1. B

    New to here and trains

    Probably sometime in the 70s or early 80’s I’m guessing I had a train though I was honestly too young to appreciate it and I’m not even sure what happened to it or when other then it was easily coming off the tracks It was a oval layout with a crossover through at somewhere maybe almost...
  2. S

    Bachmann n scale 0-6-0 steam wobble.

    Hello everyone, I am new on here and would like to see if anyone could give me some help. I have a bachmann 0-6-0 switcher that I bought earlier this year off of ebay. I tested it on a small section of track and seemed to run ok. Once I got my new layout started, I ran it on some longer track...
  3. Modeltrains2021

    Bachmann 0-6-0 drive gear

    Hi there I have a bachmann atsf 0-6-0 steam locomotive and I need to know where to get a new drive gear at any suggestions would be great thankyou.atsf
  4. ChinaHaun19

    Who knew N gauge could be so gorgeous?!

    Months ago my mom bought herself an N gauge Bachman diesel-led train set to add to our house of train living. I would set it up then take it down time to time, and some of the train track got funky and the loco it came with became a little less reliable. Once I saw this steam locomotive New...
  5. T

    Bachmann HO 3 Truck Shay Bevel gears again

    Hello - I have a Bachmann 3 truck shay with the well documented bevel gear problems. The gears on mine have failed over the last year or so; the posts on this are anywhere from 4 to 10 years old. Obviously, I have done better than many with mine. I have tracked down several of the...
  6. R

    Bachmann HO Trains

    Hello, I have Bachmann HO B units, GP38-2s, and an S4. They have been running for about 2 weeks and now they are not working. I oiled the motors but some of them still do not work, just the lights turn on. What can I do? Thank you. Ricky
  7. B

    Bachmann Spectrum 2 10 2 uneven running.

    Hello everyone, I'm having some problems with a bachmann spectrum 2 10 2 I purchased second hand a while ago. The locomotive runs quite unevenly during slow running. Its not related to dirty track or electrical issues. The jerking motion leads me to believe that the issue is more likely...
  8. Track Work.

    Track Work.

    The next 5 photo\'s is the Track design being set & glued down w/Elmers white Glue.
  9. C

    What is a good DCC Transformer for beginners?

    Hello, I am looking for a simple DCC transformer that allows me to get the most out of a DCC equipped locomotive. I've looked at the NCE Powercab and find it might be too complex for my experience level. I've also looked at the Ez command transformer from Bachmann. However, I am looking for...
  10. C

    What is the simplest way to clean nickel silver tracks?

    Hello, I'm new to model trains and recently bought several Bachmann nickel silver ez tracks and wanted to know how to clean them. Can I use rubbing alcohol? Thank you.
  11. J

    Convert Bachmann Non-DCC Turnouts To DCC Control

    Hello All, I am new to this forum and have re-entered model railroading after a several decade hiatus. For my first setup I have tried to go the most inexpensive route and purchased the Bachmann "Your First Railroad" EZ Track Set along with a Bachmann SD40-2 DCC equipped Loco and the NCE Power...
  12. J

    Bachmann EZ command reset?

    I have been using EZ command with success for 3 years. Recently, I added a walk around companion throttle. It worked flawlessly when connected directly to the controller. I wanted to operate from another location on the layout so I purchased the remote connector panel (with cable). I...
  13. T

    Hello everyone.I am new to MRForums.

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum. My reason for joining is that I inherited a valuable collection of Model Train stuff.I have 110 boxes that makeup the collection. Each box (legal sized bankers box) has in it individual originally packed boxes. I have catalogued the collection and wanted to...
  14. tnolan55

    Adjusting start speed

    I have an Sd70mac from athearn genesisand i would like to change the speed step it starts moving at to step 1. I do not know how to do this so I would like some help.
  15. A

    Best Power Booster for Bachmann DCC

    My son received a Bachmann Digital Command train set for Christmas this year. Included were two DCC trains. He also received another Bachmann set with an analog engine. Loving trains as he does, he spent some Christmas cash on a fourth engine, another DCC. We combined the track from the two sets...
  16. Climax on the trestle

    Climax on the trestle

    Bachmann HO scale Climax steam engine crossing a short trestle on a small shelf layout. Models and photo by Bob Boudreau
  17. Bachmann 100 ton hopper

    Bachmann 100 ton hopper

    My newest addition, a Bachmann Silver Series 100-ton Hopper.
  18. Grizzly Northern 5802 2-10-2

    Grizzly Northern 5802 2-10-2

    Grizzly Northern's latest acquisition has yet to receive its markings before starting to haul drag freights in the Canadian Rockies.
  19. Grizzly Northern Doubleheaded Freight

    Grizzly Northern Doubleheaded Freight

    2-8-0 Consolidations GNR 3959 and CPR 3953 lead a Grizzly Northern freight along the yard approaches