layout design

  1. J

    Layout Design Help!?!

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and coming back to the hobby. I am working on a layout idea for a 10x10 area in the basement, HO scale. . No clearance issues (doors, etc.). Below is my first preliminary sketch, it still needs some tweaking and adjusting. The aisles are 2' and the depth of each...
  2. G

    Subconscious Inspiration in Model Railroading

    As I’ve been working on my layout, it occurred to me that part of this layout has been inspired by an area I visited as a child and completely forgot about until now. I recalled a trip with my family to the Green Mountain Railroad in Bellows Falls, VT and began my search on google maps. I...
  3. BayHighRY

    New On30 Track Plan

    Hi all, New member coming in looking for feedback. I'm considering starting my first model railroad this year. I've spent the last few months researching different aspects of starting a railroad - benchwork, foam core build up, trackwork (best tracks, mainly leaning towards Flextrack for On30...
  4. PreserveTheUnion

    Suggestions for Track Layout

    Hi all! I'm starting my first model railroad this summer and wanted to gauge (no pun intended) some experts' thoughts on my layout. Now for some minor details: An interwar period GWR OH layout A corner table area that has the dimensions of: First section L: 49 in W: 25 in H: 31 in Second...
  5. E

    Comments on HO layout design in 13 x 14 ft?

    Could you point out problem areas of this layout and how it might be improved? This is my first "real" layout and I am trying not to be overly ambitious. It starts with the existing Timesaver, can grow around the room with one track, then add passing tracks. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)...
  6. kjchronister

    Requesting feedback on layout design

    With a move to a new home coming and space for a layout (finally! after a 5-year hiatus), I'm well into planning. Attached is a diagram showing the space and the main trackage (mainline and staging). The layout is fundamentally a folded dogbone with the connecting tracks running parallel giving...
  7. L

    Getting started N scale

    So! Me and my dad are planing on using my old room to build an n scale layout. We have a friend in the local club that we we probably be going to frequently for questions and what not. The space we plan to use is up against the wall of the room in a big L shape the dimensions of what we have to...
  8. L

    Lookin for feedback on first HO layout design

    The dimensions are 75" 45" 48" 96" and 120" if you have any questions on which dimensions are which I can help answer. I am looking for ways to improve on this and other various comments. This is planned for mostly passenger operations.
  9. M

    N scale track plan - suggestions welcome

    I'm finally getting around to actually building a model railroad after being an armchair railroader for nearly 30 years. I've gotten the space along the back wall of my basement office and even constructed the basic benchwork. Givens and Druthers: - N scale, modern era (1980-ish to...
  10. S

    HO cockpit layout in a 7' x 5' space?

    How well of a layout can be fit in a 7' x5' space? It will be a cockpit type layout and I want some operations and roundy-round as well. An engine facility, a yard and possibily a roundhouse. Plus a coal mining operation and a few other small industries/busoness along the way. Is this too much?