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    What did you get for christmas?

    That looks like the shelly foss,I had one and I over powered it ,but man was it nice,I had counter rotating screws on it,and the fire hose worked. NICE JIM
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    Columbia, Mo. 1963

    Joe If you are doing HO use N scale ground throughs they look a little better , nice clean work so far. JIM
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    Thanks Giving Weekend Photo Fun 11-27/11-30
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    Thanks Giving Weekend Photo Fun 11-27/11-30

    Steve you are having to much fun,I will try an get a picture of my Tanks posted to show you!! JIM
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    60163 passes 75mph test, check that whistle

    steam Steve that is an sound one never forgets,Love it,I wish the USA would do something like that. JIM:eek:
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    Weekend Photo Fun 11-21/11-24

    God love an War Bonnett
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    Veteran's Roll Call: All that served or serving our countries

    vet U.S.ARMY 1959-1982 Armor/Artty.:D:)
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    Weekend Photo Fun 11-14/11-17

    rc Kool I have yet to change my tracks and gears ,but on the "TO DO" list,I have two Pershings and an the tiger . one pershing is in the process of getting an regular R.C. surfice radio in stalled.All have been changed too exturnel charge plugs and the on/off switch moved to the...
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    Weekend Photo Fun 11-14/11-17

    Is that an henlong tiger?and have you gone all metial on the gears and tracks?I am an tank nut allso,I have four of them. JIM
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    Weekend Photo Fun 11-14/11-17

    bears That happens all the time here in southren Oregon,people just keep building into there habatats. JIM:mad:
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    Engine identification needed

    engines Here in Oregon we have CORP,colors are all most the same,It is nothing to see an HLX lease engine in trail with the CORP engines,they are all diffrent colors and usely ulgy.Maybe this Little bit of info will help
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    Weekend Photo Fun 9-12/9-15

    RXR crossing Jeff Good work,I do allmost the same thing,except I us and old set of trucks to get the track groves in my crossing. JIM:)
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    Rock Ridge and Train City II--New Plan

    Chip Glad to see you back,plan looks solid!!!!!So have you started yet? JIM
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    SP 4449 and UP 844 doubleheader

    Feeling good all over!!I don't think there is anything finer in the railroad history Than hearing those two locomotives talk to one anthor on take off!!!!There whistles alone are the best in the world,I judge all whistles by theres!!I have that video in my files,I also have the video when 4449...
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    Weekend Photo Fun 22, 23, 24

    Outstanding work and looks much better!!! Keep em rolling!! JIM

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