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    Running Bear's September 2021 Coffee Shop

    Careful, there are British-ers here....
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    Tapering the thickness of WS foam roadbed

    Just me, but because I'm inherently lazy, I would shim the turntable (1 job) rather than attempt to taper the access & roundhouse tracks (multiple jobs) .
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    The Uffington and Davis Railroad (The Uff Da Line)

    Uh-oh!! You used refried beans for weight... tomato soup. Only tomato soup.
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    Running Bear’s June 2021 Coffee Shop

    That's scarey.. How will they operate the brakes?
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    Oregon Rail Supply

    I guess I need my eyes checked....
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    Mail Call! Railway Post Office, commonly abbreviated as RPO has rolled in!

    Hmmm, I thought I had the lock on this type of negotiating.....
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    MRC computer interface cable

    I don't have the requested cable,.. BUT (don't ya just hate that?), have you looked into using DCC++, using Arduino products. I'm sure there are several discussions here about it. Just a thought... Welcome, by the way.
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    Running Bear’s May 2021 Coffee Shop

    That's good. Back in my surveying days, I was advised you could only do a solar observation two times without a filter. Once with your left eye, and once with your right.
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    Running Bear’s May 2021 Coffee Shop

    About $60 a bottle.
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    Roundhouse diorama

    The gods laugh at us.......(smh)
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    January 2015 RMC
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    Running Bear's April 2021 Coffee Shop

    Taking off is optional, landing is mandatory. Passenger: "How far will that sputtering engine take us?" Pilot: "All the way to the crash site".
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    Running Bear's April 2021 Coffee Shop

    Sure you weren't just making it convenient for the town 'peeper'?
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    TANK CARS! Great info and footage

    "Best" way to transport liquids, and gases. ...... So, your one of those.
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    Running Bear's April 2021 Coffee Shop

    Did the DMV just assume the 'Veteran' status on your previous license was an error?

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