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    Grass mats VS Ground cover

    I used the grass mat in a small park/picnic area to mimic a well mowed lawn. Other than that, the rest of my layout is ground cover. Soak the area with water/alcohol, then put down full strength Elmers glue and let it spread out. Then sprinkle on the ground cover. I also use sifted dirt, some...
  2. smittydieseldoc

    Contemplating the "Big Switch"...

    I switched to N scale when I was at college, no space in the apt. for HO. Stayed with it because of that. Have a 20x13 layout. I am not against HO, may have to go back when the eyesight requires it:rolleyes: Have you ever noticed thou, due to eyesight perspective, a 20 car N scale train looks...
  3. smittydieseldoc

    Favorite Train movie

    Emperor Of The North Runaway Train The General Cassandra Crossing
  4. smittydieseldoc

    favorite manufacturer?

    My fleet consists of 20 Atlas, 5 Intermountain, 3 Kato, 1 Lifelike, and 1 Broadway Limited. The Broadway E-8 does not like Atlas switches at slow speed, it will stall and the sound decoder starts all over. I bought one Bachman because they have a high hood GP50, I mated the body to an Atlas...
  5. smittydieseldoc

    Raintree Products

    Anyone know of a dealer which may still have some Raintree Products N scale body shells? Looking for the high hood GP30 and SD45
  6. smittydieseldoc

    Norfolk Southern question

    Scott Teague did a set in N scale, complete with generator stacks and working ditch lights. Go to Central Carolina N Scalers, General modeling, NS F Units done at last.
  7. smittydieseldoc

    Norfolk Southern question

    OK, I'm confused. Are these reissues because I bought both those sets about 2 years ago. Athearn #80189 was units 4271 and 4275. Athearn #80197 were units 4270 and 4276.:confused:
  8. smittydieseldoc

    Poll: Do you use decals?

    Been using after market decals for years, both in car and railroad modeling. There are some Southern pieces out there, but like said before, only so many road numbers. Have quite a few cars I have painted and decaled.
  9. smittydieseldoc

    At my wits end PLEASE HELP

    Joe, I built that same model for a museum here in NC. There were many different versions of The General over it's life time. If you follow the painting suggestions in the instruction sheets and on the box art, you will be pretty correct for that period. Have you checked the website of the...
  10. smittydieseldoc

    Looking for some help from NS modelers

    GP38-2 Were numbered 5000-5256 on Southern, they should carry over to NS.
  11. smittydieseldoc

    2nd Anual How Many Contest????

    I'll go with 345
  12. smittydieseldoc

    Show us your weathered boxcars and covered hoppers

    Here's some weathering attempts. They are hoppers, and "covered" with woodchips, so does this count? :D
  13. smittydieseldoc

    Paint removal

    I use Chameleon brand stripper. It's water soluble and reusable.
  14. Down by the station.

    Down by the station.

    Waiting for the local.
  15. Engine Service Area

    Engine Service Area

    E-8 waiting it's turn for fuel.

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