuff. I bought 3 more that were different than the 14 I had bought before.
I found something else, tractor trailer rigs & they are real close to 1/87th. These are the Matchbox vehicles. These are called Convoy. There's one w/the Jeep logo, Michelin Tires, the yellow express company(HDL I think) & a couple others. I think I have as many tractor trailers as I do locomotives. The semi's are $3.47.
At Walmart I check the toy isle almost everyday at lunch. I have an hour. Since I work there you would think that I would see all the new stuff before it got on the floor since I work in receiving, but, the cases are all Walmart boxes & are all the same color.
I guess if I opened every box when it came in I would see them, but then I would never get any work done.



Diesel Detail Freak
I checked another Wal*mart today and didn;t find anything there either, but I did happen to buy a cheep testors airbrush! $20 for the brush, the propellant and 3 mixing bottles, 2 spray tops, 2 cleaning pins... I got one of these in MI and figured it'd make for an addiotn to my painting supplies here, easy to do the orange w/! Maybe next weekend, or tuesday or something, they'll have them out here. As for the trucks, i remember when Matchbox had a detailed line of 1:87th semi's with mirrors and rubber tires and everything.

Old 97


My "Dad" and I hit another Walmart 20 miles away and found only 3 cars!
We bought them up anyways. :D
I also found and purchased a 1940's O-Scale truck for an upcoming diorama that I'm planning.
The truck has opening doors and a chrome grille.
Cost a $1.97!
They had a bunch of cars from the 40's and 50's in 0-Scale too!

Here's some pics of the truck..........


Diesel Detail Freak
Can someone post a picture of the HO scale cars still in the packaging so I can pick it out easier?


Running the MC & Buffalo
Walmart Cars

Here's some pictures of what the cars should look like .Hope it will help you OLDGETTYSK Alls Well On The Old L & L

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