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    Frustrating Issue ...

    it happens to every one every once in awhile. all of us have had our oops moment, i've seen some that would have tore out their whold track and start over without really looking.
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    Frustrating Issue ...

    i do my flex track on curves by laying out the track, marking where the joiners are going to go at the ties, cut around the appropriate tie, lay the track sections flat. solder the joint and joiner, then go back and lay the track in the curve. works pretty good.
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    Athern Engines

    some of the ready to run models are pretty much assembled blue box with the plastic handrails and a little better motor. some with a little better detail. they are also out in the roundhouse name. some also still have the crew frier headlight. i still rather buy those and add a decoder and...
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    DPM Decals?

    microscale and blair line. some of the walthers decals are ok. you can order those also. i know it is not always popular, but there are many decals on ebay that you can get for businesses also. most of them are individuals that make them at home. normally you can contact them off of ebay to...
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    Engine lubrication ...

    labelle works good, there are others on the market. atf works also, just be careful. transmissions are being made cheaper and the manufacturers are looking at the fluid companies to add things to the fluid to compensate. look out for the plastic and paint mainly. as far as the gears and...
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    Athearn DCC Locomotive Stalls!!!

    how old is the locomotive? check the axle gears to make sure they are not cracked and letting the wheels touch or the brass pickup move around. you do not have to take the truck apart, just hold one wheel and turn the other on the same axle. if one is still and the other turns the axle gear...
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    Confirmation needed please.

    To me Soundtraxx is still number one, but haven't ventured into n scale other than the bachmann dd40. All the loksound I have installed came with no sound loaded from the factory. From what I see the option of the preloaded decoder is slim on prime mover options
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    Digitrax Help!

    check and make sure that you have it in the run position on the far right switch. one does scale, the other has three positions. run, ops and sleep or something like that. if it is not on run then it will not power the track. the voltage readout on the throttle is about right. otherwise go...
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    Getting Decals made problem... also looks like they can do them if you want to give them a shout. havent used their custom service, but have purchased some of their decals.
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    Athearn DCC Locomotive Stalls!!!

    define stall. does the sound react but the motor does not move? do the lights come on or stay on when it happens?
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    Confirmation needed please.

    non sound, but loksound is coming out with a replacement board that is supposed to install direct, and will have sound. the downside is that you have to buy the loksound programmer to load the sounds in the decoder. the decoders come with no sound installed on them. not hard to do. was going...
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    Building a Craftsman Wood Depot with Peeling Paing

    i suggest you not stop posting your videos on forums. there are new comers to the hobby every day. many are just getting to the point where they want to venture past the guy at the hobby shop, want to learn and venture out to the forums. some find forums before they consider youtube. it is...
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    Design Preservation Models quality changes

    i think i have gotten a couple of their kits that had card stock for roofs. sheet styrene is cheap, and easy to cut. if you dont get it just right you can fill it in as needed. havent experienced warped walls from them, but there are many before and after manufacturer issues that can cause...
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    Do You Prefer Sound or Standard Non-sound DCC Locomotives?

    definately have to have sound, especially while switching. i dont want to hear it 12 feet away, maybe just barely. when it gets old, thats what f8 is for.
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    MTH Repair Service - A Misnomer?

    havent heard good things about things getting repaired from mth. lack of parts mostly, or things being under warranty suspiciously not under warranty for one excuse or another. ones that were fixed under warranty had to go back. think they get kickbacks from the post office, or some sort of...

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