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    Possible new link to vehicles

    Nice to see the wide variety in models especially the 70-80's models. I'd also like to see one painted before buying.
  2. PEIR


    Hmmm... 10x12' layout room with a large rec room next door. I can't see me getting away with it without serious bodily harm:p
  3. PEIR

    My new (and maybe improved) layout

    You're welcome Tony and sorry for derailing your thread A2TwrOpr.
  4. PEIR

    My new (and maybe improved) layout

    Great progress so far Tony. Are you going to use the Walthers Rail to Raod Aggregate Transfer on your layout?
  5. PEIR

    Snow fighting equipment....

    Were there any other pics where you found this one?
  6. PEIR

    Slugs & Bugs (B-units)

    Looks great! Definitely a unique unit for your roster.
  7. PEIR

    Snow fighting equipment....

    Here is a link to the double ended plow and other CN oddities.
  8. PEIR

    What were Burro Cranes used for?

    Here is a link you may find useful.
  9. PEIR

    Tire Plant Facility

    Any updates to the facility Josh?
  10. PEIR

    Is Your Layout DC or DCC

    Mine is dcc. I like the ease of use plus the available sound and light functions that dcc offers and price wise there isn't much difference if you look for bargains.
  11. PEIR

    Tire Plant Facility

    Who makes it???
  12. PEIR

    What type of hopper is Carbon Black transported in?

    Search reporting marks CABX Another good site
  13. PEIR

    Tire Plant Facility

    Looking forward to seeing the module come together.
  14. PEIR

    CSX Transflo, NY

    Nice job on the module! You captured the fall colors very well.
  15. PEIR

    What's on your layout..

    Prototype Canadian with a dab of U.S. plus freelanced Canadian.

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