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  1. Collector Canine

    My Current N Scale Collection

    Hello all! You all may remember me as "that one guy that barged in many months ago asking about toy train track." Since that post, I have amassed a (currently very small) model train collection. I bought a single lot on eBay towards the end of January and that's been my whole collection since...
  2. S L

    Difficulty with Atlas Turnouts That Will Power on, but Fail to Actually Switch (They Used to Work!)

    Very new to the MRRF, very new to forums in general, etc; so apologies in advance. Anyways, the issue I am having is quite infuriating, but I am not engineer for anything so I have to ask for help, and hope that you guys might have some ideas. Here is the issue: The setup shown in the pic...
  3. K

    Atlas Turntable - Custom DCC Controller

    Those of you who are familiar with the Atlas HO Turntable know it's pretty much impossible to find a ready-made solution to add DCC indexing capability. It doesn't support an easy way to add indexing like the more expensive Walthers turntables. But for me, an Atlas turntable was ideal because of...
  4. R

    Rail Joiners for Atlas Code 83

    Hi Everyone, I'm using atlas HO 83 and the universal atlas HO nickel silver 100/83 joiners are hard to find these days, what's the best alternative to connect these rails without doing any mods to the joiners? I saw in few places people using atlas N code 80 joiners with some mods in HO 80...
  5. R

    Atlas N-Scale GP-9 High Voltage Issue

    Has anyone out there had issues with an out-of-the-box Atlas N Scale GP-9 DCC. Mine requires the speed to be higher then 40 to get it to start crawling down the track. Checked speed charts and everything looks good there. At a loss over here! Atlas 40000457 GP-9 Locomotive NCE DCC Decoder...
  6. siderod

    An Atlas Mystery

    This "mystery" has to do with the difference between an Atlas Classic locomotive and the old Atlas/Kato locomotives. I found an Atlas Classic locomotive in HO with all the detail molded on rather than separately applied. It looks to me like one of the older Atlas/Kato shells but it's in a...
  7. R

    Train Meet May 16th and 17th Allentown Pa

    The Great Lehigh Valley Train Meet Merchants Sqaure Mall 1901 S 12th st Allentown Pa 18103 Sat 10am-4pm Sun 10am-3pm 2 days 2 different shows over 150 tables each day 10,000 sqaure feet of train items info
  8. M

    Atlas C420 Doppler Shift Problem

    I recently purchased a HO scale C420 with sound and DCC. When I run it on my Digitrax DCC layout the button F6 witch is supposed to be the doppler shift does not operate the doppler, instead it just gives me a read out of my locomotives speed. That is when it is running. When it is in neutral...
  9. bcol 3904

    bcol 3904

    Custom detailed Atlas B39-8 BCOL 3904.
  10. Another BCOL Dash 8

    Another BCOL Dash 8

    Picked up another Atlas BC Rail B39-8 second hand for about half of what I paid for the 3901.
  11. A work in progress. BCOL 3901

    A work in progress. BCOL 3901

    Atlas B39-8 BC Rail 3901. My latest detailing project, all I've done so far is put the horn on(5-chime horn from Miniatures by Eric). It came from the factory with the grab irons, operating levers and mu hoses.
  12. Conrail C32-8

    Conrail C32-8

    An eBay find. Factory painted RPP Shell. Microscale numberboards, front classifcation jewels, walkway chains, MU hoses. Weathered with that heavy Conrail G.E. road grime look. Powered with Atlas C30 Chassis
  13. CR Blur shot

    CR Blur shot

    The same shot as 1026 but the train is moving slowly (I had my brother move the train while I took the photo). Fuji Finepix S5200, f/3.5, ISO 64, 1.5 second shutter speed.
  14. Popping out of the tunnel

    Popping out of the tunnel

    A Conrail B23-7 heading out of the tunnel. Fuji Finepix S5200, f/8, ISO 64, 8 second exposure
  15. BN 6254

    BN 6254

    Atlas Master Gold SD24 with QSI Quantum Sound owned by Josh D.
  16. BN 2175

    BN 2175

    Atlas Master GP38 with custom weathering (light) by Robert S. and ditch lights by my son Chad.
  17. WT 350 switching at Westport

    WT 350 switching at Westport

    This engine was bought from the SOO, ready for scrap. But Westport Terminal RR needed engines! Some fine day this engine will get new paint. This RS-1 started its life at Atlas. It got an ESU sound decoder. Westport Terminal RR
  18. Atlas GP38 B&P #2000

    Atlas GP38 B&P #2000

    An Atlas Master GP38, the only thing I've done to it is to replace the original couplers with Kadee #58's - and that was for looks only, as the originals worked fine. It'll be interesting to see how it works under DCC in a few days.

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