1. G

    Grain Boxcars in the 1950s

    For the current switching layout I’m building, I plan to model in the 1950s and 60s. This is an era I’ve never modeled before. Were any specific boxcars used for grain transport or were their design characteristics specific to their use such as extra hatches or anything like that? I did learn...
  2. D

    Trackage Rights Clinic

    Last weekend I presented a virtual clinic on trackage rights operations. Thought there might be interest here.
  3. K

    Realistic operations with JMRI on a circular-ish layout

    I've got a layout (in the process of being built; the track is laid and wired but turnouts aren't remote controlled just yet) on a 5x9 table (not any fancy custom benchwork, just flat plywood for the top) with a modified version of the famous Atlas "Great Eastern Trunk" track plan (I know, I...
  4. D

    My first layout...operations possible

    New guy here...with my first layout attempt. Curious if this would be good for a basic "operations" layout. There is a picture of the coal mine I built but couldn't fit it to the layout...so I'm going to add another 4x4 piece. One side will be 4x6 the other side will be 4x8, the 2 joined by a...
  5. B

    Train App for iPhone

    For you operations fans, here's an app for your iPhone. Sounds like a lot of fun. 15. Trainyard Express Trainyard Express is a maddening brainteaser. The point of the game is to build a track to guide the red colored train into the red colored...
  6. T

    Vintage Lionel Operating Session

  7. LDMartin1959

    Newbie: How to run a railroad...?

    The other night my wife and I stopped by a local RR club. They are apparently in a multi-generational construction project as they had no trains running and were working on their layout which is quite extensive and no where near completed. (I presume there are evenings that they do run trains...
  8. RRShutterbug

    Operations Question: Hours Of Service

    Over on the Railroadforums side, a great idea was suggested for enhansing model operating sessions. He suggested that when crews "Die on Hours of Service" they have to wait for a Dog-Catch Crew to relieve them. Does anyone here that uses a fast clock follow the 12 hour hog-law? That...